Aircrew Emergency Knife

Joseph Rodgers

This specialist Joseph Rodgers Aircrew Emergency Knife kit has saved the lives of countless airmen.

It features the Aircrew Emergency Knife itself which is made to NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8465 99 127 8106. The stainless steel curved blade is sharpened on the concave edge – this enables cock-pit or parachute harnesses to be safely cut and minimises the risk of harm to the harness wearer.

The knife clicks on to a specially designed metal scabbard (NSN: 8465 99 446 6607) from which it is freed by depressing the quick release levers on the side of the knife handle. 

The scabbard fits into an olive drab fabric patch (NSN: 8465 99 446 6608) which attaches to flying overalls.

The knife is attached to the patch by a cleat and lanyard (NSN: 8465 99 417 9729) to prevent loss in emergency situations.

All metals are de-magnetised to prevent interference with navigation equipment.

Blade shape:Curved Release Blade - 100mm