Ibberson Heavy Duty Shackler Knife


The world famous Ibberson Heavy Duty Shackler Knife features all the Sailing Knife essentials - a Heavy Duty Sailing Blade with our Doublesharp ##® Serrated Blade specially designed to cope with modern rope fibres, combined Double Shackle Key & Bottle-opener tool and Lockable Marline Spike for rope work.

All blades are mirror polished and the knife is available with a choice of three handles - Satin finished Stainless Steel, Red Metallic Stainless Steel and Blue Metallic Stainless Steel.

Each knife is supplied complete with white cotton sliding knot lanyard and we offer a beautiful presentation gift box at extra cost.

Blade shape:50mm Serrated Rope Blade, Locking Marline Spike, Double Shackle Key & Bottle-opener, Integrated Screwdriver
Handle colours available:Satin Stainless Steel, Metallic Red & Metallic Blue