After all, there’s a reason why they’re always in the top 15 for most popular breeds. These dogs are great companion, very gentle, fun, loving. She pretends like she doesn’t get it, then after several weeks of not giving this command that we have only tried a couple of time before, I only have to say the command if I have a treat or she has that special sparkle in her eye and she will immediately do it. But she strictly adhered to the natural dog hierarchy. }. And they are unique. That’s the point when the Husky can trust you back. After owning dogs for more than 22 years, it's time to give back. But after that my husky was definitely questioning my position as the alpha which has never happen as I normally make it very clear to all my dogs and all of them understand. HUSKY GEAR! Here are some of the responses we received:1. Huskies love to move around, like to have fun times, find something peculiar to do most of the time! Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. Huskies are not barkers but they will express themselves by howling. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. So exactly why do Huskies display this type of behavior? [32] The rankings that Coren created are now globally known and accepted. This meant that Huskies needed 25 to 40 repetitions to learn a new, unknown command. If you are wanting an obedient dog, a husky isnt it. Wouldn’t have any other breed now I know what they are like. 0 0. Their undercoat is short and warm, while the overcoat is long and water-resistant. But don’t be put off, If you are up for the challenge you will have an amazing addition to your family that will change your life for the better! They train us very well “ “Mine are intelligent. Huskies will wrap their tails around their faces while they sleep; their breath warms the tail and keeps the nose and face protected from the cold. Huskies are very intelligent, but very stubborn. She was without a doubt the smartest dog I have ever seen or had. They’re very smart in many ways other than obedience. The Alaskan Malamute is a friendly, but hairy giant. Sally and I were out for a walk in the local park. We call this adaptive intelligence, which refers to the dog’s ability to learn and think on its own, while being able to solve problems. Puppy Shedding Tips! Bicycle_mice says No: “My husky isn’t the brightest either but I love her so much. Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is the German Shepherd. How smart are Huskies? And in my opinion, it may be the most important aspect of dog intelligence. But one day I was whatching my boxer and husky and saw my husky licking at his bowl I bent down and was talking to him I nornally say “help” if I’m going to do anything with the food bowls but anyway I said help bent down to pick it up and he tried to give me a correction for trying to take his bowl well my boxer is the alpha dog and he noticed it and gave my husky a pretty harsh correction but after that I gave him a correction myself and never again hass that dog question my position as alpha and I made sure after that that I was very clear with my corrections and ALWAYS followed through with him and after my boxer had passed away I got another husky who just meessed up my whole packs energy he was just so hyper even after a VERY long day at the dog park or lakes he would run around and my other dogs were finally tired of it and my husky who got corrected by my boxer stood up because the puppy got in his face but he stood up after warning him to back off and he didin’t listen and got a very harsh correction which I still think he hasn’t forgotten. Eatsleepjeep says Yes: “I wish my husky were dumb. In fact, these dogs can be independent minded and will constantly test your alpha dominance over the pack (family). I have a 4yr old husky who is extremely smart and very stubborn. Perhaps there’s more to dog IQ than just obedience tests. It’s not a surprise that some of the most stubborn dog breeds also performed the worst on Coren’s test. Thanks for sharing that! As far as his intelligence goes the smartest dog I know. As the name denotes, Alaskan Klee kai is a new breed that looks most like a Siberian husky, however, as a smaller version. They need a lot of exercise. We recommend that you have really good obedience classes set … My Husky is intelligent but not necessarily obedient at all times and not without a treat! He’s pretty much the perfect dog.”, 8. I’ve realized that one of the reasons huskies become so stubborn is not only because of their personality but also as we as humans tend to repeat the command over and over again without giving them a chance to respond. And as a result, it may come off as stubbornness or “low intelligence.”. If you want to find out how smart huskies are check out this article! So it makes sense that they’re somewhat independent at times. In other words, they’re intelligent enough to make decisions for themselves versus being led by a human. Huskies are so intelligent, however, stubborn too, wrong ways of training can end up you both worried. My sister had an extremely lg female German Shepard who was a yr younger than my dog she also had a mixed dog a year older than mine. Some popular dogs in this class include the Corgis, Cocker Spaniel, Pomeranian and the Bernese Mountain Dog. So, are huskies easy to train? Before a parent brings a dog to a house with children, it’s important to learn about the temperament and personality of the breed. June 2, 2020 May 28, 2020. I have had 2 Siberians and now a wolf/Siberian mix. So, let’s start it. This represented about 50 percent of the obedience trial judges working in North America at that time. Not all the time but there is no warning at all. Him and his mate had another litter and one of the 9 week old pups got too close to the father and he attacked. Samoyeds are much more obedient. The Siberian Husky has been one of the world’s most popular breeds for many decades, and you may be thinking of getting one. seven Anyway, she sounds like a wonderful dog. For that reason, they don’t make great guard dogs. If complex thought process is a sign of intelligence then My Husky (Chaos) is very intelligent, he will come when called most times, will always give you a paw and yes he will argue with you but always realize when he has crossed the line. It has been said huskies are very hard to train for this reason and that is likely the reason for the low scoring on the obedience side. Stellathedirewolf (IG) – “Yes, they are absolutely intelligent, We have trained Stells to turn off the light switch and she instinctively knew how to open doors. Moderately intelligent dogs are … Deshalb freuen wir uns, dass die Zusammenarbeit mit eoTV fortgesetzt werden kann. Airedale terriers tend to have gentle demeanors, but will protect themselves if threatened. Part of the reason why Huskies are smart is because they’re independent-minded dogs. So are they smarter then other dogs according to me? Udd: Erstes Spiel ist das DEL2-Spitzenspiel vom vergangenen Sonntag, Kassel Huskies gegen Heilbronner Falken. As for obedience, Huskies are will obey a known command on the first try with a 50% (or better) success rate. I would never want another breed. Here's why they rank low for intelligence and what really makes them smart dogs. He reads facial expressions and body languages very well. (And what I mean by correction is put them into a submissive posture which is the same thing the dogs do to each other). 1. .hide-if-no-js { Huskies don't generally do very well in obedience training or competitions. Which makes them very intelligent, but also very stubborn. You may be very surprised to find out, just like many other husky owners, that the husky was ranked 77th out of 138th.So what does this mean? Source: 2 - The adoptive family must have an adult at home most of the time - ideally a stay-at-home or work from-home person. Now if it snowed she wanted to be outside. Breeds in this class include: Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher. I love her dearly. I have had huskies for a while, but I lost my first one because of the lack of ability to listen. The loyalty might be strong but they are far to smart to listen if you are not patient and calm when calling them back to you. Huskies … And according to Canna Pet, Siberian Huskies have the perfect temperament that make them amazing playmates for kids.. Introduction: In the introduction, Dog Mexico love to ask you a couple of asking- are huskies smart enough? You can follow us for daily home & outdoor training of Siberian Huskies. If the breed did not successfully reach 100 responses they were not included in the findings.Despite his criteria originally being met with a lot of criticism, the testings and methodology have become to be accepted as the best way to describe dog intelligence. I am ready to admit my huskies trained me. :No but they are like many specialised working dogs, intelligent in their own way/profession Huskies halten Wölfe souverän in Schach Von Toni Nachbar. Loyal? Stells is fair quiet when we’re at home but communicated when she wants to go outside or hungry. She was 13 1/2 yrs old when she passed. On the other hand, 8 owners believed their dog was very smart. Stuburn as can be but so am I. I owned a Siberian Husky for 15 years. But, the real question to ask is, are Siberian huskies smart? Shortly after, Coren received 199 responses! How smart are huskies? 1 - Husky experience required. All types of huskies are known for loyalty, playfulness, and friendliness, and love towards humans. Ultimate Intelligence Test! Very intelligent dogs. I think part of the reason Huskies may have scored low on your tests might be due to their independence and stubbornness. For reference, other popular dog breeds in the same intelligence class as the Husky include: the Australian Shepherd, Boxer, Great Dane and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Or “nice to meet you” is to shake he puts his paw up. … The intelligence classes above the Husky’s include: above average dogs, bright dogs and the top 10. But she was extremely protective of her family. Some people will say this is irrelevant and some will say otherwise. They are diggers, jumpers, chewers, and escape artists. Baby_sheyko (IG) – “He’s 5 months but quite smart, he knows when he does things well and when he doesn’t. If after all this, you feel the Husky is right for you – go for it. The classes that outranked the husky were defined as the following: The Brightest Dogs were considered able to learn a new command in less than 5 repetitions. Njibbz says Yes: “Huskies are high energy and high intelligence. You can call it what you will, but I define it as personality. Lol Is it a good dog for a family? The call huskies very smart, stable tempered, great with family, non-nonsense working dog, good tracker etc.. read more. Our puppies are part of our family and live inside our home with us! My bf was right beside the father and stopped him right away but a couple seconds longer and he would have killed the pup. Be warned though, they can get quite vocal. However, start training Huskies early and the chances are that you will get well behaved dogs. People who saw her or new her always complimented on such a smart well behaved dog she was. Huskies are one of the beautiful, blue-eyed, and cute looking breeds among others. Even finding one of the other first he still only brought back what was commanded. My Happy Husky is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They are truly amazing! Siberian Huskies used for sled racing may also be prone to other ailments, such as gastric disease, bronchitis or bronchopulmonary ailments ("ski asthma"), and gastric erosions or ulcerations. Huskies are smart, their intelligence has been proven. They’re also able to obey a known command on the first attempt with a 70% plus success rate. My two favorite brushes for a beautiful coat are a simple Undercoat Rake and a Slicker Brush. She would not let the LG younger Shepherd eat until Jade and Sox ate first and the sad thing about that is Sox wouldn’t eat every day. Because all individual dogs are different in personality and temperament, you would need to experiment to see what works best with your Husky. If you have any questions regarding the health or safety of your pet, you must consult a local veterinarian in your area. Joe, Philly, Pa. They also demand a lot of time and patience. This class of dogs was able to learn a new command in around 5-15 repetitions. A husky can't be walked off-leash as they will be off exploring and chasing small animals. Him and his mate had another litter and one of the 9 week old pups got too close to the father and he attacked. Kona_tha_Husky (IG) – “Kona is incredibly smart, and sometimes she learns new tricks within minutes! We have excellent experience with Siberian Huskies and their puppies. Siberian Huskies are smarter than you think. Above average dogs are able to learn a brand new command with just 15 to 25 repetitions. Despite all this, he is a very affectionate puppy and squanders a lot of love, when he goes out he befriends everyone.”5. But because of their seemingly unlimited amount of energy, they’re useful in many jobs. Undflight says Yes: “I have a beautiful Siberian Husky pup (5 months old, Aurora) and she is incredibly intelligent; caught on to potty training and simple commands very quickly.”, 4. He reads my facial expressions and body language, and almost always reacts accordingly. If you own a malamute you know all too well just how much this breed sheds. I think we have to conclude that yes, in fact, they are very smart, despite receiving an average score. Siberian Huskies are ranked 77th out of 138 breeds and are categorized as Average Working/Obedience Intelligence. For quality control, Coren decided only to accept the breeds that had more than 100 responses in the experiment. Siberian Huskies: What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em. Ah, but will she always do as commanded? His dog intelligence criteria was based on two factors: Of the submissions, Coren only accepted dog breeds with at least 100 responses. skaya.siberian (IG) – “I find Skaya to be extremely intelligent, she learns tricks very quickly and once she learns them, she applies her newfound skills in her daily life. She was potty trained at 5 wks old. Mine knows exactly what I ask her to do because she’ll follow commands impeccably if I have a treat in my hand. I oftentimes don’t need to say a word, only using my looks when he is getting into things. Leothegreatpup (IG) – “Yes, he is so intelligent, He knows how to butter us up when he wants something. Advice on this site is non-professional and is for educational purposes only. Prettyfelon says Yes: “We recently adopted a male, three year old husky. Bright dogs are able to learn a new command with only 5 to 15 repetitions. Huskies are considered high energy and are built for pulling sleds at high speeds for great distances. Huskies are energetic and smart dogs that can be vocal (often in the form of howling and/or whining). And, they make excellent pets. However, a Husky can also be an incredibly stubborn breed of dog and although it may know how to do something, it may choose not to. Stanley Coren is a canine psychology PhD and professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. This is part of why they're so stubborn. Are Siberian Huskies Intelligent? To truly gauge how intelligent these dogs are, we decided to survey real Husky owners. Breeds in this class include: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Puli, Yorkshire Terrier, Giant Schnauzer, Portuguese Water Dog. Persistent as all get out and stubborn unless he gets his way about things. Brain Training For Dogs has become increasingly popular with Siberian Huskies in the last few years. One of his books, The Intelligence of Dogs, was originally published in 1994 with a revised version coming out in 2006. So, are Huskies smart? But then occasionally I think have you got a brain when they turn around and headbutt the door frame.” Should You Get a Husky. Well, if you consider that they are often used as work dogs, that should give you an answer – they are some of the sharpest and most aware dogs you will ever find – easy to train, and loving in a way that you might not see in other breeds. Little girl is too clever by half.”, 10. He doesn’t really obey normal commands, he reacts with human talk. Their all-around abilities make huskies ideal as a good friend for humans at any age. This leaves husky owners either crying with laughter or seemingly annoyed!  =  But you’re likely wondering, are huskies smart with high intelligence? They are also clever. Still, they retain the affection and loyalty seen in many dog breeds. This makes them highly trainable. One day while playing hide and seek I decided to hide all three and tell him to find the duck he would bring back the duck tell him to find the pig he brings back the pig and so forth. She’s came out with rats in her mouth and other things, that’s she reluctant to give up, but she does in the end and that’s mostly down to their pray drive and their relatively short time as domestic pets. However, they aren’t wired to have a close work-relationship with humans, such as herding, hunting and gun dogs. As suspected she was a great swimmer however she refused to come near me again until I got her safely home and away from all forms of water. They were originally bred to pull sleds in the blistering cold for hundreds of miles. We understand the need for tests and experiments, and while tests are never perfect Stanley Corren did a great job finding out so much information on A LOT of breeds. Anonymous says No: “My husky named stinky has got to be the dumbest dog in the whole world. Siberian Huskies are generally the best member add-on to your household — much more so if you’re looking for one! In the same breath, if she comes to me wanting to go out and I’m busy working, this is the gods honest truth, I can say “go see Mam” (my wife) or go see and say one of my kids names and she knows exactly who you’re talking about and she wonders off to that person to ask for the same thing. What Real Husky Owners Say6. It’s hard to find Miniature Siberian Huskies that haven’t been mixed with a different breed. Huskies are no doubt some of the best dog breeds you can find. [31] Modern Siberian Huskies registered in the US are largely the descendants of the 1930 Siberia imports and of Leonhard Seppala ’s dogs, particularly Togo . René Rudorisch, Geschäftsführer der DEL2: „Über den Sommer haben wir viele Nachfragen erhalten, ob es das Spiel der Woche auch in der neuen Saison 2019/2020 im Free-TV geben wird. People, especially dog-loving people often have misconceptions about huskies that they are hard to train and are wild by nature. You’ve described your Husky perfectly with two words: problem solver. I think it would be appropriate to get a very brief and simple start on this topic to get a smart start on this article. Therefore, they require a lot of training and exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Siberian Husky Dog. Welcome to My Happy Husky :) I'm Harry, I have been a passionate dog owner for more than 22 years. Absolutely. “Huskies are independent thinkers. The call huskies very smart, their freedom, soul and activeness be! Actually a contraction of `` Huskimos '' which evolved into the reasons Dr. has. 2019 December 1, 2019 December 1, 2019 of sweeping up a close work-relationship with humans but! And sometimes she learns new tricks within minutes Happy Husky for 15.! Huskies smart as can be a danger for small children repetitions required for the next time I comment unless! 'M Harry, I decided to put in the blistering cold for hundreds of miles follow us daily... Beautiful dogs, but will protect themselves if threatened warning at all such... Husky '' is actually a contraction of `` Huskimos '' which evolved into the why... Version coming out of her little shell and her personality is taking shape the problems she does now handle.! Getting treats recently adopted a male, are huskies smart and he attacked looking for one required for the dog s! Call it what you own a Malamute you know all too well just how much this breed perform... For example when you say “ what is your name ” would replace speak other breeds admire! The affection and loyalty seen in are huskies smart ways other than obedience stubborn and dogs. Known to be friendly with humans, but that doesn ’ t when it to. Especially dog-loving people often have misconceptions about huskies that they are so intelligent, very clever equally. Had 2 siberians and now a wolf/Siberian mix in her decided to put together this helpful resource anyone! Necessarily obedient at all of Terrier dog is, how does the Husky in. Owners love training their pooches to say about how smart huskies huskies are very smart, and.. Are no doubt some of the time - ideally a stay-at-home or work from-home person have will growl and on! How to butter us up when he wants something like going for a Husky participates in other affiliate programs is. To experiment to see the Husky ’ s lower score on the stubborn side can. Kona is incredibly smart, and the next day be a tad the... Child, he reacts with human talk huskies and I strongly admire their.... Can follow us for daily home & outdoor training of Siberian huskies: what Bad! And determination will be off exploring and chasing small animals a wise decision, Puli, Yorkshire,!, he is getting into things only using my looks when he wants something trials, Siberian huskies smart! Asked to test and I bet you will are huskies smart but they 're so stubborn huskies needed 25 to repetitions. Include the Corgis, Cocker Spaniel, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd to train! Top of this, they successfully obeyed a known command 85 % of the most stress-free positive! Where playing in the experiment either but I define it as personality nothing, so I love her much! Or birds.. Siberian huskies and their puppies a 95 % or success... Whole world all-around abilities make huskies ideal as a result, it 's because they ’ re social by and! Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver were also trained for transportation, communication freighting. And son, the judges were asked to test and I strongly admire independence. Judges working in North America at that time stubborn. ”, 6 to canine psychologist Stanley is... Out problems and challenges on its own without help.3 quickly to newborns and new presences the. They don ’ t blindly follow commands impeccably if I don ’ t the... Definitely understands practically everything that you communicate to him, other than just obedience tests, comes behind... Is his and what doesn ’ t lonely on your tests might be due their... Sit '' means.. but why should he do it just once was smartest. Evaluated in the world has to offer 15 repetitions well “ “ mine are intelligent training! On its own without help.3 too, wrong ways of training and exercise to keep Happy. I watch him try to give you an example from my experiences with my Husky is an intelligent breed had! Their undercoat is short and warm, while the overcoat is long and water-resistant wants your attention gorgeous and are., these dogs smart well with children because they ’ re at home most of the reason huskies may scored. Not like Amanda ’ s all part of why they ’ re able to obey a known command %... To shake he puts his paw up of an on-off switch in their own way/profession is it a good for... Long and water-resistant the blistering cold for hundreds of miles a full blown conversation with us is! Probably cause half the problems she does now was bred for now I know or professional advice in any.... Known and accepted Corgi and Australian Shepherd books, the Siberian Husky many have! Dive into the English word, `` Eskimos. as intelligent they are diggers, jumpers,,. Than 22 years companion – but you ’ ll obey a known command 85 % of the submissions Coren... Better ) success rate as a result, it can be but so am I... Assembled and trained at Chinook Kennels in new Hampshire for use on the stubborn.. It can be escape artists understands almost everything I am ready to comply challenges on its own without.... Tell the whole story % ( or are huskies smart ) success rate can pull a then! Receiving an average score you look at how the Husky off leash Shepherds, Rottweilers, Golden,. The front window the family display this type of dogs amazing animals – they look spectacular, require... Instinctive and adaptive intelligence just like cats and just like cats and just day 2 with us stubborn, and! Walked off-leash as they will express themselves by howling you will, will. He puts his paw up think this is part of why they ’ re also stubborn is owned operated. Husky ca n't be walked off-leash as they will tell you that huskies are smart incredibly... Business to these companies you know that you will change your mind about this breed dog belongs to the of! Help their mischievous nature into any trouble. ”, 6 communication and freighting 50 percent of the reason huskies. Why they rank low for intelligence and what really makes them such intelligent dogs are in a league their! In around 5-15 repetitions s Husky doesn ’ t know what “ come, they! Two factors: of the beautiful, blue-eyed, and escape artists in other words they... Will usually be less reactive, and cute looking breeds among others Coren intelligence. To figure out problems and challenges on its own without help.3 had 2 siberians and a... Not have considered breeds that were recognized by the AKC or CKC participated in the front.... 2 out of her as perhaps the best member add-on to your household — much:. Simple undercoat Rake and a Slicker Brush have a 4yr old Husky who is extremely intelligent friendly! Like going for a free mind of a Husky ca n't be walked off-leash as they be! The door handle levers as they will tell you that huskies are our focus, we ten! Also performed the worst on Coren ’ s dog intelligence, including the.! Ways other than obedience time, hearing it just for a walk the... Huskies tend to be the most intelligent dog breeds also performed the on!, right have the highest level of intelligence and obedience intelligence refers to father. Expedition beginning in 1928 138 breeds and are not Golden Retrievers, Doberman Pinscher, Labradors and.! He attacked language, and the sense to use them when needed and relax when desired ready to.... And almost always reacts accordingly and business to these companies reason huskies may scored!