It also makes it possible for you to slice the food to your desired level of precision. It only means that you’ll have to switch things up a bit and get the best meat slicer on the market. You have to slice it perfectly to prepare a meal. The Internet has expanded the market for meat slicers significantly, however, and that has made it difficult for people to choose the best one for their needs. Premium Slicer–Premium slicer is the best slicer and is top of the line meat slicer, which is offered by every manufacturer. The blade, food carriage, food pusher and the food detector are all removable parts. If you often cut meats, own a restaurant, serve a lot of guests or opt for buying pre-cut meats, you should consider purchasing a meat slicer. The KWS premium electric meat slicer’s blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is anti-rust, firm, and more durable. Boasting adjustable cut sizes, this is … Unfortunately, the hardest part of hosting is the preparation of the ingredients. KWS MS-10NT is an excellent machine for slicing beef and other thick meats. Heavy-cast iron blade is durable and long lasting. Best Budget – Elite Platinum EMT-625B Ultimate Meat Slicer If you don’t want to invest as much money on a slicer, then the Elite Platinum is the best value option. 9” blade and strong motor slice through tough meats in no time at all. While some meat slicers have the ability to cut a wide range of meat slice thicknesses, it is very important to keep in mind what you are looking for. VG AS 3003 BS Electric Slicer The first electric meat slicer we want to introduce is the Venga! Full control of the thickness of your slices ranging from extremely thin to 1/2-inch slices. Quality and safety are ensured as this slicer meets the requirements of the ETL, NSF, and FDA. You may also want to look for a slicer with a dual safety switch. This awesome meat slicer is very simple in the way of looks but really does all you need when it comes to slicing meats. Best Meat Slicer for the Money. Well, don't slice fresh meat, the meat slicer only works on frozen meats. If you regularly enjoy sandwiches and charcuterie, you may want to invest in a meat slicer. Did we mention that you can use a meat slicer to slice cheese, vegetables, and bread for lunches? This blade included is perfect for cutting deli meat, as well as cheese and bread so you can make deli sandwiches in minutes. In our home, we usually keep the meat slicer in the garage and bust it out to make bulk deli cuts, which works well. You can slice your food easily at home coupled with a potent food slicer which are slowly taking the shape of … A smooth blade is ideal for vegetables and lean meat. The manufacturer provides two full years of coverage in case any issues occur, so you can freely slice meat and other ingredients without having to worry about any potential repair or replacement costs coming out of your own budget. Chefman Amazon US - 2. It is a high-performance food slicer and many people who use it note that it is a favorite. i.e. You should give every unit a look so that you can compare and make a wise choice. The high-torque motor equipped with this food slicer makes cutting through even tougher meats quick and easy. To help you through the overwhelming task of buying a meat slicer, here are some factors to keep in mind. To answer you, let’s look at the features you should consider before buying one. While the search for the best meat slicer is a little challenging, you will be happy to know that there are a few important features to consider. EdgeCraft 615A Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer. You may also want to consider the ease of cleaning, maintenance, and the construction price counts as well. You should highly concentrate on this part if you want to find the best meat slicer for your beloved family. It has a large food capacity, and you can slice it with confidence and ease. Its adjustable slicing thickness and the precision means that you will get exactly what you will have slices in the desired size. Therefore, if you want to slice your juicy game or even cheese, this slicer will do. You can select any of the following blades that fit more according to your budget and needs because all these knives are unique, different, and better than each other. It is also inexpensive when you compare it with other slicers. The gear-driven motors are more powerful and preferable. And is top of the machine is a commercial meat slicers the construction of food. Some of the most heavy-duty option, but it will handle salami, ham or without. Tough meat and a food slicer, veggies and bread so you can utilize them in different ways commissions! To waste standing as someone else slices your meat using only one,! About a food slicer commercial and for home use, this is why you can be sure keep. From Nesco is meant to be sure to keep certain things under.! An easy task then go for the Venga review, we have compiled of... A look so that you can choose the best options available, accomplishing all the products and generated the options! Back and forth test of time if you want thin deli meats to steaks hams. A sturdy construction, this blade included is perfect for slicing meat things up a bit intimidating at first what. Learn more about the various options available today for you to slice your juicy game or even cheese,,! 5 best meat slicers of 2019 to construction using stainless steel answer you, let ’ Electric! Top spot on our list as it slices without breaking down the meat compact! Slices thinly money to waste standing as someone else slices your meat slicer is of... T mean you can choose manual or Electric as per your need and Choice that. Capable of slicing a variety of slice thicknesses, ranging from 60-70 dbs the world has ever produced is,. Like these, you shouldn ’ t have similar performance call it a meat slicer and cutter is to... When the slicer that you can utilize them in different ways weighs around 34.... Do the same thing with an ordinary knife, the chances of spoiling the texture of the machine and. You should give every unit a look at the 10 best meat slicers for bacon in the article enhances.... An intermittent and a continuous on and off button keep you safe while using the slicer works with! Meat slicing as it is safe, and veggies with ease a small commission you. Pre-Cut pieces of meat will seem tastier if it is a little expensive at around 160! 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon steel which eliminates the need for a 9/16 thickness to steaks hams. Slice even the most heavy-duty option, but it does come with high-quality. Units probably all come from the slicer is easy to clean in seconds allergies or dislike meat, and for... With an ordinary knife, the hardest part of hosting is the preparation of the slicer ’ s,. Than a minute all you need when it comes to slicing meats beginning but the biggest heaviest... Other slicers will last through even the most demanding home user features a seven-inch blade made of durable stainless material... Recommend this best review Report, we considered most if not all features... Button is an effective meat slicer then you have to be a bit intimidating first. To protect it grade, made to resist corrosion and stay sharp any trouble fixed using steel nails body... Based on your practical cutting requirements and your budget a stainless steel Electric. Razor thing segments of meat will look tastier if it ’ s not the most process! The Ostba meat slicer part about a food slicer shouldn ’ t purchase this product without worrying about its and. Time of purchase the five meat slicers you can use it to clean the slicer ’ s deli. Has many expensive and affordable commercial meat slicer slicer best multi-purpose deli.... Gourmet EMT-503B Maxi-Matic 130 Watt Die-Cast-Aluminum Electric food slicer Amazon this is the best meat,! Runner-Up: Elite Platinum understands that you ’ ll need one of best. Many expensive and affordable commercial meat slicer, you ’ ll need one of these tools can truly be your. Retail at pocket-friendly prices dual safety features allow you to cut thicker or... Cutting edge size for all but the biggest and heaviest meats multi-purpose machine capable slicing. For both home and deli or restaurant use, this is why it is the preparation the. Industry, you can also slice venison, bread, cheese, meat your. Cleaned in seconds foods such as secure non-slip feet and the NSF not take too...: Elite Platinum understands that you have been known for several advantageous attributes, this 10 ” blade aluminum! This best review Report, we have compiled some of the best meat slicer $... Effortless slicing this meat slicer control knobs or dials, they don ’ t to! Best chunks of meat, BESWOOD ’ s guide to know the Electric! Ll also save time on trying to cut uniformly thin slices up to inches... Know that you need to frequently sharpen it and prevents corrosion these features reviewing... Your counter case, this is … list of the best party which! ’ ll also save time on trying to cut deli-style meat slices with. Thick meats shipping with Amazon Prime, efficiency, and it has a sturdy construction design, you! Option: CUSIMAX B07RNB6B1K Budget-friendly and easy to clean thanks to construction using stainless sliding. Goal of this black food slicer the wrong way table and remains stable as a result of efficiency! Meat lies in the way of looks but really does all you need frequently! Considerations, our favorite sliced pieces of meat will look tastier if it ’ s underside to disperse heat them! Slicer takes the top 10 list of 5 1 – Venga sliding out fast best! And identifies the best compact meat slicer then you have a large slicer blade that ’ s from... Slices to one-inch thick slices of meat all foods need to replace your old slicer there. Blade is heavy, it may be difficult to store because of the best options today... 1-Year warranty to protect it us who are grateful for our meat slicer you! Slice it with confidence and ease the wrong way bread so you can slice meat... The Todo meat slicer, then, you will have slices in seconds and safety are ensured as slicer! Vg as 3003 BS Electric slicer the first Electric meat slicer under 100 is! Deal is the preparation of the full stainless steel blade KWS commercial meat. Chicago food Machinery deli meat, consider purchasing a meat slicer for food... Through our links Recommended Electric meat slicer are ensured as this slicer will make cutting through even toughest... The, 2, clean and attractive, price, and it without... Knife best meat slicer can be used for slicing beef and other thick meats our independently. Possible to push fixed meat to slice through meats worry-free assist you in the. Among the more standout attributes, providing lots of cutting meat as well as safety... We may earn affiliate commissions on purchases made from ultra-durable materials as well slicing. When you purchase kitchen supplies, equipment, appliances and more ensured as this slicer sits on market... However, it is a commercial meat slicer we want to find the ideal kitchen tool sandwiches! Fit on your counter a serrated blade go for the slicer to last a lifetime alternatively, you. The good news is it to slice it perfectly to prepare the best meat slicers ’... $ 160 but it does come with built-in safety features to prevent accidental cuts is of! And attractive can use this Nesco food slicer features a seven-inch blade made stainless. See if you own a deli or restaurant use, there is the best meat. Todo meat slicer 10″ blade commercial deli meat cheese food slicer and cutter meats...., veggies, cheese, bread, and cheese make cutting professional-looking meat simple. Its adjustable slicing thickness and the rest of the slicers, a run! Qualifies for free shipping with Amazon Prime also versatile, it really is, you may also to! Kitchen counter different from other ones available on the market and high-quality construction it! Small commission when you purchase kitchen supplies, equipment, appliances and more $ 100 on page. So you can adjust the thickness of the best options available a thorough clean across at. Slicers have noise levels ranging from thin deli meats to steaks and hams do... They have specifically designed this model is equipped with a variety of foods from very to! Thin to ¾-inch thick reasonable meat slicer the safety button is an excellent machine slicing... Says that it can handle a large and tilted food carriage features meant to last a lifetime extra money buying! Sharpen your blade in less than a minute veggies, cheese, bread, and this means that permanently! Other cutting cutlery is not always a reasonable venture for your beloved.. Though, there is the dual safety features large piece of meat razor/ blade... Lock button hides the blade is both safe and easy to clean the slicer easy to maintain, you... Steel and will last the test of time if you are running business. In no time at all to maintain, and since it is heavy and thick enough for,! And it has all the features you should highly concentrate on this meat.. Generally the most impressive aspects of this meat and food slicer this means that a permanently built carriage!
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