It food safe and they are using in our drinking water. I have been struggling with bad root rots and lost all my strawberries and most of my other plants to.. the water temp is kept around 70-75F and that is the best i can do without a chiller, there is 2W air pump with 3 stones bubbling in my reservoir with usually less than 10gallon of water, the water pump comes on ever 15 min and off in 15min, I am thinking perhaps those timing might be the issue  Mike shows an update here in this next video to show how well his spinach and lettuce are growing in the tower. Tower Garden A tower garden, also called a window farm is a system of vertical hydroponics, which includes an A-Frame hydroponic system, hydroponic wall and cascades of bottles. Please post what happens. x 5/8 in. I have read that you need minimum 1W air pump power per gallon water and I am far below that.. what air pump do you guys recommend? For butterhead lettuce that can be about 45-55 days, while romaine and other ones with tighter heads can take about 80-85 days. When we first designed this, we thought we were going to have to build a brace at the bottom of the post to keep it from moving around, however it was completely unnecessary. I check with the makers of these 5x5 post. By using this tower, you will harvest fresh food free from PVC, BPA, Polycarbonates, Phthalates, Pesticides, Herbicides and many other contaminants. It's just tips and extra information that I didn't have in the first videos. I plan to put a cage around it soon (2"x4" garden wire) Shouldn't be any problems. For plants you can choose ferns, herbs, vegetables, fruits (like strawberries or tomatoes), or marijuana in some states. //--> Jul 2, 2019 - DIY Vegetable tower DIY, garden tower made from recycled rain barrel. A DIY vertical aquaponics system can be a very rewarding weekend project. Be sure to position them with the thinner parts at the top. Common Lettuce Pests and Disease. 00. [CDATA[// >