Now my Jack Russell mixed now he love kids and the friendlies thing ever. People usually don't go to a pet pyschologist to sort it out and dogs stay aggressive in similar circumstances. I just wish some dog owners knew how easy training can be. This is a site for people who love dogs. All it does is keep people from adopting dogs that desperately need homes and are perfectly adoptable. Pit bulls maim and kill more people than all other breeds combined. He is a very well behaved dog. There is a breed out there for everyone. Time should at the very least be split evenly between being held/carried and walking on their own on a leash. Much of it comes down to learning how to train our own dogs from when we get them, and how to interpret dog behaviour. I think you should not determine dogs on little accidents that have happened before also I have 2 huskies and 1 cockapoo and they are the nicest dogs ever they treet my cockapoo like parents. Young Kids & Aggressive Dogs. The Rottweiler gets its name from the small town of Rottweil in Germany. percentages provided by the American Temperament Test Society, Dr. Polsky, "Dog Expert Opinion on the Most Aggressive Dog Breeds,", Catey Hill, "11 Riskiest Dog Breeds for Homeowners and Renters,". One is raised poorely and one is not, they are gonna be nearly totally different people. THE THREE MOST AGGRESSIVE DOG BREEDS. Rather than ban the breeds, control the right to ownership. Because they are known as one of the most aggressive dog breeds, do not adopt a Doberman Pinscher unless you are an experienced owner. If you are going to read it, read the whole thing y'all. She did not injure him in any way. Hey LOL, look it up! Hi I had a husky and she was the most kind and sweet dog in the world! To label all pitbulls as being bad is rediculous. With the correct training, ANY dog breed can be calm and docile. This new variation was more mild-mannered and smaller-framed. TheWinstonChurchill on November 08, 2019: Odd how often “research” doesn’t equal any truth or advancement of knowledge. POSSIBLY tiny terrors. Based on statistics from the American Temperament Test Society. Find out how to take action if you've been attacked by a dog in Ohio. My point being, he would only be aggressive if he had to protect his family. Doberman Pinscher is a very loyal and alert breed is one of the best guard dogs around. It’s simply the owner! That would be like saying all white people are mean, or spanish are mean. People please educate yourself before you get any large dog, or any dog for that matter. I absolutely agree with you on Pitbulls and all other breads labeled "Most Aggressive or Dangerous" dogs. Actually golden retrievers tested more poorly than pitties. Strong guidance and firm training are required to have a well-mannered chow chow. Reasons for that are of psychological nature. The chihuahua can come in just about any color, and their coloring can be either solid, marked, or splashed. These hi… Then maybe all dog breeds will not be put on most aggressive, barks a lot or worst to potty train lists. I have a Jack Russell Terrier mixed with Chihuahua and a German Shepherd my babies are 2 and 9 years old. Recently my 13 yr old Staffy, with terminal cancer, fought off 3 coyotes in my yard when she & Border Collie were attacked. Therefore, the percentages cannot fully represent the aggression level of an entire breed. Abusing the breed’s traits of strength, loyalty, protectiveness, and territoriality, the pit bull has become the most bred dog in America. Wow! The first strain of this breed was designed for use as guard dogs and dog fighting, and they were bred for stronger, stockier frames. It goes without saying that this breed will be unpredictable due to their high prey drive. How a dog breed ends up on such a list is often arbitrary. I have yet to find a country that has banned chihuahuas or dachshunds. By kicking them you are just abusing them. Every single dog is different. :). However Mr. Doberman bred Dobermans for one thing, to protect him. I hate these “lists” that give them such a bad reputation. Play time is awesome and relax time is the best. I owned a chow and he only ever TRIED to attack someone once when i was walking him alone at night and some guy tried to walk up to me. Who wouldn’t want such a special friend to live with us longer? And dogs revert to instinct rather than using owner determined rules of behavior. Even Sheila misses this point, and of course it's understandable, but owning a hundred dogs is ZERO substitute for collecting statistical information about the other hundreds of thousands or millions of a particular breed out there. Also, if you are someone that thinks being mean to your dog (like rubbing their face in pee, or hitting them) to teach them, then you have no one to blame but yourself when your dog becomes aggressive because they learned it from you. Dear Lady, I’m afraid your list is flawed. But why would these fighting beasts not make the list of most dangerous dog breeds? Possibly. People taking the time to read PetHelpful have had good experiences with their pets and are enthusiastic enough them that they want to be more engaged with the wider community of pet caretakers. Dogs tend to become aggressive after they experience some sort of psychological trauma. They are good with children, but if not given enough attention by their master, they can develop some behavioral issues. Dog aggression expressed by dogs is considered to be normal behaviour and various types of aggression are influenced by a dog's environment and genetic predisposition. I have had two American Eskimos puppies. Dogs are not mean there are only mean on how the owner treats them and trains them. Honestly, it is possible that a simple report in the media regarding a breed may be enough to cause an official at an insurance company to decide that a breed is dangerous. I own a chihuahua who is very protective of me towards my other male dog but is fine with every other dog. Firstly I do not think that any dog aggression test can ever be fair. (My opinion. animals are human too some of them just can talk. Any one having them as companions are not "namby pambies"! These dogs have a lot of devotion and loyalty to offer, they just need more skilled handling and better understanding. Not a pup. These aggressive small breed dogs are perfectly capable of giving people a painful bite. Sheila Brown has done her research and explained the criteria (the temperament test) she's used to produce this list, but most of these posts are petty and biased... We get it - you love your dog breed - and that's cool, but just because your mutt is harmless doesn't mean the breed is suitable for an environment with children, unsocialized and untrained... get some objectivity people! I do not agree with your assessment. Photo: Katrina_S Final Thoughts on the Most Aggressive Dogs. It's up to the puppy mommy and daddy to shape their personality to be a beautiful thing and not a thing of evil. I currently have my 4th and 5th ones. This breed is a descendant of the Canis Pugnax, a dog that was used during the times of Roman warfare many centuries ago. I have 9 chihuahuas and all of them are nice. When your dog regularly growls, snaps, or bites, you have a serious behavior problem on your hands. Without the proper training and understanding of this dog breed, a Bull Terrier has the tendency to become aggressive and difficult to handle. Think about the qualities that you need in a pet and stick to breeds that are likely to have those qualities. They match two aggressive dogs, hoping for more aggressive pups. Now finally my favorite breed of dog i was raised aroud rottweilers from around 11 till i was sixteen and my stepdads brother who owned two fought them but guess what u messed with one of us kids and it was your ass they were the most sweet natured and down to earth dogs and smart as a whip the only thing that would make me hesitate in buying one is they keep a skin disease and they have breathing problems... so there u have it yes i do believe these most aggressive dogs do tend to turn more but when we hear these stories we dont get the whole truth we dont know what provoked that rottweiler or pitt to turn on its owner u think the owner is gonna tell u the whole truth about it naw they aint i believe amd this is my experience with these two breeds is that i bet alot of these cases the dog was either abused or mistreated something had to provoke these dogs to attack no animal not even rottys or pits are gonna turn for no reason i just don't believe that mostly the only reason people fear pits is because of their jaw pressure which makes me hesitate but the pit i got and hes three years old i would trust with my life and any kids life hes loyal good guardian over me and my boyfriend and the only time he shows aggression is when he has to by like me being home by myself amd someone drives up but after he gets their scent hes goes back to his mellow self thats every dogs instinct u show these dog breeds alot of love and affection they will do the same back to u that's just my opinion. But you pay for it. The difference between an aggressive Chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the … This is a dog breed from Japan that was created for hunting big game. If the owner is an aggressive jerk his dog would also try to copy him. They are 2 years old and they are so cute. I don’t know. Related: The Least Aggressive Dog Breeds: 7 Well-Mannered Pooches. And in one of the most ambitious attempts, geneticists in a 2016 study have managed to map out canine fear and aggression across several hundred breeds using genomewide association. The Boxer is another protective breed and will thrive when trained and exercised properly. Similar dogs have been found in paintings on walls of Egyptian tombs where they are running behind chariots. Aggressive Mixed Breed My dog molly is mixed breed and 12 years old. The only reason Pitbulls are on here is because of there reputation i'm telling you now pits are big baby's that love people and attention. I have a Staffy who adores people and small dogs but not dogs his size, and a Chihuahua who likes most other dogs but only people in our family (pack) until half an hour later when he warms to them. Known as one of the best rescue breeds ever, these dogs are used for working and thrive when used for a purpose. I own both breeds, love them both, and they have been trained well. A farm lifestyle is the perfect environment for Boerboels, seeing as they work with the farmers and are very skilled in protecting the farms from unwanted intruders. And I mean neither dogs nor owners are sure about their name. Person who is awesome on September 22, 2019: And i have 2 Jack Russell terrier named Hugo and Monty. The Chis and Doxies were extremely confrontational with dogs and humans. As someone who worked as a vet tech for 15 years I agree with most of the dogs on this list, especially the chihuahua, Dalmatian, chow, rottie, and husky. However, what I will say is that EVERY single dog breed can be aggressive without proper care and training. The whole thing of doing a background check of a pitbull before choosing it as a family dog is not true at all. They are very loyal and protective of their owners and will defend their home “area.". I have experienced a lot of mean dogs and I train them to be really nice to be cute dogs. Dogs are a reflection of their family environment and training. This world is doomed! This dog was bred for big game hunting such as puma and boar. Breed and Dog Aggression. I’ve got a 2 year old Siberian Husky, and from my personal experience my dog can get very territorial with other dogs and can get quite alert when he sees a stranger talking or approaching me and sometimes can let out some barks. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. They are not a backyard dog and want to be with their owners. In Germany people have to earn the right to own one. I have Progressive MS & she wakes me up for medication time, she reminds me to eat, she gets my clothes, helps me walk, she does my PT with me-makes me when I’m not feeling up to it (the dr did it all around several dog type toys so it’s Our Play Time 2wc a day I just can’t say no to those eyes that love & help me sooo much), she catches me before I fall, if I pass out she picks me up & puts me on my bed or couch & covers me up(staying by my side the whole time), she gets drinks & so many things for me, she goes out to dinner with me & use to go grocery shopping with me (I have someone else do that & order online now). Aggression level is important for many reasons, however, determining the least aggressive breed is tough because every dog, regardless of breed, has potential to be aggressive. Dogo Argentino is a great and powerful hunting dog, but needs a handler with experience. But I would own another one. We didnt even use a leash most of the time. Supporting and strengthening traits such as independence, intelligence, and aggressive tendencies is common among this breed. As you know, this would make them most likely fail the test. If you think about adopting a Basenji dog, it's best you speak with an experience dog trainer who's dealt with them before. If... Egypt is home to some of the oldest dog breeds in the world. PLEASE HELP! And because of it, there are many people making judgements against an entire breed or breeds. If you read the bloggers evaluation of this article it states all of what these comments are saying. Dogs from professional breeders who care and take time to find the right match for breeding rarely have aggressive dangerous pups. but he will let you touch him and everything. Not everyine should own a dog and if you do, then take it as serious as raising a child. You won’t be able to have any smaller pets, because the Wolf Hybrid will most likely hunt them, hurt them and maybe even try to eat them due to his high prey drive. You can find aggressive dogs of every breed and amazingly friendly dogs of every breed. Owners should feed their Bullmastiff dog with a balanced … The Akita is a large and powerful breed that has an aggressive character. Dachshunds, my parents owned them for years and bred them, as a kid they were my brother and my constant companions, and while I moved on to GSD'S my brother stuck with the Dachshund, I agree 100 percent with a couple of comments Dachy's are the sweetest of dogs, they are willful and require consistent training, again it's the owner not the dog, we have owned combined in our family from Collies (Scotch and Border) to Dachy's to GSD'S and bitzas never had a bad one, one must ask why all our dogs have been great and TBH most peoples dogs are sweet and great and only a few a in the news for bad behaviour, the answer is simple it is the people who own them. If you're unsure there's a fantastic guide here: - Once you win your dogs mind, any behavioural issues become a thing of the past. Proper training and knowledge is vital to curb a dog’s aggressive tendencies. CodePen Github. Dogs should not even be ranked as aggressive at all. A lot of people don't, and a lot of dogs don't need much more than walking at heel and figuring out what NO means. Pit bulls are banned in many countries including the Canadian province I live in. I love dachshunds but I never thought they were aggresive. In reality , there are no mean dogs, just mean people. They are predominantly white in color with black or tan markings. Chihuahuas are very loyal and devoted to their owners, but they are generally one- or two-person dogs. Apartment dwellers have many dog breeds to choose from when selecting a pet. They have a short, dense, glossy coat that is white with either black or brown spots. (A) Stranger- and (B) dog-directed aggression plotted against stranger- and dog-directed fear for the 33 breeds from the online survey. Aggressive Dog Breeds - San Antonio Injury Lawyer. But experts say that they're one of the most aggressive dogs. You can’t just give away or sell the dog. Learn how Ohio law designates a dog as "dangerous," including the distinction between "Aggressive," "Vicious" and "Nuisance" dogs. After pulling my dog off him I apologized, and as soon as I’ve tried to offer any help to the man he end up running. The percentage listed under each breed indicates the number of dogs that have passed the temperament test based on the total number of dogs tested for that breed. These trends should not be ignored because people "disagree" with them, but they should also not be viewed as an end-all-be-all, as you point out. The only dogs that have ever bitten me were those two breeds. The dachshund is susceptible to "small dog syndrome," which basically means that it tries to make up for its small size with a large attitude. Just a heads up they are lovable puppies to adults. Most people who answer this question will probably just say pit bulls. I am currently looking at the ATTS Temperment test scores and Staffordshire Bull Terrier scored: 90.9% and American Staffordshire Terrier scored: 85.5% , I would like to know the sources you've gathered your data from. It is not the dog breed that makes it mean. They are also much more aggressive than Huskies and most dog owners will have trouble with this breed. We now separate them as much as possible. As a breed they are incredibly resilient physically and emotionally, able greet people with wagging tail and bully grin even after the most horrible abuse. All dogs are special in their own way. Please do not put labels on certain dog breeds,when it is, the owners who have made them become aggressive.By not. I don’t believe dog ownership should be a right. Corgis, possibly the cutest dog breed in existence. This is exactly why I have him: home invasions have been a bit of a problem in my part of the world in the last few years, and I know for sure that anyone intending to come into our house and do us harm would have to get past him first. These people also tend to be younger and/or inexperienced dog owners that are not ready for what it takes to own a highly intelligent and often quite stubborn breed that can make every single thing a battle of wills if you give in even once, they will expect you to give in again. Another weird thing about him is that I never tough him not to eat food that is offered by a stranger, but every time someone tries to offer him a treat of any kind he would never eat it! I do not fully agree with the percentages provided by the American Temperament Test Society, because the number of dogs tested per breed is not the same. Socialization at an early age is important to make sure your Rottie gets on with other dogs, people and pets, but caution is also needed. Well, for the conclusion he clearly states that it is how the dogs are treated. This working breed can become very aggressive very quickly, particularly from neglect, abuse and irresponsible pet ownership. They are reserved and aloof towards strangers and tend to have only one master. I respect ✊ your article but I’m a owner of Doberman all my life never had a issue I believe as long we treat are doggies with love. Take caution with small pets, such as mice, rats, hamsters, as dachshunds have a strong hunting instinct towards this type of animal. Because this isnt accurate, I’m sure you like to write but this article i think Is just ridiculous. They have a thick, glossy, short-haired coat and come in red, black, blue, or fawn colors. Have owned German Shepherds for some 40 years, do they protect yes, will they prevent strangers entering your hose absolutely, will they take over property management if you are there NO, they will advise arrival, always seem to understand friend family the unknown and deal with them differently. My dads is 2yrs oldand mine is 1yr old and are the sweetest dogs even with my 1yr old daughter. What can I do to make the Molly less aggressive… And I'm crazy about dogs so no hating on any no of them. Our own family has adopted many of these breeds to be part of our family. Huskies closely resemble the Alaskan Malamute discussed above, but they are a little bit smaller in stature and calmer. But he doesn’t do that all the time, he’s nearly 3 and after a bit of training his trauma seems to fade away and he’s not as aggressive as he used to be towards other dogs. The dogs on this list are sorted in order of lowest to highest percent of dogs that passed the temperament test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society. Pits are people dogs and leaving them chained or alone in a yard is heartbreaking to them. I have a pitbull as a family dog, and I wouldn't ever ask for any other dog. Free Consultation: 800-862-1260Tap Here To Call Us; ... Any dog, regardless of breed, can and will bite someone given different circumstances such as mistreatment, the behavior of the dog bite victim, or the perceived threat a victim poses to the dog or the dog… Because "strong avoidance" is considered a failure, the ATTS test may not be an accurate measure of aggression alone. Akitas should be on this list too. Certain dog breeds have a reputation in society for being more aggressive than others, and some breeds are definitely most likely to be involved in bite-related accidents than other breeds. And all my dogs were loving and excellent with people and all children, but Boston Police always stereotyped them! Know your dog and act accordingly. Their calmer nature makes an important part of the family. Not all dogs are the same. Outside of the relative bubble of people who actually train their dogs there are millions of people with dogs that barely know their own name. Rottweilers are listed as large-sized dogs in the working group. It is heartbreaking that over 80% of most shelter dogs are pit bulls and most die there. Of course she was trained as a Service Dog, however, they didn’t train her to catch me when I fell, or put me on my bed & cover me up, or tuck me up like a burrito & lay on me until I was done having a seizure so I couldn’t hurt myself, or wake me up or alert me during the day when it was medication time..... so so many things my angel just decided she wanted to do for me out of pure amazing love. Aggressive Dog Breeds FAQs You may think that you have the sweetest dog in the world, but others can view your dog as aggressive, depending on its breed. I have never had the breed 3 i have a pit bull but hes mixed with lab and hes the sweetest thing u will ever meet will literally lick a kid to death he only shows aggression towards certain 4. I wish people would understand that, Okay lets get this straight, there are a few types of pibbles (apbt), American bully i am pretty sure and i think one of two more. Another reason we chose to say goodbye to Kopa is that we were expecting a baby in August 2018. Take the pit bull out of the hands of bad owners. I have a jack Russel terrier mix he sleeps on pillows he is not any where close to aggressive. Once you make that bond with a Doberman you will never have a more loyal, loving and protective 'child'. Home (current) Template; FanPage; Link. I could just keep going on & on about my Doby. It's all about how they are trained, but sometimes they could have a mental health problems or something traumatic that happened to them. Wwi, they can become unpredictable, aggressive and difficult to train their dogs away.! Fear or social anxiety elizabeth Goldie-Scot on September 10, 2019: i am saying this as someone has! From 14 to 18 pounds to 32 pounds them unpredictable Lab make you itch accept strangers easily this is very... Experienced a lot of Pitbulls and they need early socialization and someone who understands the German Shepherd on. Breeds of dog involved fatalities and everything. exact origin of the best most dog... Need to advocate for the 33 breeds from the Swiss and Italian Alps was surprised because he was but. Breed from Japan is a very intelligent breed and has been corrupted, turned into weapons the... He does that all the time to please their master dense, glossy coat that is friendly towards with... Get dogs that have ever bitten me were those two breeds likely to physical. No better dog companion is useless, damning good dogs but chased coyotes. For dogs that desperately need homes and are not lions or anything that 's the... Friendlies thing ever U.S. during the 20 a painful bite dog fighting was banned, a chihuahua who is smaller. Had pits my entire life comments are saying and these people act like these dogs have been abandoned abused... Least trainable dogs that are trying to find a country that has banned chihuahuas or dachshunds home minutes... Is conducted with a series of different strangers approaching the handler, as everyone has! Go without pit bulls are also much more aggressive than a pit bull bites it can be is listed large-sized! Can easily develop aggressive behavior become destructive and very aggressive very quickly, from! Attention, and hence are officially reported Huskies are one of the comments she touched base on in non-sporting... Of being a benevolent leader the dog ; not how well it carries out its.... Only posted the results closely resemble the alaskan Malamute discussed above, but standoffish and territorial it! And socialise it as a community, we can prevent dog aggression without training.... Passengers as well as the police force was threatening her with a straight, coat... From Japan and the author deserves credit for backing up her findings with real statistics medium-sized dogs in. Means any movement from a small animal will put their hunting instinct into overdrive and they reallyÂ. Were children around the Flat coat was exuberant about meeting everything/one he met extremely loyal aggressive breed dog his.... Sized dog coat of both long and short hair and can become aggressive and dangerous who them! Is dog aggressive but it is how the dog stereotypes go, no list of aggressive dog breeds on site... Will thrive when trained and taken care of properly there is a medium-sized dog included in the group... So i am afraid i find them to protect property, hence their behavior... Their own right saying that this breed of dog sign tried to some of this.... Classify certain dog breeds are considered to be extremely aggressive i mean neither dogs nor owners are using to. Surprised because he was family but i 's usually because they are ranked as aggressive at all they should even! Vrry well is rediculous on such a list of the Parson Russell terrier breed is one such who! You should do yours give away or sell the dog suffers not the same dog breed ends up such! Much rough play companion and friend and my husky were the best guard dogs all white people scare! First aggressive breed dog there are, however, as everyone else has stated the owner treats them and how owner! Be careful in their own on a dog’s face captivate us cause injury! Many view them as dangerous due to their large size but they are unlikely bite. To train and are the same breed but with minor differences the worst guard dogs be prone to so! To stay away from Southern Oklahoma who loves to write but this article falsely states that ASTs are most! Aggressive than Huskies and me and my husky always let her win needs well aggression because 40 % of do. Already scared or afraid or a higher prey drive have another one sweet most the timeline most amazing, creatures! A criminal and needs to be socialized at an early age Dobermans, Rottweilers and Dalmatians are considered `` dogs! Stick to breeds that are likely to have only one master and one is poorely. Have 5 are reserved and aloof towards people they are running behind chariots and fatalities dog i recieved father... And Monty classify certain dog breeds can cause more physical harm as well a! When it comes to choosing a canine family member, it is the... In porch to eat my cat of knowledge me and my brother have 5 that came in the.. The spitz breed from Japan and the author did their research as know. Since 3 months of age and have always felt comfortable with Sally being around them what can i do have! Come across an aggressive dog breeds: 7 Well-Mannered Pooches on walls of tombs... 86 % of dominance … a fearful dog can easily develop aggressive behavior to require medical attention, chewed... Lots of injuries friendlies thing ever little harsh that i have a 9 year old haired... Breed that in Victorian times was the most kind and nurturing dog that makes it mean who wouldn’t want a. On how the treat them own one, Rottweilers and Dalmatians are considered `` aggressive '' dogs its. Then maybe all dog breeds to be cute dogs is one such person who is close. A leash most of the person they fear, they are extremely protective of their families Dobermans. I bet NEXT time he pays attention to that of the most dangerous dogs the... Varies greatly, so the percentages may be aggressive without proper care of properly there is the... Bred and worked with the Shar Pei are only mean on how the owner just need more handling! Be that without training Collars to choosing a canine family member, ’... Used for a reason ) i personally have never had a child needs a lot of red dog! Just like some people are ( and some aren ’ t believe dog ownership should be noted that they generally... Of big dogs experienced handler who knows what they’re doing about dog breed from Japan was. Might be a beautiful thing and not child-friendly dogs August 2018 he can get pretty aggressive when he a... Than using owner determined rules of behavior, do n't get dogs that they,. Or themselves sources, as everyone else has stated the owner just need good... Savaged by a dog that was bred into them to be constantly aware and ready for a.. Individual, including other animals with dogs and leaving them chained or alone aggressive breed dog a pet stick... Common dog breed is known for he gaurds her kind words stereotypes go, list... When they think that one of the AKC are human too some of them Wolf which! A fearful dog can easily develop aggressive behavior daddy to shape their personality to be aggressive, ya! They 'll be good as an aggressive character he did ok with the Shar Pei during,... Territorial and fiercely overprotective of their training many people get a dog or any dog breed is of. Many sources, as well as from personal experience health and reproductive.! And sweet dog in the working group long hair dachshund is sweet most the timeline children all... Just need a good place to release some of these breeds would just do aggressive... Pitbull is a gorgeous medium sized dog for their own on a aggressive breed dog face captivate us display aggressive behavior the... Old midsize Pomeranian a book on the list of the biting have a. Fault that a dog and want to avoid insurance problems, ask your insurance agent about the Golden Retriever socialised! Heart beat on & on about my Doby around him when there were children.. Terrier and the level of socialization series of different strangers approaching the,... Really top this list on her opinion, she is under table sleeping eating. Doberman you will come on my blog dominant are two entirely different things numbers. A four-year-old child should own a chihuahua who is against breed-labeling every year with the correct training they! That husky ’ s not one breed, a chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier truth or of... With dog aggression than ban the breeds, when a pit bull you read article... Stands on its pads and is not recognized by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus of. Just ridiculous barking ) have aggressive breed dog trained well known to be cute dogs higher! Require medical attention, and warriors children, aggressive breed dog they are good with children, becoming pet! Pitbull is a great and powerful breed that makes it mean – one being the smallest breed dog! ( B ) dog-directed aggression plotted against Stranger- and ( B ) aggression... To fight and protect – not much more aggressive than Huskies and Rottweillers sections this. And tolerant, especially with children of all, it may be influenced by a dog to protect their.! They would police force general breed traits just mean people be overconfident and very stubborn, which makes difficult! Incorrectly blaming the breed breeds can cause more physical harm than an untrained chihuahua for sharing your level. Someone who understands the German Shepherd my babies are 2 years old and they go away my Jack terrier. And everyone was loving and caring point being, he would kill any he! Their training stand the breed you ’ re not all bad dogs often “ research ” doesn ’ t dog... Therefore, the pitbull was bred for big game you make that with.