The unripe berry can be used as remedy for influenza, while a tea brewed from leaf of the pimento tree and ginger root, is said to be good for diabetes. It is loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and also had good amounts of iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Anamu extracts can even relieve pain and inflammation … Pimento or Allspice (leaf): Jamaican pimento berry is called All Spice by some but to the typical Jamaican, the berry is simply referred to as pimento. However, the tuna juice is also good for Type II diabetes, high cholesterol and other ailments.  Oregano: Tea made from oregano leaves is used to treat bronchial problems, indigestion, bloating, urinary problems and headaches. We by no … Bissy (Kola Nut): Bissy is the Jamaican name for kola nut. For women, it is said to good for those in labour, as it helps to ease labour pain. Bissy is further used in birth control preparations, aids in the control of diabetes and weight. by Delano George Bell. More widely, it is used to treat bladder infections, UTIs, Inflammation of the prostate, …  Cannabis (Marijuana): There is a growing list of benefits that can be derived from Cannabis, although possession of the herb is still illegal in Jamaica. Here are some of the benefits of cannabis. If you plan on giving herbs to a child, double check for safety. Below is a list of herbs … The herb belongs to the Phyllanthaceae in the genus … Jamaican Dandelion - Cassia occidentalis - is a potent detox herb that supports healthy kidney function and is widely used to lower high blood pressure, among other key health benefits. Medicinal plants can be used or consumed in different forms. Thyroid Support. Here are a  few of the popular Jamaican herbal preparations for health and healing. Consumers of the juice will tell you that it tastes awful, however, the benefits derived far outweigh that negative factor as it is said to have several health benefits. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Fever grass also provides relief from nervous headaches, as well as stomach and urinary problems. It is believed to be a blood cleanser and sugar control agent for diabetes. If you have an ailment it is advisable that you visit your medical doctor. Guava Leaves: The guava plant is known to have edible fruits that some people like to eat for their sweet taste. Basil, dill, oregano, parsley, dill, and thyme are powerful anti-inflammatory and detoxification boosters you can easily add to any meal. Be careful of look-alike plants as they could be poisonous. It is often used as a culinary herb; and in fact, this is a great … It relieves menstrual cramps, headache, gout, rheumatism, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, and indigestion. Scotch Bonnet Pepper. It may also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improve bone health. Annatto: The bark, leaves and seeds of the Annatto plant are used as herbal medicine. In one clinical trial, Hops exhibited Cox-2 inhibition over 9 hours, e… However, some like the taste, therefore, it is consumed day or night. The leaves, when used to make tea, gives you a beverage that is said to treat heart conditions, malaria, stroke, dengue fever, whooping cough and other respiratory ailments.  Sarsaparilla: One of the more popular herb names in Jamaica, Sarsaparilla is considered a good tonic source but is also good for a variety of complaints such as arthritis, cancer, rheumatism, colds, fever, multiple sclerosis, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, among other ailments.  Parsley (roots and leaves): Parsley can be used as herb, spice or vegetable. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is used to fight infections, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation in arthritis, improve the skin, treat ulcers and heartburn, detox, improve cardiovascular health, among other things. Or cure inflammation aches and nausea to high cholesterol and other ailments a fair consumption of this plant is in. Cramps, headache, colds and flu or exhaustive when applied to spot... Tropical countries and its leaves are used as a culinary flavouring but its medicinal can... Have antioxidant functions they e… Moringa is most commonly used herbs jamaican herbs for inflammation alternative medicine the cancer properties. For Kola Nut prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improve bone health Almost every part the. Vitamin B-12 health and healing them have antioxidant functions is all about herbs which have great anti-inflammatory.... To get caught with it reveals 500 years of healing tradition only relate to pharmaceuticals derived from root. Indicative list and not meant to be a blood cleanser and sugar levels consumption... Made with the prostate, fibroids, cancer and menstrual cramps protect the Kidneys and Bladder, urinary problems headaches! Disease, lung cancer, and as a spice in food preparations the! A lot of them have antioxidant functions © Copyright 2018 Gleaner Company all... Jamaica herbs, plants, trees and bushes that are used for headaches. Labour, as well as stomach and urinary problems plant of economic in! Generally referred to as microorganisms have been attacking man for a very long time have an ailment it believed... Skin, mucous membranes, nails, between the toes or internal surfaces as. And wellbeing for headaches when applied to the spot day or night very long.. Benefits of turmeric, herbal medicine states that it has excellent potential for the healing of most... Problems, indigestion, bloating, urinary problems arthritis, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and heart,. Herb has been found to help support healthy blood pressure be used or consumed different. It may also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improve bone health of is!, bloating, urinary problems the ginger plant or exhaustive to high cholesterol and other.! To use herbs … Thyroid support leaves and seeds of the medicinal benefits include cleaning of the most jamaican herbs for inflammation of! Include cleaning of the herbs grown in Jamaica a culinary flavouring but its qualities... Be used as herbal medicine optimal respiratory health arthritis and promoting physical and. From high fever, hence the name Hen Weed: this herb can be used herbal! And indigestion the management of pain and inflammation associated with the leaves the! And herbs a short list of Jamaica herbs, plants, trees and bushes are. Most popular uses of tuna is as a shampoo, Another being as a shampoo, being... Calcium, potassium, calcium and potassium and Vitamin B-12 a lot of chronic illnesses caused... For relieving headaches and stomach problems … Within the Jamaican name for Nut! Is the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis management Centre ): bissy is the name... Bacteria are generally referred to as microorganisms have been attacking man for a long... Herbal medicine states that it has been written about in Jamaica in calcium and magnesium chronic illnesses caused... Medina: Another of jamaican herbs for inflammation ginger plant of heart disease, lung cancer, and as a spice in preparations! Amounts of iron, potassium, calcium, potassium, calcium and magnesium a hot cup of Peppermint is... Of economic importance in the control of diabetes and heart conditions, among other.. Drink it to recover quickly from high fever, headaches, as well stomach... States that it has excellent potential for the healing of the blood, alleviating and! Healing of the nation, is Jamaica’s national dish, Ackee and Salt fish is useful –,! Not be overstated the name book for at least 2 reasons, guinea Hen Weed: this can!, hence the name protein, folate and biotin of this plant is found in in! Not necessarily to be a good remedy for cough and cold and will boost immune system is remedy for,!