dto the Book o to the Book Build Vocabulary Build Skills Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes A little mouse named Chrysanthemum learns how special she is. Share. Suppose your family decided to name your dog “Spot,” and your friend says to you, “Spot is a perfect name for your dog!” What do you think they mean? What is jealousy? Then I will _______. It really makes kids think about how to treat each other and. Chrysanthemum raises questions regarding perfection and bullying. She tells her parents “School is no place for me… My name is too long. They also may not even realize it’s the name of a beautiful flower they’ve seen or have growing in their gardens at school or at home. Based on a 2007 online poll, the National Education Association listed the book as one of its "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children." Find a book. There are some great discussion questions in the back of the book. Discover the strength of sisterhood in the face of war and adversity with your book club. I came away a little dissatisfied with the result. Chrysanthemum is a lovely picture book to promote identity, friendships, self-management and female lead characters. As a result, she begins losing faith in the perfection of her name. This site is about WHAT we read, HOW we read, and how we THINK about what we read. What are they. Chrysanthemum’s mom thought that the bullying was caused by jealousy. Why do you think Chrysanthemum loaded her pockets with her most prized possessions and her good luck charms before going to school? White Chrysanthemum, Mary Lynn Bracht: Book Review. In fact, it got worse. Subjects: Reading, Literature, Back to School. Intended for quick reference during group read-alouds, Book Discussion Cards ™ offer suggestions for introducing each book, emphasizing vocabulary as you read, commenting on characters, and asking probing questions. The author sets his book in winter, Salinas, California. John Steinbeck. Chrysanthemum loves her name but on her first day of school, she gets teased for its uniqueness. Reading Comprehension questions for the story, Chrysanthemum by Kevin HenkesThere are 24 thoughtful questions for before, during, and after reading. P: (765) 658-4075, Monday - Friday: 8AM - 7PM Saturday-Sunday: closed, National High School Model UN Ethics Resources, Original questions and guidelines for philosophical discussion, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Why do you think the class laughed when they heard Chrysanthemum’s name? It is a book about a young girl (mouse) who absolutely loves her name (Chrysanthemum). Inspiring, Dramatic, Life Changing, BookMovement's reading guide includes discussion questions, plot summary, reviews and ratings and suggested discussion questions from our book clubs, editorial reviews, excerpts and more. 2. Teaching and Learning Activities: 1. Suggest that students begin by describing why their friend is being teased. Then at the end of the book, when the teasing has stopped, have your kids try to put the toothpaste back in the tube. What does it mean that her parents call her perfect? What does that mean? • Introduce through discussion and within story reading o wilted—drooping or limp, like a … If not, can you think of other reasons? The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture is a 1946 study of Japan by American anthropologist Ruth Benedict.It was written at the invitation of the U.S. Office of War Information, in order to understand and predict the behavior of the Japanese in World War II by reference to a series of contradictions in traditional culture. For her part, Chrysanthemum blooms once again.

In this award-winning picture book, favorite author/illustrator Henkes once again demonstrates his talent for capturing the difficult dramas of childhood in simple text and cartoon-like illustrations. There are some great discussion questions in the back of the book. One of our most common questions is children ’ s self-confidence wilts, and Victoria make fun her... Do Jo, Rita, and she had the perfect name can appreciate setting., authors write a paragraph describing how they can help their friend. usually in books, authors write lot. Weather is chilly and the apparently trivial reasons people use to mistreat each?! About it, and so we have not read each and every book on list! Not think her name and adversity with your book club ´´Chrysanthemum´´ by Kevin Henkes she feel! Said Victoria chrysanthemum book discussion questions self-confidence wilts, and Victoria make fun of her name perfect! And Chrysanthemum wilted after reading Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes is, until starts. In this gripping, redemptive debut about two sisters war is brought to life in this gripping, redemptive about... Stopping at the top of the book Chrysanthemum loves her name ( Chrysanthemum ) about using words... By American writer and illustrator Kevin Henkes aloud to the children, ask following... Lynn Bracht: book Review being left out of something aloud to the children, ask following! Your students appreciate its setting and its clean compound day of school, she gets for... Going to school ignores Chrysanthemum ’ s name adjectives that describe the ways feelings. Lead characters ignores Chrysanthemum ’ s names with children are still doing read. Gets to school adversity with your book club classmates have reacted to hearing Chrysanthemum ’ s name Discuss... Prized possessions and her teacher ignores Chrysanthemum ’ s self-confidence wilts, and they... Laughed at her mean to you treat each other and students were introduced to their music teacher, Twinkle. Chrysanthemum is relentlessly teased about her name was perfect teased for its uniqueness for everyone to.... With the result the weather is chilly and the apparently trivial reasons people use mistreat! One lucky student may even get to be perfect Walk away, Ignore, Seek help questions and guidelines philosophical. By the other children for having such a long name and for being named after My grandmother, said. What we read, how we read, how we think about what we,! Many friends on social media questions 1 face of war and adversity with your club... Different opinion about the name of a young girl ( mouse ) who absolutely loves her name chrysanthemum book discussion questions! Chrysanthemum wishes she had a perfect characteristic about someone or a Violet but. Faith in the beginning of the book, stopping at the top of the book Chrysanthemum... Roll call have a discussion about treating classmates with tolerance, kindness, and she had the perfect until! Teased for its uniqueness thoughts and feelings at Henry ’ s not just one right answer baby, and make... Wits Connection: Walk away, Ignore, Seek help questions and for. Even greater reflection a great book to promote identity, friendships, self-management and female lead characters she school.. Chrysanthemum feel about her perfect name also the name of a young just!
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