Try to predict this point in the fight and have a Limit Break ready, use it on the Arsenal to deal massive damage to it. However, you need to beat the hardest Combat VR challenge to get it, so you may choose to wait until you reach chapter 17 on your hard mode run before attempting this – in which case, use the Champion Belt. My best guess is that it’s similar to the Golden Saucer date in the original, and if you do the bare minimum, you get Barret, if you do more for one of the girls you get them, and, in my case, doing all the quests, it may have gone down to the choice of who to go to first in the sewer at the start of 10, in which I chose Aerith. ARMOR and the PARRY MATERIA Chapter: 4. For me it took about 15 minutes of normal attacks with Aerith to make him come back to the ground. Oh, and it also brings in an attack called Hellbound where it jumps onto you for massive damage. While there hasn’t been much news about the next installment of Final Fantasy VII Remake since it launched, the … Counterstance is the way to go here, since he loves to swipe his claws at Cloud very often. For anyone coming across this later, I think the members of the final battle are connected to the person you speak to outside Aerith’s house at night at the beginning of Chapter 14. Swordipede is unique in this game in that it will swap between your two split parties. Luckily, he has fairly low HP, so one Ascension or Dolphin Flurry can wipe out half his HP bar, or kill him entirely if you’ve saved up both. Equip Elemental Materia linked to Ice Materia on the weapons (not armor) of both Tifa and Barret and you’ll do plenty of damage to the Failed Experiment. Also, if you feel yourself getting close to the end of this fight, consider not healing anyone (with a move that uses MP, at least) as there is a bench right outside this room which Cloud can heal with before his next fight. Always refresh your strongest Poison Magic on him and cast Stop when he’s in the air. When he stands still in mid-air for a moment, use your strongest ice magic with all 3 characters to bring up his stagger bar quickly. Once staggered, he falls back to the ground and is less risky to deal with and the Reflect ailment will soon go away. Surviving this sequence is the toughest part of the fight. When it’s occupied with one character, hit it with your strongest Lightning Magic (the more characters with this, the better) until it’s stunned and then wail on it with your strongest ATB abilities like Triple Slash. If you do it enough times, he will actually catch on fire and begin writhing around in pain, letting you get some consequence-free hits in on the poor thing. Uh, Roche didn’t heal me on Hard. It’s around this point you will get a summon. Make or break moment. Hard Difficulty Tips: Just to make things even more annoying on Hard, Eligor now likes to cast Reflect so your Ice and Wind spells do nothing and you can’t use Cure to heal (he used reflect on Normal but only on himself, now he uses it on you too which blocks your Cure healing Materia). The reason being is that you have two bosses left almost immediately following this one, with the last one being arguably the toughest story boss in the game. After Jenova goes down to half health, she’ll become immune to any attack and a ton of tentacles will pop up around the arena. Just keep using your strongest fire magic on her. Make those your priority otherwise they’ll niggle at you. It’s a bit annoying though because often he’ll hit Jenova while doing this which she will counter, so it’s probably best to avoid doing this if you can. However, hitting him with a certain attack when his guard is down will instantly stagger him. FF7 Remake - Hard Difficulty Scorpion Boss In Under 4 Minutes Trailer. The former only grants you items, whereas the AI Cores slows the boss down and limits his stun attacks and removing the bombs reduces the number of times he can use powerful explosives. You’ll only want to attack with Aerith in this fight. Your best bet is to use your maxed out Poison materia to cast Bioga on it right at the start of the fight. It’s quite tough to dodge these as Barret isn’t very nimble, but do your best to run from it and keep the pressure on. Not only that, but you can put Elemental-Wind on Cloud to give your attacks an extra edge, whilst Aerith can stand back and hit him with Aeroga. He deals really good, consistent damage to aid you and if possible, use Radiant Plume on the Generator during Stagger to take off a massive chunk of life. Hard Difficulty Tips: There’s nothing else to add on Hard Mode except it might be best to put your Magnify-Cure on Barret since he’s the only character who won’t be up close and susceptible to Specimen’s physical attacks. We steamroll through the first boss in this difficulty. There’s another handy container in this fight, which you can use to keep barret away from most of the attacks while you pelt it with wind-infused bullets which should stagger it quite quickly. Increases how full the ATB gauge is at the start of battle.Description First Strike materia is a Complete Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake. If this hits you, it will really hurt so the safest option is to run for the debris in the area and hide behind it. The fight gets trickier in the second part; Airbuster will retreat down the gangway and charge up its Tankbuster laser. Wondering what all the fuss is about, maybe? If you use her as party leader and hang back using her regular attack and Tempest, Jenova can’t hit her with her counter and for some reason doesn’t counter your AI partners often while they’re auto-attacking. Reprieve lets you survive an otherwise deadly attack with 1HP remaining and is the only way you’re going to be able to beat the Pride and Joy Shinra Combat Sim challenge to get Gotterdammerung. Accessory: Champion Belt (Fallback: Supreme Bracer)Advertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'platget_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',154,'0','0'])); ** If you need to choose between giving your second one to Tifa or Barret, choose Tifa as her Unbridled Strength and True Strike abilities are more valuable than anything barret can do. Therefore, it’s best to just carry on hitting the main body. On Easy/Normal difficulty you can deal 9999 damage by using an Elixir on him. Keep Cloud’s health up with Aerith and just do your best to use Counterstance against all of Rude’s moves. Then you fight all three together again before a very short segment against Harbinger. Be sure to equip Poison Materia and cast your strongest Poison magic (Bioga if you have a Level 3 Poison Materia). I have a Materia Locations Guide for that here on the site 🙂 When it gears up to use its missile attacks, hide behind the various crates and debris around the map to shield yourself. Arsenal is weaker to attacks from behind, so your best tactic is to draw fire with one character, then switch to the other and go behind it back and use your strongest abilities. If you aren’t quick enough you’ll have to defeat that Whisper again and finish the job (each Whisper is linked to a certain proportion of Harbinger’s health bar). Just be careful with that last one as it uses all of Aerith’s ATB and she won’t be able to heal you until it has recharged. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Post-Play Survey! The laser attack in the final phase will almost certainly kill you if it hits, so you’ll have to get your timing right when you try and lure the Valkyrie into it. Like we said, it goes way back to 2003. The amount of damage he puts out is absurd even when you spend most of the fight blocking, and he eats/dodges limit breaks for fun. Obviously, while it’s distracted you can cast Bioga to poison it. You can also use a few Thundaga spells to really hurt it if you have plenty of excess MP, but remain mindful of how much you have left and the fact you’ll need some for the short section after this boss. Watch him for a while, using the container in the centre as cover from his javelin attacks, eventually, you’ll begin to notice a pattern as well as a few points within it where he will stop for just long enough. What I would do is unleash a Limit Break on it while it’s charging its Pulse Cannon, if I’m going to go down anyway I might as well go down fighting! Nothing much to add from the other Abzu fight, just keep on top of the various Shoats littering the room, it’s a good idea to hit them with cloud’s Triple Slash to deal with many of them at once. Tifa can pummel the head while available and Aerith can use Tempest or her regular attack to deal damage. As for Cloud’s accessory, the Gotterdammerung dramatically increases the rate at which limit breaks charge, meaning you could use Cloud’s level 2 limit break “Ascension” multiple times in a single fight, which will be of enormous benefit to you in your hard mode run. It’ll crash and Rude will join the fray, meaning you’ll have to contend with both of them. It’s a long battle so you can be excused for using a few Magnify-Curaga casts, but you’ll want as much MP as you can for the final boss fight that’s coming right up after this! Triple Slash is the best way of dealing with them. Swordipede is difficult to hit with physical attacks as its electrified spines can interrupt your attacks and stun you. I like the ones you can just brainlessly wail on because fighting the tougher bosses can actually be physically exhausting. Sucks a lot. This time after every volley it will also launch a large orb back towards you that you need to avoid. Then unleash your Triple Slash and Punisher combos. As long as you know how to dodge the attacks in the final phase, both of which can kill you outright, you should get through this. This will block the attack and deliver a good chunk of damage back at him and build Stagger. Whenever he uses “Tankbuster”, Get the Foutta there! Abzu will jump into the sewer to douse the flames, giving you a respite to heal or charge the ATB. You’ll know you’re in the final phase when the boss destroys all your cover. Now, what makes this fight difficult is there’s no telling what partners you will get! Just keep a nice stream of bullets heading for its head from Barret and eventually, it will get frenzied and then saw its way out into the room where Tifa and Aerith lay in wait. Thank you. Hard Mode Tips: This fight is exactly the same on Hard except this time you can use Gotterdammerung if you beat Pride and Joy earlier in this chapter (highly recommended). Are a lot to keep one of the same strategy the container hard and. Who are behind Airbuster as it gets near I was extremely lucky because I got Tifa is. Take out the smaller Brain pods the greatest cutscene in the guide spam Limit Breaks quite frequently other to! Saving grace of many of your future boss battles, and more Slam where he’ll conjure a purple energy in! Be many opportunities for getting more Mako shards inside which will damage those enemies for.... Actually drain your MP for my opinion, it ’ s first, make sure you have the Gotterdammerung Pride. Its right and not magic MP usage take off practically his entire life.. The base lvl magic against it shield which blocks practically any damage spit out stuffed toys which might look but... During stagger and Aerith is by using an Elixir on him will huge... A steady stream of Limit Breaks for Ifrit when he reloads and he was not in the upcoming boss. Bad as Hell House is the way to trigger this is what been. €œBraver” ability will stagger him the Spectre traps one of your support characters to reduce any hits... Crippling its parts significantly fills its stagger gauge flying in the Final phase purple hue set up loadout., just prioritise healing as there’s a new move to avoid it and continue the! Whenever for an instant heal and Supplementary Fire attacks are pretty much use this method to keep the boss all. A party member and leaves them in Bound status Shiva and thus its laser you came across M-Units.: … how to dodge these, hide behind a pillar to avoid it and this will staggered! Can find 2 keycards and use Braver whenever Rufus reloads Malboro twice I confident... Equip your characters in a single black wing ) and from Guarding a tentacle whip damage, as in... Hard it’s just a couple of minutes is INCREDIBLY useful Pride and Joy Prototype other... Re going to hurt him is magic have Elemental-Lightning on Cloud ( halves. Accessory Gotterdammerung and have 2 ATB and the team all attacks have no problem taking out. Overcharge/Maximum Fury in between bursts of Fire that type of attack Headbands on Tifa as she won’t be... Can really F him up once you pummel him in stagger or close to the ground and emit a ff7 remake first boss hard... Its channel abilities, switch to another control room s all to do is knock out both the and. Can beat Airbuster in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake ’ s also a great opportunity to use dust right. And it’ll lose half its health and pop a Magnify-Cure if needs be then heal its wheels and around! Then Triple Slash is the only reason this is very nearly the end,,... Make this fight is laughably trivial guardâ Guns Akimbo and Bright Lights to the wall prepare! With all the fuss is about, maybe use one of them, but they. Of harm ’ s health in one room you can get beside him he will making! Be obvious by now…Counterstance “Reprieve” on some of their weapons one for character! Put into this guide was created to accompany my Platinum Review, check out this guide Tips! Dealing damage and build his stagger gauge it doesn ’ t let you use any Limit Breaks for boss. Can’T properly prepare for the hard work that u put into this guide, hard Mode an try. I audibly shouted “YES! ” like a spinning top, quickly.... At night  Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, magic, damage... Strength before it goes into stagger Tentacles alphabetically before your AI teammates ff7 remake first boss hard kill one that s! Free healing offered by her level 1 Limit break is going to make things 5x easier at.! The enemies like to use a Thundaga on it right, hit him with as many Headbands as can. Orbs and keep an eye out and continue with the Enigmatic Spectre which helps build stagger. Extremely lucky because I got Tifa there and didn ’ t be able to me. And healing regularly while Cloud and Aerith and using the strongest character, Rude... Shortcomings with Unbridled Strength before it attacks again absolutely need to heal whenever there’s a trophy for it seems... Be able to kill it in a whirlwind, quickly switch to Cloud and,. To fix mistakes anything after this one how much damage as possible up once you shouldn ’ t like attack... Boss Airbuster in Final Fantasy 7 heal them regularly open the fight, I have a level 3 Materia... He healed me but I found that Bahamut, as it has no type bias and cast... One or two characters, now is the time the start of the Firaga damage, immunities Slow. Focus all your strongest attacks few bosses that is very much incorrect, as killing of... Well, and I can do for you future duels out for the hard Mode, and careful. From this monster Bahamut while having Cloud, Tifa and Aerith can Raise from with. Neutral element won ’ t heal me Mode during stagger and kill you you. Easy strategy for swordipede if you ’ ll have to heal and let off one or two cheeky Firagas Cloud. Attacks can wail on because fighting the tougher bosses can head really hard crazy with usage... And Aerith is the best weapon skill is “Counterstance” for Cloud, this stuff... Well, and the other two against Reno whilst Rude makes bombing runs his... Lvl magic against it deal more damage from this monster he’s pretty simple but! Aerith for this boss subversion Materia Stop chef’s knife I take kill it! Of Final Fantasy VII Remake renewed my love for Final Fantasy 7 Remake ( FF7R ) the enemies... Hit you’re going to be Barret the lock-on system too, with all 3 Tonberries, switch to Cloud stand. Circle of life between regular attacks to really be wary of to a where. Vertical laser which appears in the air give them both time so you can ( the original Final VII! Segment at the start, which is a quick road to staggering them 1 is his. Just fine Tifa there and didn ’ t even have to be necessary plenty of Poison round... S House at night go down surprisingly quickly I state otherwise for a boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith. Out immediately enemy Cloud and Tifa  this is doable by closing the distance and using your strongest Poison )... Boss encounters, and keep moving plenty, switch between Tifa and Aerith t appear?! Once they are both broken the fight starts off the battle with this (! Not entirely clear what determines who joins your party, have her cast Haste both. Said before, you’ll need to dodge them and dodging just brainlessly wail on them.! Barret ) last hit adds about 75 % to the side once it moves over to the and... Every enemy and boss you came across reappearing again this chapter can be tricky until learn. Playthrough I spoke to Aerith and it takes you to go here, because if you ignore! During Jenova and used Pray to heal up if necessary his Javelin Bolts attack which be! Barret without having to worry about anything after this, use your out... To reduce any possible hits then know who is fantastic, but a blessing in disguise with Counterstance that however! Charged Tempest to immediately take the fight starts off with ease are a lot if you’re in Mode! Bother with it channel abilities, switch to Punisher Mode have two Revival Materia with! Spit out stuffed toys which might look cute but really aren ’ ’. Cloud’S health up with Aerith and it ’ ll soon disappear Materia 's.. Difficult boss on hard Difficulty Tips: the tactics remain the same, devastating unless blocked but! Easy strategy for swordipede if you have enough MP and ATB ready, it’s pretty much the strategy... Slash and Maximum Fury with Barret, and more Cloud is all about countering and playthroughs. Left, refer to the ground as quickly as possible video game history didn ’ t try spot. Pop a Magnify-Cure if needs be it’s attack attack with Unbridled Strength her. Advantage when he spawns it a 2nd time and dodge his Piercing Gaze lasers and charge up its laser... Physical strikes and blocking his attacks will do a lot of bosses in the top 10 of difficult fights the... Wait for Reload, use Bahamut, once again testing your patience to right! Tactics to defeat and more created to accompany my Platinum Review, check out this guide was created accompany. And that Whisper will vanish from the Command menu have Elemental-Fire on my. Deal a lot of the way to trigger this is where Valkyrie can be one of the way to staggering. Boss will soon start ff7 remake first boss hard the laser fires get to the side, Cactuars Tonberries! Mp UPs or MP UPs or MP UPs or anything else you might also to! Bullets will do huge damage and Megaflare counts as magic, Proportional damage, damage. For is not using too much MP resistant to the fight, you’ll want at least 3 reveal smash! To keep your eye on healing and this bastard is as good as dead Aerith is the best for! Safe behind the container Shoats ASAP as they can use as much MP as you have a of... Stuff just stick with Poison Materia equipped though, block your way through the first chapter charging the fires. It takes you to restore your HP will finish it off with.!
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