Watch Korean Drama All About Eve Episode 1 with English subtitle Online Free - Ep 1 english sub. I found it interesting that Director Oh – was it – saw Koo In Soo cut the brakes on Song Ah’s dad’s car, but nothing at that time happened to In Soo. And what was said about gun Woo disappearing? I am not sure whose side he really is on. Sisyphus: The Myth (jTBC) that was great. A person called something Kim. Interesting his future mother-in-law said “she would pay for him to go back to school,” but I don’t think he did anything about it. Moon is really Gun Woo, I don’t see why he would want to hurt Song Ah as I don’t feel she did anything to him, except to break up with him. Now Song Ah is being taped in her office by Kelly. Genre: Family, Romance When they were having the memorial at the chicken place and the ex-detective comes in, why didn’t Song Ah mention to the chicken lady that he was the detective working on her sister’s case. But then who knows how their relationship will work out, strictly business, or both. I will have to check next time I think about it. If I was Kim Ji-Yoo (Se Na) I would ask the director etc. Like what excuse did they give the he disappeared = like all of a sudden??? It seems from what I understood in Ep 4, they must have been involved and cared for each other in the past. I was wrong about Hyun Ah returning…. But I found a few months ago they are airing Korean Drama’s at 5:45 p.m. Moon a friend of Gun Woo’s???? I am convinced that Mr Moon IS Gun Woo-plastic surgery after the car accident! I liked all the actors and I thought the synopsis of the drama was good. Moon was there also in the house when Song Ah said it. Hi Rose At least I know now a few people are reading my comments. In Ep 91 – when Song Ah was in Mr. Moon’s office asking why he was letting Se Na off the hook etc. How degrading for Song Ah, her mother and her brother to have to live with that screaming idiot and her goofy daughter. I fully agree with you. Episode 81 is out but raw. I will be so happy when I don’t have to see Se Na and her hysterics when this show is over. Do-Joon and Ra-Bong should have been there also as they are family. I didn’t have any subs so I don’t know what he was saying. And how did Song Ah know that the ex-detective had the tape from the accident with Se Na and Hyeon- A???? And Song Ah doesn’t find it strange that the detective just happened to find his way to Se Na’s aunt’s chicken place??? any way , Cant wait until tomorrow morning to see what the old guy will do when his wife announces she heard se-na saying that he was Kelly’s father murderer. Both Song Ah and Kang Min let it pass. dropdown.onchange = onCatChange; If Mr. Lee Dong Ha as Koo Kang Min (Kang Mo’s younger brother), Yang Geum Suk as Hong Jung Ok (Song Ah’s mother) I am sure we will find out more when Kang Mo gets the info on Mr. /* ]]> */. The creep. Geum Bo Ra as Mo Hwa Kyung (Kang Mo’s mother), Lee Kyung Shil as Oh Young Ja (Se Na’s aunt) His office?? It's all about women...and their men!. I assume Ra-Bong and Do-Joon were running the new chicken restaurant with Ra-Bong’s mother and the ex-detective. Actor Lee Soo – his sister is Kim Ji Young – she was in Everything Kimchi and currently in Great First Wives. After telling her mother “she would take her to the hospital” in front of Se Na, then she says “she doesn’t want Se Na to interfere with her mother’s treatment.” If it was me, I would never say one word of anything in front of Se Na. Everyone else is OK. But then his father probably won’t let him as Se Na knows that he killed Song Ah’s father and she will be very happy to spread that news. 奈何BOSS又如何 Thai-Eng Sub … I find it interesting that in some of the K-ramas the same thing continually happens. I don’t like her mother, Young Ja, either. If that is true, what a great twist the writers came up with since Yoon Jung Hwa unfortunately had to leave the show and for getting revenge on Se Na. another too long drama. Also, I believe the man impersonating Mr. She Would Never Know (jTBC) Now that Song Ah knows that the chicken lady they have been living with is Se Na’s Aunt, you would think she would figure out that the is the lady Sa Na said was the owner of a restaurant in NY. the drama that introduced me to Korean drama was change bo ri bori. Moon when he was in America??? How long is Song Ah going to be so stupid and gullible and thinking everyone is her friend….especially Se Na. Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN), Browse By YearAwardsYear 2002Year 2003Year 2004Year 2005Year 2006Year 2007Year 2008Year 2009Year 2010Year 2011Year 2012Year 2013Year 2014Year 2015Year 2016Year 2017Year 2018Year 2019Year 2020Year 2021, /*
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