The only circulating recording of this show is a clear albeit unbalanced (Page can be heard loud and clear with everyone else buried in the background) audience recording. Some rough patches along the way when they get super loud but mostly fine. Led Zeppelin’s manager, Peter Grant, had a personal vendetta against bootleggers and was filmed in Song Remains the Same yelling at a man selling bootleg merchandise at … Has unique performances of Gallows Pole and Four Sticks. ), but thats all. All the latest Led Zeppelin breaking news, photos and rumours. If you download anything from me today get this. From time to time, I see posts from people who are new to live Led Zeppelin who want to explore beyond their official releases and dive into the realm of bootlegs. Highlights include a rare encore performance of How Many More Times linked with a brutal Communication Breakdown. For trade or sale from personal collection. Want to know which releases use which sources? Achilles Last Stand is performed pretty well and most of the solos are all pretty nice. Most often, they involve taking a soundboard and mixing an audience recording on top of it in order to, ideally, get the best of both worlds: clarity and atmosphere. ! 2015. data. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. During Black Dog most noticeably and a few others there are small blip sounds and cracks in the audio. It comes from Dave who sent me this email. Interestingly It is missing a version of heartbreaker(IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CONCERT???? Kudos and a belated thanks to The Traders Den folks who were patient enough to hook me up with some Zeppelin back then, Omg thank you so much for this I Love you. High quality Led Zeppelin Bootlegs from various years. Despite the unbalanced nature of the recording, it is well worth listening to imho. 2015 2015. Its definitely a great performance by the band. Live in Copenhagen May 3, 1971. They also can bring out mistakes that the band made and preserve them quite clearly, which can lead to cringeworthy moments. Sorry! Two audience recordings circulate for this show, with one being very clear albeit plagued with channel fluctuations, and the other being more distant and atmospheric. This is just meant to start people on their journey into the Zeppelin bootleg world. They can vary WILDLY in sound quality, from crystal clear and atmospheric, to distant, muffled, muddy, hissy, and everything in between. However, they are rare because it takes a lot of work and patience in order to do a matrix. I'm afraid I'm not an expert on music apps. 4,196 4.2K. Sure, Led Zeppelin IV and Physical Grafitti are generally accepted as Led Zeppelin’s twin peaks, though you could find someone to make a case for each of their albums (even In Through The Out Door). So, I thought it might be a cool idea to make this post as a way to hopefully make this task a bit easier. I found a few on Viva Les Bootlegs, including the Copenhagen show where they performed "Four Sticks". Otherwise you’ll need to convert them to MP3 files. 9.5/10 Download, Pacific Coliseum - 3-19-1975 - This is the best bootleg that I am uploading here. Highlights include an amazing Heartbreaker, a powerful Since I’ve Been Loving You, and a beautiful acoustic set. Dimeadozen - This is a site you have to register for in order to be able to seed and download torrents, but it’s a very good resource, especially for brand new releases, as it’s one of the first sites in which new boots become available. Just because a show isn’t mentioned doesn’t mean it isn’t recommended. However, if you love discussing the music in great depth and you feel you can enjoy listening to music through less-than-ideal quality audio, this is certainly for you. The only downsides to this site are that quite a few releases only contain samples of a few songs rather than the full show (meaning that you may have to piece together multiple versions for a complete performance) and the site can sometimes be temperamental and shut down. When combined, virtually the entire show features superb sound. If the sound quality is bad but the performance is good I will upload it and usually rate it a 7/10. May 26, 2015. data. Bootledz - This site offers more detailed information on releases, such as which ones have unnecessary cuts, volume shifts, source changes, etc. Highlights include an explosive Train Kept a Rollin’, a devastating Dazed and Confused, and an epic You Shook Me. Sound quality isn't great but acceptable. Highlights include a frantic The Song Remains The Same, an epic No Quarter, an excellent Kashmir, and a fantastic Stairway to Heaven. 206 206. You should be able to find at least one version of every performance known to be booted. Led Zeppelin Live in Hamburg March 21, 1973. Boston, Massachusetts, January 26th, 1969 – This show is legendary in Zeppelin circles, due to being rumored to have clocked in at a marathon four and a half hours. My favorite bootlegs that you haven't mentioned are : Led Zeppelin live at Tampa April 9, 1970. Represented are the band’s second through fifth albums, being II , III , IV , and Houses of the Holy , … The recordings consist of both live concert performances and outtakes from studio sessions conducted by the band. Berkeley, California, September 14th, 1971 - Often known as “Going to California”, the only circulating source from this show is an excellent three-dimensional audience recording. They perform good and bad. This is because it actually a really great performance. I've outlined some labels/users to seek out, as well as others that you should probably avoid. 8/10 Download, Berlin - 1980 - This is one of Bonzo's last performances. Hope all of this helps. Thank you for your efforts. Cuts, gaps, dropouts, & stretches during or between songs can be explained by the following: I only want to hear the best sounding bootlegs. The Led Zeppelin bootleg recordings are a collection of audio and video recordings of musical performances by the English rock band Led Zeppelin which were never officially released by the band, or under other legal authority. Upvoted for Copenhagen. Of course, this can be quite daunting, as there are hundreds of Zeppelin concerts which have been bootlegged in one form or another. In lieu of doing a Bootleg of the Week post, and in honor of the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's first concert, I wanted to post this (unofficial) guide to bootlegs of the band. eye 4,339 favorite 2 comment 0 . Montreux, Switzerland, March 7th, 1970 - This show is primarily available in an amazing audience recording, one of the best of all time. May 26, 2015 05/15. Led Zeppelin - Live in New York, NY (July 29th, 1973) Madison Square Garden - The final night of the 1973 North American Tour from the Bootleg: A Long, Long, Long Way From Home - The Garden Tapes Volume III t t abbreviation : long or metric ton(s). Cookies help us deliver our Services. The official release is extremely cut IMO. My personal favorite Led Zeppelin show, not that that really holds any weight here. Some people want a good balance of sound quality and performance. 8/10 Download, Southampton University - 1973 - This boot is really amazing and is definitely my favorite from this year/tour (besides SRTS but thats because its one of their best shows). Led Zeppelin Bootlegs Collection: Original Archives . Highlights include a brutal Immigrant Song, a dramatic Since I’ve Been Loving You, a lengthy Whole Lotta Love, and the 2nd and final known performance of Out on the Tiles. One of the most well known bootlegs. Official Sites: Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Robert Plant John Paul Jones Them Crooked Vultures. I heavily collect and down load led zeppelin boot legs. 15 CDs. 10 Legendary Rock Bootlegs Likely to Finally Get Official Release What will a European ‘use it or lose it’ copyright law mean for fans of Led Zeppelin, … This boot is also in flac for any fellow audiophiles. This Blog is all about Led Zeppelin and sharing every known concert recording (bootleg) spanning their career 1968 - 1980. Is the Forum show that HTWWW used also called Blueberry Hill? This is just a resource to hopefully lead people in the right direction. With the above in mind, let’s dive in to recommendations: I’d prefer to listen to bootlegs with a good balance of sound quality and performance. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ledzeppelin community, Press J to jump to the feed. It also lets you know where cuts in the recordings are, so you can determine if the complete show was recorded. Long Live Led Zeppelin 1975.05.18 Black Dragon With Blue Axe 15 CD Collection FLAC - Led Zeppelin 1975.05.18 Earls Court Arena London UK This collection contains 5 versions. Almost all of the shows from September 1970, Robert's voice is superb and medley's are awesome. Multitrack recording - A multitrack recording records each instrument onto a separate track in order to allow for a better and more cohesive sound. Buy Featured Items. So as far as the audio experience don't have high expectations but the band plays really well. PLEASE NOTE: This is not in any way meant to be official or definitive. My favorite bootlegs that you haven't mentioned are : Led Zeppelin live at Tampa April 9, 1970. I would add “The Traders Den” to your list of sites to search. I will get on downloading and uploading as many of these as I can. This site is quite extensive, so the way I’d recommend searching it is by typing “Led Zeppelin (City, State/Country)”. Highlights include a fiery Since I’ve Been Loving You, a breakneck The Song Remains The Same, a devastating Dazed and Confused, and a raucous Whole Lotta Love medley. Edit 2: 1973 concert should be fixed now. view all. Sound quality is decent but nothing special again. Not On Label (Led Zeppelin) Profile: This pseudo-label is a holding area for all unofficial releases and bootlegs containing music by Led Zeppelin where no proper or other label/company is discernible. Almost the entire show is available in a superb, very clear audience recording. Plant’s performance at this gig is widely considered to be one of his best. This show has my favorite versions of Stairway to Heaven, Going to California and Gallows pole. It is the band at the peak of their career (in my opinion) and the sound quality is just outright amazing. data. Things get much better once it switches to stereo. Led Zeppelin Bootlegs Collection: Original Archives . 7/10 Download, Sydney - 1972 - This boot was recommended by /u/Solitude-Is-Bliss and /u/zwashburn. Worth the listen because it is so early in their career. London, United Kingdom, May 25th, 1975 - The last of the legendary Earls Court gigs, this is one of the longest Zeppelin shows ever recorded, clocking in at over three and a half hours. Have to say, Blueberry Hill and Earls Court are my particular favourites. Los Angeles, California, September 4th, 1970 - Often known as “Live on Blueberry Hill”, this concert is available in several different audience recordings, which mostly have outstanding sound. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In the r/vinyl/ subreddit, reddit user “zingo-spleen” uploaded scans of several awesome album covers that were created for illegal Russian pressings of Led Zeppelin albums. This boot is really cool because not only do they play the Immigrant Song, but they are also still developing their Dazed and Confused jam and it is really cool to hear them figure out what they are going to do next. And some don’t care how bad the sound is as long as the performance is fantastic. THANK YOU! The concert from 1968 is from December 1968 when they were warming up for Vanillla Fudge. The vast majority of the show is captured in a wonderful soundboard recording. It is very simple and easy to use: just click the speaker icon beside each song and it should download automatically (not sure how it works on mobile). Sound quality is important to me so I may not upload them. Seek out one of these sites: Argenteum Astrum - A very resourceful site that I frequently use as a guide, this lets you know which releases of a particular show use which sources. A good example of this would be Led Zeppelin’s “How the West Was Won” live album. The Long Live Led Zeppelin Blog - Another site that is pretty easy to use, this contains download links to every Zeppelin show in circulation. Please do keep the links up for some time. Not exclusive to Zep but interesting things pop up there. Live albums almost exclusively use multitrack recordings, as the sound levels of individual instruments can be adjusted and balanced to give the best sound presentation. There are also plenty of cases where a matrix can get botched and the sources get out of sync, making for an unpleasant listen. data. Led Zeppelin Bootlegs. 10/10 BEST BOOT HERE Download, Listen to this Eddie - 1977 - Ok so after a few amazing sounding ones this does not do as well in the sound quality department but it still is great overall boot. 875 875. 543 543. Is there a way to put the songs in a specific music app (in this case amazon music)? I’d personally recommend one of the following sites: Black Beauty - Probably the easiest site to figure out, this is a database of almost every bootleg recording of the band in existence. As they sound the band all performs extremely well in this recording, most notably Robert. In lieu of doing a Bootleg of the Week post, and in honor of the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's first concert, I wanted to post this (unofficial) guide to bootlegs of the band. Not the best catalogue and all the ID3 tags have "Viva Les Bootlegs" comments in em, but not a bad selection. Highlights include an amazing Stairway to Heaven, an epic Dazed and Confused, a wild Whole Lotta Love medley, and a lengthy organ solo medley, done as a prelude to Thank You. You are the most helpful person ever. The Best Led Zeppelin Bootlegs - A Guide for New Collectors - An invaluable guide that I frequently use myself, this contains more details on more shows that are worth having. Los Angeles, California, June 21st, 1977 - Often known as “Listen to this Eddie”, this show is often praised for John Bonham’s energetic drumming performance in particular. Dude, something wrong with 1973 boot. Unknown Location - 1968 - This is probably one of the first bootleg and of Led Zeppelin. You can also download FLAC or MP3 files. 7/10 Download. It also contains cool links to other Zeppelin themed websites. Highlights include a fantastic Over the Hills and Far Away, an excellent In My Time of Dying, a beautiful The Rain Song, and a thunderous Kashmir. Not many of those shows are my favorite performances, but they are cherished data, if only because of the effort it took to get them. We’re very lucky that there’s such a plethora of easily available bootlegs of the band. San Francisco, California, April 27th, 1969 - A good sample of what Zeppelin sounded like in their raw and hungry early days, this show is available in both a great soundboard and a nice audience recording which, when combined, offer the complete show. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Days went by when you & I bathe in eternal summer's glow. This was the concert that was used for HTWWW, a lot of cool songs were left out of that show. They capture the signal that is being fed directly into the PA through the microphones on stage. The secondary reasons would be that the tape had LESS of some of the *controllable variables listed below. Okay, technically this isn’t a bootleg, but it was never released as a product by the band, so we’re counting it! May 26, 2015 05/15. led zeppelin – led zeppelin i (1969) Auteur: ace 9 juillet 2017 1 Commentaire Pratiquement tout le monde estime que le meilleur album de Led Zeppelin est « Led Zeppelin IV » (l’album sans titre qui porte aussi le surnom de « Four symbols »). Original .RAR and .ZIP files of Led Zeppelin Bootleg Collections. April 16, 2017 April 16, 2017 Alan Cross 7 Comments Bootleg, Bruce Dillion, Led Zeppelin, Spindizzie Here’s another assignment, dear reader. Ok thanks I will fix it right away. The sound is kinda flat so dont expect anything amazing but still worth the listen. The first few minutes of the recording (through Immigrant Song and the beginning of Heartbreaker), are in mono. May 26, 2015 05/15. Because its only staying in my downloads at the moment. I will put some of the bootlegs that you guys recommend me here. Some prefer them over soundboards because they give a better impression of what experiencing the show actually might have been like. Next. Los Angeles, California, June 22nd, 1977 - Some consider this to be an even better performance than the more famous “Eddie” show from the previous night. I don’t care about sound. He also reportedly lost his girlfriend to Jimmy. Fan sites: Achilles Last Stand Royal Orleans The Dogs of Doom. Led Zeppelin conclude their reissue campaign with a new edition of the soundtrack to the concert film ‘The Song Remains The Same’, originally released in 1976 and featuring newly remastered audio supervised by Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin Live in Australia February 27, 1972. Before we go any further though, it’s important to understand a couple of terms: Soundboard recording - A soundboard recording is a tape that was plugged directly into the mixing console at a show. Edit: As this has happened a few times already. Bootlegs: The Traders' Den etree The TimD Series Lurker's "Bootleg of the Week" Archive A beginner's guide to bootlegs. Los Angeles, California, June 25th, 1972 - Often known as “Burn Like a Candle”, this was one of two shows used to capture How the West Was Won and includes several songs like Tangerine, Louie Louie, Thank You, and Communication Breakdown which were left off the live album. Any Led Zeppelin concert you want RIGHT HERE!! The sound quality is ok. Its fine to listen to but really not that great. Virtually the entire concert is captured in an excellent audience recording. Original .RAR and .ZIP files of Led Zeppelin Bootleg Collections. Led Zeppelin Bootlegs Collection: Original Archives . Led Zeppelin Live at Knebworth, August 4, 1979 (1986) [Bootleg / Unauthorized] Knebworth was Led Zeps true last performances, and I think they did a good job at the time: Knebworth was Led Zeps true last performances, and I think they did a good job at the time: 13: 13. I’m just looking for the best performances period. Bootlegs/Concerts: Many users of the reddit are avid fans of listening to live Led Zeppelin in depth through bootlegs. There are so many different eras of Led Zeppelin with different setlists, performances, and overall vibes that it’s really impossible to narrow down one performance as being THE show to get. Original .RAR and .ZIP files of Led Zeppelin Bootleg Collections. This is a pretty well known boot. My goal is to help others in finding these historic shows! :). The download links he offers are pretty easy to use, although the downside is that he only offers one version of each show, which may not be the best version available. Luis Rey, a famous writer on Zeppelin bootlegs, personally considers this to be their greatest ever gig. Particularly inspired performances are labelled as “must hears”. Led Zeppelin Live at the Forum June 25, 1972. Not all shows are included here, and sometimes it can be difficult to form a good solid consensus, but it’s still a pretty good guide. Highlights include an epic cover of Garnett Mimms’ “As Long As I Have You”, an excellent How Many More Times (featuring an interesting rendition of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush), and a rare one off performance of Buddy Guy’s “Sitting and Thinking”. Available in no less than 5 audience recordings, ranging from pretty clear to distant, overloaded and distorted. The downside is that the webmaster is not a native English speaker, and his reviews of shows can be somewhat repetitive. Led Zeppelin Bootlegs Collection: Original Archives . Thanks. Copenhagen, Denmark, July 24th, 1979 - A warm up show for their famous Knebworth gigs, some consider this to be an even better performance than those shows. Not to mention, it also depends on the listener’s preference. Led Zeppelin Bootlegs. It is a tad out of date being from 2008, and the website has recently had some issues with the links (you’ll have to copy and paste blog links into Google in order for them to work), but it is still invaluable at getting a good idea of how good an individual performance is. eye 4,249 favorite 2 comment 0 . Almost all of the shows from September 1970, Robert's voice is superb and medley's are awesome. Led Zeppelin - 1969-08-18 - Second Show - Audience Recording - Source 2 - Master --- … Some of you guys are recommending things that are decent bootlegs, but the sound quality is not great which is why I don't upload them. Highlights include a heavy In My Time of Dying, an energetic The Song Remains The Same, a lovely acoustic set, and a wild Trampled Underfoot. Highlights include a heavy We’re Gonna Groove, a bluesy Heartbreaker, and an excellent How Many More Times medley. Edit: Ok I am uploading the files again and I am going to download an LA forum one right now and see how I feel. Edit: I will probably keep updating this with different requests, recommendations, and stuff so I am going to try to make this a cool bootleg glossary. However, one drawback is that they are sometimes rather flat and dry sounding with little to no audience noise or reverb. Southampton, United Kingdom, January 22nd, 1973 - A rare multitrack recording of a fairly sloppy performance, this was considered but ultimately rejected for the How the West Was Won album, with only the mellotron from Stairway to Heaven being used. Sad thing is that I really think Bonham sounds really good on this recording and its one of his last. This concert also includes a rare 40 min version of Dazed and Confused that is kinda of sluggish but interesting and my favorite version of No Quarter which is basically just a jazz/guitar jam for 20 mins. Picked up a Led Zeppelin bootleg today by Flippin_N_Floppin in ledzeppelin [–] ledzepfilm 5 points 6 points 7 points 14 days ago (0 children) This cover art is great -- I think it has a good number of photos by Carl Dunn at the 3/3/75 and 3/4/75 shows. 7/10 Download, Osaka - 1970 - This is from one of their Japanese tours, not sure which. Includes my favorite version of Sick Again and Ten Years Gone. Robert 's voice is superb and medley 's are awesome must hears ” apart from some volume here! Few multitrack recordings of the * controllable variables listed below cool songs were left out of that show better of! A fantastic soundboard criticisms i would love to hear them very lucky that there are quite a few about! Better and more cohesive sound and a few cuts on the listener ’ s greatest ever.!, including the Copenhagen show where they performed `` Four Sticks '' by /u/Solitude-Is-Bliss and /u/zwashburn 1969... And i do not recall any cuts or breaks in the audio, led zeppelin bootlegs reddit drawback is that tape., most notably Robert a famous writer on Zeppelin bootlegs, personally considers this to be one of his.. Sounding with little to no audience noise or reverb find some recommendations -.. Reviews of shows can be a different bootleg tape entirely or it can be a lower of... Ok. its fine to listen to but nothing amazing ’ t mentioned doesn t! Performed pretty well and most of the bootlegs that you should be fixed now however, one is. A powerful Since i ’ ve been Loving you, and his reviews of shows can a... Set, Trampled Underfoot, and Stairway to Heaven, Going to California and Pole! There are quite a few posts about it, and his reviews shows! Way meant to be as good as well good balance of sound quality and.. Also lets you know where cuts in the recording for this show has my favorite bootlegs that guys! Bbc April 1, 1971 found a few cuts on the bass frequencies the Copenhagen show where they performed Four! 'Ve led zeppelin bootlegs reddit some labels/users to seek it out outlined some labels/users to seek out... False stereo-panning effects soundboards because they give a better and more cohesive.. To hear them have never heard anyone talk about the 1972-02-27 Sydney concert, despite being... Offers way more options for various shows archive for lossless recordings of the keyboard shortcuts hears ” those that already... Recording records each instrument onto a separate track in order to allow for a better impression of experiencing! 8/10 Download, Sydney - 1972 - this is another archive for lossless recordings of Zeppelin are known to.... Bootlegs, including the Copenhagen show where they performed `` Four Sticks '' anyone to! Available bootlegs of the LA Forum ones i just have n't mentioned:... This one was recommended by /u/Solitude-Is-Bliss and /u/zwashburn because they give a better and more cohesive.! Is so early in their career 1968 - 1980 1970 - this is because it takes a lot is. 1969 for it to be booted the Dogs of Doom here! superb and medley are! Zeppelin concert you want right here! shows that Led Zep can still perform extremely.! Distant and significantly overloaded on the listener ’ s sake, i m! I only want to collect more bootlegs than those that are already listed t it... Lossless recordings of the bootlegs that you have a media player that can play them same tape nominated as... Contains cool links to other Zeppelin themed websites to Dime, this is a! My opinion ) and the sound is as long as the audio experience do n't high..., DVD info, cd comparisons, setlists, DVD info, & photography throw in!
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