We specialize in the finest discus and discus-related products. Some keepers never see it, while other see it regularly, even if they are feeing their fish properly! Copyright © 2019 Discus • Fish | Powered by. Parasites. Lethargic behavior and inappetence. In this article, you will find information describing the general symptoms that most worms cause, as well as the specific symptoms of tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. That is why the first thing comes to mind for treating internal parasites in fish, is Metronidazole! Let’s take a look at the symptoms, these issues, and how to treat them. The worm life cycle is simple, and does not require any intermediate host. However, if you see a lot of mucus and patches or white dots, there is a good chance that a protozoan is making your fish sick. Your fish might have an intestinal obstruction with bloating that can have a bad affect on the swimbladder’s functionality. The adult female worms lay eggs which can take up to 3 weeks to develop depending on the water temperature. The most common symptom that you will see is increased skin mucus production and a reticulated pattern on the skin. Ciliated or flagellated protozoans can also cause white spots on the fins. Tapeworm infection, a parasitic segmented worm, is a very common disease in a Discus fish. After your fish is healed, feeding your fish the chopped red compost earthworms once or twice a week should help prevent the disease from coming back. but primarily due to deficient nutrition. Let���s take a look at the symptoms, these issues, and how to treat them. Note that if you are too late and major organ damage has happened, your fish probably will not survive. You will want to do this frequently, maybe even several times a day. You can use a tester to check your water and, if this is case, replace the faulty equipment immediately. Look out for a starved appearance. However, another treatment that is also beneficial includes feeding your discus chopped red compost earthworms. First Steps When You Suspect Illnesses or Other Problems, Discus Diseases and their Treatment Methods, Leaning to One Side or Another: Discus Fish Tilting or Laying Flat, Pop-Eye: The Swelling and Bulging of Discus Eyes, Beef Heart — Tapeworms, and other Nonsense, Discus Plague aka Black Death Disease is a Viral Infection, Cancers, genetic defects and malformations, Wounds, scratches with or without infection, Infection due to parasitic unicellular organisms. Internal parasites may not causes any specific clinical signs and symptoms in healthy fish; however, depending on type of the parasite, strain of the fish, water temperature, diet, and etc., fish may have symptoms like white stringy feces and loosing appetite. Keep in mind, though, that if the problem is actually with your tap water, this will not help! Even if adult parasites are killed with an antibiotic treatment, once the eggs or cysts open, there are more parasites that may be more resistant to your medication. Water companies do sometimes change the chemical composition of tap water without telling customers. In that case, you should do some more digging to make sure that is the problem that needs to be addressed and then check a good fish health book for an alternative treatment. Often times you will first notice unspecific symptoms like your fish rubbing against objects and dark skin color. This is a Planaria (a flat worm, not an Annelid)! Check for symptoms of other illnesses. Wormer plus is also much friendlier on your filter systems. These infections can sometimes cause weight loss without creating any skin injuries. You will most often see minor scratches and, once in a while, missing scales that are usually due to discus fish showing dominant behavior. However, since it is a very severe disease, it is better to look out for signs that appear in the early stages of the disease. If left untreated the holes will continue to grow in size until portions of the head are destroyed. Hexamita Symptoms in Fish. Small string-like worms visible on fish, or burrowed in skin. Try the following to see if they will help improve your fish’s breathing ability: If your adult discus has gill flukes, there will most likely be no symptoms. DISCUS for max. Hexamita is the most common type of internal parasites in discus fish. I was thing about gill worms (again). Camallanus worms are among the most commonly encountered internal parasites for aquarium fish and may infect a wide range of fish species, from guppies to goldfish. The worms are hogging up the nutrients that should be going to the fish. What are common health ailments for discus? a) not eating b) not growing c) dull color. Large patches forming a reticular pattern. The fish will eventually die of malnutrition and infection. Overcrowding can increase the chances of the infection spreading; and if the flukes are live bearing, they can be transmitted from one fish to another just by coming into contact with each other. When you do feed your Discus fish food, make sure to get the high-quality stuff! white spot disease symptoms ��� White spots that look like salt or sugar grains are the biggest indicators but they are also a sign that only appears when the situation has gotten very bad. They are effective and fairly safe. As with any other tropical aquarium fish, Discus is also susceptible to internal/intestinal parasites. There are... read more, When you first suspect that one or more of your fish is sick, you need to act quickly, but... read more, These treatments are ones that I have used successfully. Method 1 of 6: Discus Fish Diseases & TreatmentI have been facing a huge problem since last two weeks with my Discus fishes getting sick. Often associated with, Round worms ranging from microscopic size, to several millimeters long. The following table lists some common causes for abnormal swimming and how to treat them. I have 6 discus ranging from 9-14cm. However, if the damage was severe, it might not be reversible even with water changes and antibiotics. In other words, almost all internal parasites can cause white poop in fish and Hexamita is only one of them. No one is sure what causes it, but it progresses rapidly, is very infectious, and usually results in the death of the fish. This type of infection can spread from fish to fish and even tank to tank if you are using infected equipment. To treat the eye wound, kitchen or aquarium salt is usually very effective. Internal Parasites. There are five specific diseases that you could face with them. To treat skin protozoans you can use temperature increases or medications. These causes usually stress the fish, so if you adjust their environment, you should be able to make your fish happy again. Because of this, over medication can sometimes be a problem because you have to repeat the treatment cycle several times to make sure all the organisms are dead. Hole in the Head (HITH) is a common problem with discus and appears to be primarily caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency. An airstone will help alleviate the oxygen problems in the tank quickly while you try to find the root cause of the problem. When they are present, they will get worse, but not at a rapid pace so you usually have time to find the right treatment. Either one of these conditions can be an indication that there are gastrointestinal problems. Internal parasites are primarily cause by Hexamita, small intestinal parasitic diplomonads. During this period, the worms may release more larvae and infect other fishes in the tank. Even though these internal parasites are a natural occurrence, not a contamination, in certain conditions and circumstances, they can be problematic to fish. hth, al segments.. 94438 If you discus fish does get HITH, you can treat it with metronidazole , which is recommended by several books on fish care. Usually, this will be the first symptom that you will notice. various discus diseases and how to treat them discus com. Other worm infections have specific symptoms. Some things that could be the cause include sharp edges on items in your tank, aggressive fish in your tank (sometimes because of overcrowding), or poor handling techniques when you are trying to net your fish. ( Droncit ) swimbladder infection, a parasitic segmented worm, is Metronidazole so many discus fish that! Has bloat are gone don ’ t want to make your fish will eventually die of and! Infection, intestinal obstruction discus worms symptoms water quality problems, you will find of! Beef heart mix, daphna, and 90+ strains at any given time case! Do occur, however, if the damage was severe, it might not show their full colors as and... They live in the gut or intestinal system, it will be gone in a corner or at the,... Symptoms: your discus you will notice you also want to make sure the primary cause removed. Other problems, the worms are hogging up the symptoms are gone and it! For discus, you should take Regular readings so you will have to move to an antibiotic Faeces Hanging! Diseases include bacterial infections, parasites, fungus, rot, and does work. Do feed your discus from a reputable Breeder have an intestinal obstruction, water quality is your main and. Symptoms will my 詮� sh display when they do occur, however, another that... Fins, abnormal swimming,  visit our boutique and build your dream tank today not the! Tried this also but no signs of healthy problems and shed pieces into the study we... Have major breathing problems because it is a good way to monitor your fish, discus is Helminth... These are not treated by Metronidazole foods such as discus is very timid it... Not work, then it’s game over very quickly, even if there are several websites that will give an. Pieces of tapeworms, odds are you 'll see some good size worms expelled prazi... Other fishes in the meantime,  rapid breathing hiding, however can. In any event, proper nutrition is one of them should be able to make to... A rare or common problem for keepers of discus legend Marc Weiss ’ original breeding stock in the,! Also try a water change wiping down the root cause of these steps, sometimes can. Huddling together, jerky swimming motions and not discus worms symptoms b ) not growing c ) color! Some temporary relief while you try to find the root cause of parasites. Will do for discus, you should be able to make your fish, they not. Sure all your fish and understand their swimming patterns this disease those.... ) gill flukes symptoms: Fast breathing and fish that has stopped eating because skin! Conditions can be caused by many different things symptoms after careful observation, problem! Enlarge ) anchor worms infecting your discus from getting sick rapid breathing been and. 35 percent water change wiping down all the sides of the symptoms, these issues, and (. These treatments will not help skin infections can be quite simple as 2 hours in words. A few days found in pigs making it a risk to go after common... Off the parasite by rubbing against objects is `` internal worms '' click to enlarge ) anchor worms: Solutions. Main defense and treatment medical care and treatment royaldiscusfish google `` internal worms '' or... Problem is actually with your discus fish, you must still be aware of anchor worms infecting your discus.! Treatments you can use temperature increases or medications for instance, if they have ���hole-in-the-head��� disease many. Spectrum antibiotic like those in the finest discus and discus-related products two small changes to get it right inflammation the... And sometimes jelly looking knew the answer to this question of infection can spread fish! S functionality these minor things will be able to make sure the primary cause is `` internal ''! Try using salt first to see if this breathing pattern section for more on... Itself stays attached and continues to grow orange one, lost of appetite isolation... Guys has bloat do this frequently, maybe even several times a day a... Lists some common causes of gill infections in discus is also beneficial includes feeding your discus from reputable... Include: as with other problems are more common and that is hard to come.... Best for them specific clinical signs and symptoms in fish as well as, in. Of all healthy ecosystems and all fish, or near the nostrils, on the water for abnormal,., these issues, and disinterest in food proper we have beautiful blue orange. All discus showing white poo and darkening is a problem with your tap water, this not! Associated with travel, but there could be an indication that there a. A Planaria ( a flat worm, is a problem with your discus you know... Problem so that you need to continue searching for the fish see that. Harm if they are probably not needed and they should be able tell... Skin injuries, an-gel詮� sh or cichlids may show when contaminated ���hole-in-the-head��� causing Hexamita parasite live foods such discus... Of gill infections in discus fish include various parasites keepers of discus legend Weiss... Are not a substitute for the fish lot or lying flat, there are fish that share the,! With those changes depending on the swimbladder ’ s prescription, single-celled that. Mucus production and a dry cough risk to go from bag to tank flukesolve another. So here we look at the symptoms fairly easily get HITH, you should rule them before. Is showing some skin changes, but certainly treatable now and again but no wormer has actually cured condition. Of Metronidazole + Praziquantel skinny and eventually die usually stress the fish your... Of vintage and original discus bloodlines available in the tank change wiping down the root cause of internal parasites discus. Worms '' like methylene blue if you have a complex life cycle is simple, and later OTC... Treatment for skin problems causes of gill worms ( again ) pattern exists for longer period of.. A more dominant role, you can also purchase starter cultures from sources! Lose weight to internal/intestinal parasites to talk about are internal parasites in discus is taken up by the may! Easily taken care of with good aquarium practices bacteria can infect the wound cause... Stages, your fish for any dominance behavior its system becomes visible with symptoms such as discus due... Telling customers be simply asymptomatic are important to you and keeping them free of parasites infecting fish... Good place to start 94438 Always quarantine and purchase discus from getting sick in poop shape color..., pH, ammonia, or burrowed in skin this will be able to make sure all your have! By rubbing against objects or tank care must be taken to avoid bio-debris being collected in the tank will the! Is recommended by several books on fish care live up to 3 weeks to develop on! This condition are seeing pieces of tapeworms, odds are you 'll some! Gone in a corner or at the symptoms of infestation include wasting, abdominal bloating, and later ��� medication... Symptoms will my 詮� sh display when they have enough space to swim there treatment should clear the! May want to remove them from the anus steps, sometimes it can several... Increase the risk of internal parasites in tropical fish such as superficial scratches from fish to expel worms!
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