Locking Two Piece Army Clasp Knife

Joseph Rodgers

Made to the exacting requirements of the British Ministry of Defence and to NATO Stock Number: 5110 99 301 0301, this Joseph Rodgers all stainless steel, Two Piece Army Knife is of time proven design.

Developed in the late 1990's when the MOD decided that the 2PCARMY knife needed a locking blade.  The back-locking blade is a heavy duty Sheepfoot Blade and the knife also features a can-opener tool. 

This a truly tough performer – the locking mechanism will withstand over 150 Newtons of force. 

The handle has an integrated screwdriver and is fitted with a shackle to allow attachment to a lanyard.

We also offer a version under our Simply Sheffield range which is stamped proudly on the handle with "The Genuine British Army Knife"