The engine may seem down on power and have a different sound or a change in its exhaust note; it may also seem less responsive than normal when revved hard and the vehicle stationary. 1) Please enter your approximate annual mileage and mpg. The Regenerator connects to the engines throttle body, downstream of any sensors or intercooler, it controls the air flow whilst administering, under high pressure, a precisely metered jet spray of DPF cleaning fluid. Alisei Sequential Injection Made By Zavoli. Any necessary repairs should then carried out and, lastly, the car’s computer reset so that it knows a new DPF has been fitted. Vauxhall Astra/Combo 1.3 CDTI. Unlike a petrol engine with spark ignition, which can be converted to run fully on Gas with the petrol switched off, diesel is still required at all times for the Gas to ignite. Later LPG injectors are designed much like petrol injectors, with electromagnetic coils acting as solenoids, allowing the injectors to be simply open or closed. A replacement set of injectors for a Transit Connect from Ford, for example (available complete with inlet manifold only), will cost you over £1000.00 + vat, plus labour. We will need your vehicle for up to two days. Vauxhall Astra fuel injectors are one of the most common vehicle components which need replacing as all fuel related car parts can develop faults. Rolling Road, Oscilloscope, Smoke Machine, Sensor Simulator, Coda Fuel Flow Tester etc. Bosch CR Injector. See complete description. Blow-backs are caused when the premixed air and fuel in the inlet manifold ignites before it has reached the combustion chamber, this creates a powerful shock wave that can cause severe damage to inlet manifolds, air filter housing and MAF sensors. £ 1,29 . Make offer - Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTi Diesel Engine Fuel Injector 0445110118 8973000912 Fuel Rail With Injectors 0280151258 55572731 (Ref.1089) Vauxhall Adam 1.4 EUR 32.79 A replacement set of injectors for a Transit Connect from Ford, for example (available complete with inlet manifold only), will cost you over £1000.00 + vat, plus labour. Why not speak to one of diesel injection specialists today? Ironically, the largest LPG equipment manufacturing company in the world, Landi Renzo, who are also Italian, not only buy their electronics from AEB also, but they own them too! CRD Performance often use their Sun Ram X11 Rolling Road Dyno to set up newly converted vehicles, especially where the customer has requested that performance on LPG should come before economy. Search and Find Vauxhall Fuel Injector Spares and Replacement Parts - The Easy Route . More Details. Vehicles which normally require an additional Flashlube system to lubricate valves can now use Stag’s unique new petrol split fuelling option to further help minimise the risk of valve seat recession. If anything, the system is quicker and easier to install than a petrol gas system, but still costs the same or slightly more due to the added cost of the Diesel Control ECU. Right i'm going to replace the copper washers on my 1.3 cdti and i was wonder if anyone has a guide on how to do this or any words of wisdom. If this procedure fails, for whatever the reason, and the DPF becomes too blocked for an active regeneration to be effective, then a Technician, by using a vehicle specific scan tool may be able to initiate a safe and controlled forced regeneration of the vehicles DPF. We have also tried to ultrasonically clean and recover these older injectors using our ASNU petrol injector test bench but found this does not work reliably. We believe a better approach is to compare an LPG system to an Audio Sound System where different makes of separates make up the best reliability and sound quality. Manchester Windscreens(Bridgewater Windscreens). Saab 93 9-3/Vauxhall-vectra-astra/ Injector Rail 1 . The installation may take one or two days longer than normal. This procedure, whilst initially reducing some customer complaints, due to the EML no longer coming on, has the adverse effect of rendering the vehicles OBD system useless to alerting the driver of any other future faults being present. AU $213.36. A replacement set of LPG injectors from Vauxhall will cost you in excess of £800.00 + vat and still leaves you with an unreliable system. Multipoint systems differ from single point systems as in they introduce the gas into each cylinder individually. CRD Performance (trading as F1 Automotive) have been carrying out LPG (Autogas) conversions since January 2000 and in this time period (to November 2012) have converted in excess of a thousand petrol engine vehicles. Customers who wish to retain their old injectors will need to pay a surcharge of £40.00 per injector. Fuel Injectors VAUXHALL ASTRA Signum VECTRA ZAFIRA Intermotor 31000. All we ask of you when leaving your vehicle for a low cost budget conversion is please be patient. Vauxhall Diesel Pumps. Simply enter your typical annual mileage and your vehicle’s average mpg then click ‘Calculate’. With the Gas system switched off our Diesel Control ECU reverts to a fully mapped high fuel rail pressure setting, therefore restoring engine power back to standard. Shop today! Although still requested by some of our customers, DPF removal and the necessary software upgrade using a Quantum Tuning remap of their vehicles ECU is becoming less popular. Tuning and re-mapping for better performance and economy, using Quantum Tuning, is still a significant part of our business but we’ve definitely seen a change in trend; the emphasis now seems more towards diagnosing faults and recovering or even renewing restricted DPF’s. Please contact Bert Clegg for further details. Get the best deals on Vauxhall Genuine OEM Car & Truck Fuel Injectors. No other Gas conversion system could use this method because, if the vehicle were to run out of Gas, the engine would be stuck in a very low power mode. Vauxhall Astra injectors. Fuel injectors were a very useful development from the old carburettor system as they improve the fuel efficiency of cars while also reducing pollution. These methods are not ideal since neither make adjustments in the same way a proper ECU re-map does, by taking reference from both engine speed and load. Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items The best selling VAUXHALL ASTRA Injector seals replacement parts are available for your in original quality from our Fuel injector seal catagory.-28%. It may be that a vehicle is brought to us that we don’t have the necessary tools to properly diagnose and repair it in which case we will offer a clean only service. Any contaminates dislodged from the engines intake manifold, turbo vanes, valves and combustion chambers etc. For many vehicles such these, the Select-A-Map presents a good alternative to a remap, especially for vehicles where a remap is impractical or problematic. In doing so, the LPG takes energy from its soundings, lowering the temperature of the reducer. Let AutoVillage do the work for you via our Professional Network of Car Spares and Car Fuel Injector Part Suppliers, and get the Fuel Injector Part or Fuel Injector Spare you're looking delivered direct to you, in no time at all. Before enquiring make sure you have fully read and understood the operating manual. The car suddenly cut out on the motorway. Through our network of Car Breakers, Car Dismantlers, otherwise known as Scrap Yards. No matter how awkward or difficult it proves to “Gas”, Stag can deal with it, be it naturally aspirated, (standard), Turbo Charged, Supercharged, Valvetronic or even a Wankel engine, the same Stag ECU fits all. Generally, CNG tanks are about 3 times the size of an LPG tank—not usually a problem if being fitted to a van or commercial vehicle. Many Vauxhall Astra owners are still paying extortionate dealer prices for their repairs, not realising how quickly and easily they can knock lots off the cost of keeping their Vauxhall Astra on the road. There are others, mainly from Eastern Europe, but these are only a minority. Then maybe, just maybe, AutoVillage can help. Some vehicle owners may wish to use CRD Performance for the DPF Regenerator clean only and then take it to their usual garage for further diagnosis and repairs; we’re fine with that too. The LPG changeover switch, which is fitted inside the vehicle, will also be mounted in a location that makes installation quick and straight-forward, often using a bracket to save removing part of the dashboard or centre console. The fast-acting injector solenoids are switched on by the LPG ECU, for a precisely measured duration, then an internal spring-loaded mechanism ensures the injector quickly snaps closed at the end of the injection duration, allowing an exact quantity of LPG to be injected at exactly the right moment. The ECU then normally raises the engine speed and controls the amount of diesel whilst it ignites and burns inside the filter in an attempt to burn off the soot. There was a little fuel coming out from the top of the injectors. The process involves introducing about a litre of non flammable carbon dissolving chemical directly into the DPF or through the running engine. If the Technician doesn’t have the necessary scan tool or if the vehicles ECU won’t allow this or if there is a fault and all conditions required by the ECU to carry out regeneration are not met then regeneration will not happen. Stag have produced their own ECU (electronic control unit) but then programmed it so it can be used with almost any make of LPG injectors or reducer type currently available. Because the gas vapour pressure and temperature alter under normal operating conditions, the kit uses sensors that monitor the changes and adjust the opening times accordingly. All the development has been carried out by the fuel injection Technical Team at CRD Performance in Bolton, including Eddie Zyla and Mark Howarth, shareholders of CRD Technology Limited . Before we carry out the DPF Regenerator process we must first carry out our own initial diagnostic tests for which there is a charge of normally £80.00. Have the DPF chemically and thermally forced cleaned whilst still on the vehicle and without removal but using our DPF Regenerator. Any further necessary repairs or oil and filter changes will also be at additional costs, sometimes it may not be possible however to quote for further repairs if the vehicle comes to us with its DPF blocked and is not fully diagnosable until the filter has been cleaned. Annual savings based on 15,000 miles per year at 38 mpg. Whilst in recent years the Italian and Dutch LPG manufacturers seem to have stood in developing their systems (excluding of course any recent direct injection systems) the Poles have made massive steps into making their systems the best performing, most reliable and technically the most advanced in the world. Installation is almost identical to that of any LPG system on a petrol vehicle, with the exception of course that CNG uses different tanks, fillers, pipes and reducers. Tuning boxes are an alternative to a vehicle ECU remap and consist of a small electronic box which is either hard-wired or plugged into the vehicle’s fuel system circuitry. VAT) The Vauxhall range contains engine sizes that include the Vauxhall Corsa 1,400cc and the Vauxhall Astra 1,600cc. Although CNG can be compressed and cooled to become LNG (liquefied natural gas) this is not commercially viable on small to medium cars and vans due to the storage tank costs involved. Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTi Diesel Engine Fuel Injector 0445110118 8973000912. LPG conversion costs vary greatly due to 3 main governing factors: One factor is the number of cylinders the engine has. Is the engine intake manifold easy to adapt for LPG injection or are long pipe lengths necessary therefore requiring an abnormally high gas pressure and use of high current, low impedance injectors? From United Kingdom. However, due to the way the diesel engine works, each combustion usually takes place in the presence of excess oxygen, meaning that, under most engine speed and load conditions, there’s oxygen available to burn any extra fuel that may be introduced. V10 and V12 engines are usually converted by using two standard 6 cylinder kits. First generation tuning box (from) £85.00 +VAT, Second generation tuning box (from) £295.00 +VAT, Fitting cost between 1 & 2 hours (approx) £70.00 – £140.00 +VAT, Rolling Road Dyno Charge (from) £40.00 +VAT, how much do replacement fuel injectors Vauxhall Astra cost, DPF Regens With And Without Diagnostic Charges, [issuu width=420 height=148 shareMenuEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120526121616-4f02c5fcc09943bca4599e32e0471087 name=select-a-map_retail_brochure username=crdtechnology unit=px v=2]. The first half of the process involves injecting about 4 litres of cleaning fluid through the engine, therefore saturating the DPF, the second stage involves raising the engine speed higher still so that all of the fluid combusts inside of the DPF. Remapping of the engine management system is optional but, if carried out at the same time as the gas conversion, will often be offered at the cost price (from Quantum Tuning ). To further complicate matters, each direct injection engine management system is a little different, making it extremely difficult to develop a universal LPG system. If you can’t see your injector listed, or if you need any assistance or advice, please contact us Part […] Dave. Some specialist garages purchased these units, which remained relatively unchanged in design for about 30 years, but recent developments and changes in vehicle emissions has seen the introduction of direct injection petrol systems. 20% VAT, excl. It is for this reason that taking your vehicle back to the Main Dealer is ever increasingly turning into a costly DPF replacement. Paint match option and it will be blow account then claim their kits are available your. Other vehicles and engines, with up to 12 cylinders, will cost more rail and runs very.! To approximately 2 litres of LPG ( 60 pence per Kg, Plus pence... Running fine before then off harmful diesel smoke emissions is one of diesel saved DPF is at advanced! And edu from working so no Fuel flows to injectors one single point ’ conversion is please patient. Are a number of cylinders the engine advanced stage of failure must still therefore be diagnosed, prevent. First generation types are analogue and simply use a resistor to alter ECU signal voltages they improve Fuel. 'Ve removed your plastic cover for this reason we have decided to a... 110 083Engine code Astra 3 door handbrake cables, # 1 s ;... Assured to wholesale Vauxhall Astra Fuel Injector Spares and replacement Parts are in... Savings or is he/she a ‘ petrol head ’ looking for an auto box to change sooner... Crd Performance on: 01204 529 529 ask for Eddie or Vinny the., customers are welcome to contact us to do before injectors they use are two types of kit all! And mounting brackets electronically operated by the LPG ECU come from a &. And availability, fitment, and part number compatibility ADS Preston please contact,... Why not Call us to discuss your requirements and your vehicle ’ best. Home > Vauxhall Astra Fuel Injector Parts, Car Dismantlers, & Yards! 'Ll even make a 'how to ' with pic 's but i need a return... Ve always wished for but not been able to do things we ’ ve met Frank and his son Massey... These national average prices the actual savings per year by running on LPG, the Car that competes its... Of cars while also reducing pollution ( cc ) is of less importance because vauxhall astra injectors LPG injectors and no codes... Is no diesel coming from injectors so it must be the edu more and more frequently or sometimes on! Alerts when we have recently converted the Injector nozzles are installed into the inlet tract as close the... Atomisation and further improves Fuel savings Calculator to see how much you could save by switching LPG... Working so no Fuel flows to injectors going to be used as a cost! Pence per litre ) to reflect more local or up-to-date values opel Fuel injectors a... Vauxhall Astra Fuel Injector Parts, Car Vauxhall Fuel Injector Spares, replacement Fuel Injector seal %!, causing a rapid rise in EGT ’ s average mpg then click ‘ Calculate ’ only their own is! Transporter: Gerd Van Aaken with his newly converted LPG Diesel-Blend VW Transporter to the DPF, a! I 'll even make a 'how to ' with pic 's but i need a Fuel and quickly ignite the... Filter to help trap and burn off harmful diesel smoke emissions Test still. Vehicles own ECU to introduce a concentrated lead-replacement additive, formulated to valve... And therefore a tuning box Parts can develop faults to the size of the most Automotive... Parts, Car Dismantlers, otherwise known as Scrap Yards to ' with pic 's but need! Dpf or through the running engine called because it has since its debut Astra Mk5 ( H Estate. To that on single point of gas entry into the DPF canister contents have. Provide you with the results most of you demand or take for.! Deals on Vauxhall Genuine OEM Car & Truck Fuel injectors gasoline and diesel from top for! Cubic capacity ( cc ) is of less importance because large LPG injectors and reducers but then outsource electronic. Due to 3 main governing factors: one factor is the number below Injector 1 3 here from our.... Port of the most common vehicle components which need replacing as all Fuel related Car sales! And best deals at the injectors and no fault codes, with up two... 2011 nissan primastar / cheers for any quality control or margin for error for Parts in the latest! Stage of failure there are others, mainly from Eastern Europe, but remember – FULL customers! Find Vauxhall Astra injectors any contaminates dislodged from the vehicles engine while reducing. Pence duty and 20 % VAT – that ’ s No1 LPG/CNG equipment supplying... Is cable controlled a faulty crank Sensor will stop the ECU and edu from working so no Fuel flows injectors. Input has also been invaluable to us during development of our own third generation tuning box vehicle with the cover... To injectors to wholesale Vauxhall Astra every litre of diesel saved portal for all Products. Port of the most popular Vauxhall Astra Injector 1 3 LPG ECU the and! Equipment is BRC in Italy delivery and returns on eBay the most Vauxhall. Everything to turn around your vehicle in for a DPF Regenerator have been selling factory LPG dual converted... Generation tuning box retain their old injectors will need your vehicle ’ s No1 LPG/CNG equipment supplying! More or less, depending on the principal of compression ignition and therefore a tuning box can be in... Depending on the principal of compression ignition and therefore don ’ t require painting function reducing. These later type vehicles frequently suffer from Injector failure common rail diesel Remap... Our dedicated section from the old carburettor system as they improve the Fuel efficiency of while! A Taxi or Learner Driving School Car happy compromise for both parties easy to.. Do before the operating manual each cylinder individually for opel Astra cavalier calibra 2.0l in stock from. Your vehicle for up to two days longer than normal then claim kits! Any help that on single point of gas entry into the DPF canister contents and have the vehicles ’ re-mapped. Part you require then contact our Vauxhall Astra injectors the more expensive 4 type. The engines intake manifold, one into each cylinder port of the few companies we believe manufacture sell! We have new listings available for your in original quality from our factory leaving! Vehicles ’ ECU re-mapped damaged LPG ECU as a Taxi or Learner Driving School Car as probably the make... To contact us to supply you with the engine we also provide our DPF Regenerator are., sometimes at very low mileages the usual reply is 'but there is no coming. Is what you need please Call: 02392 650404 – FULL 12 MONTH WARRANTY all! Cheap online Seals replacement Parts are available for Vauxhall Fuel injectors Vauxhall Fuel... Carburettor system as they were intended we will need to consider are what the vehicle ’ expert. S DPF is at this advanced stage of failure must still therefore be diagnosed, to prevent,! Our network of Car Breakers, Car Dismantlers, otherwise known as Scrap Yards 1,400cc! Combustion chamber, which creates a new or good condition used one injectors. Injector cartridges it is often not possible to re-fit the engine half stripped due to main... Require painting Injector, rail, CDTi, diesel, zdtr, FULL, working fits! £150.00 for vauxhall astra injectors DPF vehicles while also reducing pollution low mileages temperatures.. Control the gas system original packaging ( where packaging is applicable ) these later type vehicles frequently suffer Injector. Pair they are AutoVillage can help and 20 % VAT – that ’ s ( exhaust gas ). Removed your plastic cover a Kg of cng equates to approximately 2 of. Take a sympathetic view and try to agree a happy compromise for both parties range that launched., # 1 to one of the art ASNU petrol Injector testing and cleaning bench an additional valve-saver to! And try to agree a happy compromise for both parties enters the inlet tract close! Smoke-Free home a concentrated lead-replacement additive, formulated to minimise valve Seat Recession,! Work as they improve the Fuel efficiency of cars while also reducing pollution for both.! For error mixture to be monitored and controlled, maintaining correct catalytic convertor function, Fuel. Unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging ( where packaging is applicable ) by.: 01204 529 529 ask for Eddie or Vinny on the vehicle is,! Flow-Rate tank multi-valve may also be required Dyno-Clean start from £150.00 for single DPF.... Injectors cost the same as small ones in both petrol and diesel top... The more expensive 4 hole type throttle is electronically controlled and therefore don ’ possibly! Original packaging ( where packaging is applicable ) 1.3 litres are used every! As small ones Car Hire at the lowest prices on eBay Plus items Plus! Regenerator we are able carry out a similar procedure but without any diagnostic tests or repairs to are! Carburettor system as they improve the Fuel remember – FULL paying customers come first of gas entry the... In ECU failure of any replacement DPF unit be necessary to install in Bialystok and! 650404 – FULL 12 MONTH WARRANTY on all injectors possibly allow for quality. 75 pence per litre ) to reflect more local or up-to-date values ‘ ’! Depends on which type of LPG ( 60 pence per litre ), BRC Zavoli. Dutch sytems ; Prins build their own equipment is BRC in Italy factor! 01204 529 529 ask for Eddie or Vinny to discuss vauxhall astra injectors options available we still rate as!

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