This is necessary to complete the secondary objective for Seifer's missions in the Journal. It can be modified by abilities: reduced by Negative Combo or increased via the Combo Plus or Air Combo Plus (circumstantial to whether on ground or in air). Directly ahead is a Hi-Potion (Treasure #6). Head to the Old Mansion to find No. At the first intersection, head east, then south, to find a Mythril Crystal (Treasure #26). Enter the Basement Hall for a scene, then enter the portal for another. After completing all six jobs, head to the Sandlot to take part in a Struggle Tournament. The last chest in this area is at the end, and it holds an AP Boost (Treasure #32). There are three chests in the Central Station. Unequip anything that gives Sora MP Haste, and give him any Combo Plus Abilities he may have. Take the western door to reach the Dining Room, and two chests: a Mythril Crystal and a Mythril Stone (Treasures #36-37). Because you can rack up great damage with lots of combo pluses and the 2 combo boosts. On a pillar directly south of the tram path is the next crown (Piece #6). With Berserk Charge active, Sora will continue to make basic attacks, keeping the Heartless indefinitely in the air. Return to Twilight Town to proceed with the story, magically arriving at The Usual Spot. Command Finish Up: Increase power of commands. After you choose one, you are asked to sacrifice one of them. Enter the Market Street: Tram Common area. Enter the building. Increases strength during MP Charge and allows unlimited chaining of combos. Equip more to extend it further. However, you can finish these fights quite a bit sooner by collecting all of the opponent's orbs. Talk to Yen Sid after reading the book to continue. and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Leave the Entryway to find the Mushroom outside The Tower. Immediately lock-on again with and start spamming Thundaga. The goal here is to juggle the Heartless for a total of 85 hits. This leaves Sephiroth open to a combo. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. Stand on one of the broken pillars to get just a little bit of extra height, and Jump/Dodge/Glide to the crown (Piece #9). Return now to the Station Plaza, at the north end of Station Heights. With 0 MP, Berserk activates, causing Sora to perform basic attacks only. You may think that you will do more damage over time by 'spamming finishers' but bosses do not work that way. In the open area where Roxas fought the Vivi clones is another member of Mushroom XIII, as well as a crown (Piece #18). Kingdom Hearts Extreme is one of the best sources for all the latest Kingdom Hearts 2 news and information. He has several moves that launch Sora into the air; try waiting to use Aerial Recovery, as doing it at the right time can avoid some damage. When you first visit Twilight Town, you will eventually reach Yensid’s Tower. Sora meets Pete, and gets to fight a bunch of Shadows. When you are ready to proceed, speak with Donald to board the train. With Kingdom Hearts 3's newest trailer released at E3, maybe some of you Kingdom Hearts fans are itching to fight the Heartless and save various Disney worlds. Turn on every Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus Ability he has, as well as Berserk Charge. This series of tunnels connects to most other areas of Twilight Town, and has been closed off the other times Sora (and Roxas) have tried to enter. Yen Sid's book has three different entries to read. There are 20 Puzzle Pieces to be found across Twilight Town. Don't usually use Air Combo Plus. If HP is 2+, 1 HP will be left after taking fatal damage instead of 0. 1 Design 2 Abilities 2.1 Action Abilities 2.2 Growth Abilities … Use the exit to the south that leads to area 2, the Tunnelway. Swap back to Thundaga spamming when MP is restored, and then back again to basic attacks once it runs out. To prepare for this fight, Sora wants to have two Thunder Boosts active. Turn around, use High Jump and Aerial Dodge to get as high as possible, then Glide through the Station Heights to reach the crown (Piece #1). Luna is a Keyblade Master and a protagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS. Open it for a Mythril Shard (Treasure #30). 12 in the courtyard. Take the path down to Sunset Terrace, and take the stairs to the raised section where the tram runs. [2] Last Live (Last Chance): Also called "Last Chance." Sora's total, shown in the top left corner, must have at least 150 before the end of the fight. Win by obtaining all of the opponent's orbs. The first time Sora defeats an opponent by collecting all 100 of their orbs, you unlock an Achievement. Maleficent is added to the Journal, and two new entries are added to the Twilight Town Album. Hop off this ledge to the east, then go as far north as you can into the back of a small alley. One is awarded on level up ?, and the other can be gained by equipping the Photon Debugger Keyblade, earned in Space Paranoids. Leave the Mansion and return to the Central Station. Ascend the eastern stairs for a Mythril Stone (Treasure #34). Sora once lived on the tropical Destiny Islands with his best friends, Riku and Kairi. A crown is sitting on a window sill across from the entrance (Piece #17). Use the green rooftops to reach a standalone building with a blue roof next to the entrance to the Woods. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the KingdomHearts community. The finisher in KH2 is where the real damage is. Defeat him a total of 10 times to unlock the fight against Setzer. Is there any reason to give the slightest thought to it? Watch the video below to see this trick in action. Enter Yed Sid's tower and climb all the way to the top, taking the door in the Sorcerer's Loft over to the Tower: Wardrobe. Breakdown of starting choices during the Prologue section of Kingdom Hearts 3, including information the third question added by the Re:Mind DLC. Complete … Before leaving this area, check out the courtyard for a Potion (Treasure #1) and a Mythril Shard (Treasure #2). Afterwards, Sora obtains the Munny Pouch, Crystal Orb, and Secret Ansem's Report 2. Sora receives the Strength Beyond Strength Synthesis Recipe, and a Lost Illusion Synthesis Item for defeating this Silhouette. The Twilight Town Character Files begin with Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Jump down off this ledge, then head past the accessory shop and the synthesis shop towards the entrance to tunnel 4. The trio dreamed of one day leaving their island home and setting out to explore other worlds. Jump into the air and start spamming Thundaga. Turn on every Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus Ability he has, as well as Berserk Charge. And I think Square even realizes this because they give you access to the Negative Combo ability at one point, which does the opposite of Combo Plus. Begin the job, then do exclusively two-hit aerial combos. There is a crown to the south (Piece #19) and the final crown to the east (Piece #20). Air Combo Boost, Air Combo Plus, and Horizontal Slash will do the trick. Extend your combo as long as possible with Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus (the more equipped the better) Second Chance, Once More and Leaf Bracer (for support when healing) Equip as many Elixirs and Hi-Potions as possible for emergencies; As soon as the fight starts, get ready to press a reaction command. When Sora's MP runs out, swap to basic attacks. The Tram does not currently run, so use the tunnels and exit through door 4, or return to the World Map via any save point and land somewhere closer, like The Usual Spot. Open the large chest in this room to gain the Tower Map. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [edit | edit source] Shimmering: Fleeting: Pulsing: Wellspring: Soothing: Hungry: Abounding: Terra/Ventus/Aqua: Fire (LV2) + Fire (LV2) Fire Boost: Magic Haste: Leaf Bracer: Air Combo Plus: HP Boost: HP Prize Plus: Link Prize Plus: Terra/Ventus/Aqua: Fire (LV2) + Ignite (LV2) Fire Screen: … There are a couple of things to do to prepare for this fight. Sora teams up with Axel to fight off the rest of the Nobodies, including the Assassin. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Any% Beginner Menu Notes Dive to the Heart • Choose Staff & give up Shield. Plus, it's an area of effect attack that will push away any enemies getting too close across the other side of the room and will activate 100% at the end of each ground combo, assuming you didn't equip any finishers that have a percentage of activating instead. Defeat Setzer 10 times to unlock the battle against Seifer. Although hoping to find King Mickey, Sora finds some enemies first. and how do you get the glide ability? The northeast corner hides a Mythril Shard (Treasure #15). GAME MECHANICS GUIDE. For Setzer, Sora must win with 150 or more points. The Journal has a handful of updates upon landing and Twilight Town again. There is a chest in the corner with an Orichalcum (Treasure #27). Begin by landing anywhere in the town (although The Usual Spot is best) and head to Market Street: Station Heights. ... To begin, start a normal combo and get the mushroom up in the air then follow up with your Horizontal Slash by hitting . This holds a Potion (Treasure #12). He retains all the levels and equipment from Roxas, so he's good to go. Aside from the new clothes, he also gains the Star Seeker Keyblade, and the ability to use Valor Form. The damage bonus from the Combo Boost ability is another reason to keep them equipped. The primary goal here is to reach the time limit with more orbs than the opponent. The longer your combo, the more damage your finisher does. The closest save point is in The Usual Spot. Sora's back, baby! Kingdom Hearts 2 ... Ability – Air Combo Plus Obtained In – Twilight Town. - Stack the ability to increase the effect. The Dusks are pretty easy to defeat, but the new Berserker enemy can be a bit of a challenge. Gamechanger Form is a Drive Form available through the Name of the Game Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. This fight doesn't make a whole lot of sense, as only Riku met Lexaeus in Castle Oblivion. Take the Gummi Ship and fly to the only other available destination: Hollow Bastion! It may take a few tries to get the hang of this encounter, but the nearby save point in The White Room allows you to leave and replenish the Drive Gauge. Open the nearby chest for an Orichalcum (Treasure #38) before jumping down and entering the door further into the Computer Room. Head north and just a little bit west to find a Mythril Shard (Treasure #4), then straight east from there for a Hi-Potion (Treasure #5). In the courtyard out in front of the building is a member of Mushroom XIII, as well as another crown. Enter the mansion after the scenes. Some Nobodies attack, but midway through the battle, Axel comes to the rescue. It pops up occasionally on its own, but the trick is to get close to Lexaeus and Guard his attacks. This is the only way to defeat Lexaeus, as it is impossible to get a combo finisher, and (at least in my experience) he is immune to magic attacks. community members have thanked the author. [3] Combo Live (Final Stand): Also called "Final Stand." When the cart jumps in the air, do a single attack by pressing only . This can be incredibly hard if Sora isn't set up properly. Your finishers will do x1.5 damage with 2 combo pluses and 1 combo boost. Back at the Tram Common, take the path north into the area where Roxas did the Bumble-Buster job. Combo Master: 4 - Even if you miss an attack, the combo meter will not … Pence will let Sora know that he can find out more about Kairi by heading to the Station Plaza. As Sora leaves the Train Station, enter the Underground Concourse via opening 5. Jump to the ledge directly east to find another chest on a higher level and take an Orichalcum+ (Treasure #29). The walkway along the northern wall on the upper floor leads to a Serenity Crystal (Treasure #35), and the door at the west end leads to The White Room. Jiminy's Journal is back, and there is a bunch of new entries. Combo Plus 66 1 Extends ground combo attack by one step. The Shadow Anklet is better than the Elven Bandana, if you want to pick some up. For the best tips, I recommend watching the following video: Cast a Magnega to bring the bees together, then Thundaga to take them all out in one shot. No better solution could be found than Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, specifically Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix.As in any KH game, there are multiple … During the night of the Heartless invasion, Sora received a magical weapon called a Key… Especially if you equip things like Explosion. More Shadows appear, and after going through the door to the Star Chamber, Sora has to fight off even more. It increases how much damage you do per combo. The Other category contains entries for Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Kairi, Ansem, Selphie, Jiminy Cricket, and Pluto. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Air Combo Plus is a support abilitythat can be equipped up to three times. Whatever Sora's shortcuts are, switch two of them to Reflega and Thundaga. In order to complete Hayner's bonus Mission, Sora must win by a margin of 100 or more points. Sora needs to defeat 40 enemies within 30 seconds, much like when Sora fought Demyx in Hollow Bastion. That goes to x2 damage if you use the Decisive Pumpkin keyblade as well. From Drive Forms, Summons, and Limits, how you utilize your options in the fight is ultimately up to you, but you have to know which Abilities will compliment your … They have a very powerful combo attack, and can disappear from the field of battle for a short time. And I think Square even realizes this because they give you access to the Negative Combo ability at one point, which does the opposite of Combo Plus. Glide out to pick it up (Piece #10). The last crown sits on a balcony on the green building (Piece #3). Against roxas, you can use 1 Combo Plus and limit form to destroy his hp pool. Consider giving any extra equipment (such as the Elven Bandanna) to either Donald or Goofy. Tell him the password is "Sea salt ice cream," then Touch The Beam to continue. Leave the tower and return to Twilight Town via the train. In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Air Combo Plus is a Bonus Booster ability that can b… This one holds a Mythril Crystal (Treasure #31). Boost through Sunset Terrace to the Tunnelway, and find the Mushroom at the open arena at the end. At the start, only Hayner is available to fight. The second crown is there (Piece #2). - Stats are 3 Strength, 1 Magic, and the ability it has is Air Combo Plus, which increases maximum combo by 1 when in midair. As with Cargo Climb above, you want to unequip as many "Aerial" based abilities as possible, but don't equip Negative Combo. Travel through Twilight Town all the way to The Old Mansion. Present in the Sandlot is the Absent Silhouette for Lexaeus. These fights haven't changed, except that Sora's move set is so much better than Roxas'. The best place to land is Sunset Station. Sora must face off against Hayner, Setzer, and Seifer, just like when Roxas did it way back in the tutorial. The trick is here is short aerial combos. Remember that there are two waves. The crown is right in front of Sora's pod (Piece #14). The scene here foreshadows when Sora will be able to participate in a Struggle tournament later on in the game. Before starting the duel, activate Wisdom Form, then immediately cast Cure to empty Sora's MP. Ascend the stairs and go through the portal to reach the Wayward Stairs. Sora receives Piece #16 during his first visit to Twilight Town, immediately after receiving his new clothes. If Sora has 125 orbs, and Hayner has 25 or fewer, then the Mission will complete. This keyblade is mostly useful if you are fighting an aerial enemy and use aerial combos. Ariel cover combo Combo Combo Reaction Boost Negative combo drive Boost Combination Boost Experience Boost leaf magic draw Blizzard Alright, I'll slash finishing Leap Dodge slash Like dash victory, physically and real sweet Emerald Dive arrow finish Do I even have it in … Return to the computer room, save again if you feel like it, then speak with Pence. This greatly outmatches the damage you would do from having a shorter combo with more finishers. Especially if you equip things like Explosion. The Heartless should go down in a few seconds. In Kingdom Hearts II, Combo Plus is a support ability that costs 1 … Sora can move the junk piles by walking into them, which means you can line up a shot and hit a bunch of piles in one go. In Birth by Sleep, you can combine two Commands to create a new one. In Kingdom Hearts II, Air Combo Plus is a support abilitythat costs 1 AP to equip. Use the abilities. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Real keyblade wielders don't dive into hearts very often. There is a second, more generic version of Character Files under Jiminy's Collection Page. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Its clothing designs feature card symbols heavily, and its Abilities focus on making enemies drop more Munny, Prizes, and Items. Use the eastern exit to get back to the Tram Common.
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