Professional Chef's Sharpening Steel


Perfect for the professional chef and the keen home cook alike, this Sharpening Steel has been purposely designed to fit in with and compliment many of the popular forged Chefs Knives on the market.

The black plastic handle is available with either stainless steel or brass rivets to further help match chefs knife ranges. 

A stainless steel oval guard helps protect the users hands.

The blade is high carbon, chrome vanadium which is hardened to 64 degrees Rockwell C, well in excess of the hardness of chef's knves. 

There are a choice of two standard blade sizes, 8" and 10". 

The blades are supplied in Fine Cut 3, a cut carefully developed specifically for maintaining the edge on professional knives.


Blade shape:Round only
Sizes available:8"/20cm, 10"/26cm
Cuts available:Precision Cut: 3
Handle colours available:Black with Stainless Steel Rivets, Black with Brass Rivets