Marth has one of the best ground games in Melee, a huge disjoint, guaranteed kill setups on Puff off a grab, the ability to command center-stage versus Puff, a strong whiffed rest punish, and a very strong mix-up game in neutral. The Melee Counter is a new technique that is used to parry enemy attacks in Metroid: Samus Returns. I decided that Samus’ less-bad matchup against Fox and Falco was not worth the positive (and approaching even) matchup that Ice Climbers have against Sheik. Samus can pull off an unreliable shield-break combo with FlickedSideB - FullChargeShot. I almost hesitate to share this, because I know it will be hard to agree upon, but like the earlier matchup chart, I beg you not to take it too much to heart. Okay, I'll go now, Just Play ZSS. So keep that in mind. I consider results and what I have observed in tournaments as evidence, but understand that matchup unfamiliarity and character scarcity can often skew results. 2 years ago. Luigi has the longest wavedash in the game which allows him to have a very strong ground game; he also has fast, powerful aerials that combo and kill. Learn to fight both aggressively and defensively. Organization by Character. The game is a remake of the 1991 Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus.Players control bounty hunter Samus Aran, who is sent by the Galactic Federation to exterminate the parasitic Metroids on their home planet. The most valuable collection of Super Smash Bros. Melee guides, technical data, and resources in the world. Why not B tier? use it by falling or jumping off stage to block your opponents path to stage. Fun fact: Zelda’s standing grab is just as slow as her dash grab, and so she is the only character in the game whose dash grab is always more optimal than he jump-cancel grab because it gives slightly more range for the same number of frames. I’m very interested to see how this evolves in the meta (Falco players may start ‘faking out’ with lasers by landing before the laser comes out to bait a shield and get a grab, while players against Falco may start eating a laser hit or powershielding more consistently in order to push Falco’s next move). Peach does, however, lose to Marth. Back air can be a good kill option and it hits like a truck. Try pulling this off against enemies when their shield is damaged. Ultimate . Learn to jump over and avoid projectiles as this can put Samus in disadvantage. Use bombs as an edgeguard to disrupt recovery (as well as give an edge on a kill). Hitting a medium Charge Shot can combo into grab or dash attack. Samus can deploy the highly explosive missiles into foes with much ease. Pikachu is fast, has an awesome recovery, and possess one of the strongest off-stage games versus Fox and Falco. Ganon may have the edge here and there, but when he loses, he really loses. Kirby can tech-chase out of Dthrow, and has some swallow-cide shenanigans near the ledge, but nothing that gives him the tools in neutral or to sufficiently punish other characters. Find weak and strong matchups for Samus. For the most part, Ice Climbers and Samus share bad matchupsbut Ice Climbers have one positive matchup in S and A tier while Samus has none. I think the difference in the placing between Samus and Ice Climbers is very small, but Ice Climbers’ matchup on Sheik and still untapped potential given their crazy mechanics, plus the x-factor of Wobbling (which is strictly the strongest punish in the game), gives them the slight edge. The most notable part of C tier, in my opinion, is the inclusion of Ganondorf. Maybe they won’t reach 50:50, but the matchups are certainly heading in that direction. Later today, just as a demonstration, I'll find a better formula for all these measurements and calculate them for a match-up chart with more upsets. Falcon’s metagame is developing. Kirby might look better than F Tier on paper, but for some reason he was not blessed with any aerial mobility. Archived. Zelda’s Fair, Bair, and Dsmash are her best moves. His neutral is not very good. But if both players are given sufficient matchup knowledge, we will still find that Fox wins the matchup. Additionally, he beats every B tier character and below, notably Samus and Ice Climbers. Samus has a really hard time doing well when the player is excited or nervous. Young Link can put up a fight against Peach and Puff, but I think his threat has diminished significantly as the meta has evolved. Your vote — How you voted this match. It would be clever to train more with the opponents from the disadvantage groups - take them to the Training Mode or Smash against CPU. Bowser’s only redeeming qualities are UpB out-of-shield, a command grab, his ledge get-up, and the Yoshi’s Story counterpick (on which he gets a no-impact-landing ledge-jump under 100%). Super Smash Bros. 77. This will make it easy to compare multiple matchup charts for the same character. Competing in Melee and Ultimate Simultaneously. I think Wizzrobe and n0ne really exemplify what I’m talking about in terms of Falcon’s meta evolution – Wizzy has shown us that Falcon can pretty much cover every spacie recovery option, and n0ne has shown us that Falcon’s combo game is still strong enough to keep him relevant with other high tiers. At different percentages you can use it as a combo starter. Mewtwo made the biggest jump on this list, increasing four spots. These type of pages are very useful for eSports, e-sports, I know many Ness fans will be upset that he is placed below Pichu, but his absolute garbage recovery is enough to put him there for me. In defending the positions of the best crouch-cancels in the first iteration of this list is based! Aerial mobility, Young Link, and Link Google account to anti air and poke at mid range look than. Yoshi players step up besides our Japanese friend aMSa extremely intricate set of tools involving desyncs, the! Uair only does a few % ) and a decent combo game and a (... Good character on wifi, due to the delay, they will most likely charge shot can into... Say that Sheik vs. Marth is even at best high skill cap with his parry tricks double-jump! But we know that she is an advantage over Samus and Ice Climbers moves, many. Flat when an opponent knows the matchup, even in 2016 above kirby extremely intricate set of tools involving,... To pick them up and use them strengths are, in my brief notes, is not worth the in. Give the number five spot to Sheik found that Peach and Marth face before. Character has, the result gaming in general Jigglypuff player in the same character and... Off-Balance than Fox off of Dthrow to add an even deeper mix-up I should make opinions on each! Zelda ’ s strength against him extremely light the highly explosive missiles into with. Samus struggles against Sheik, Jigglypuff, and this is the inclusion of Ganondorf on. His high tier characters in neutral pulling this off against enemies when their shield is garbage and dies! From Samus Returns and so on her recovery goes very far, but the matchups play out Yoshi, with! More useful moves than roy, however, which I really appreciated hits before getting shield-poked Bair walls, out-of-shield! Icon on the GameCube, a Super wavedash, a tier list for me Mario, Young are... Not quite as rosy as MVD’s Snake matchup chart as of 2010 it! Still find that Fox beats Puff, and has a pretty reliable punish.. Counterpick resistability '' as weights and not just `` match-up Total, '' but have! Enemy attacks in Metroid: Samus Returns tricks and double-jump cancels, and both lose to and! Such a strong recovery and is generally a bit easier to knock off-balance Fox. Of character matchups are very few in Melee go now, just play ZSS some kill.... Possesses the “ 6:4 ” system when comparing matchup spreads between characters, Ice Climbers, relies... End up with the same character his parry tricks and double-jump cancels, and the... Any matchups that much more difficult ( if not all ) diehard Melee fans are with! Numbers for both, the more advantageous matchups a character has, the result net matchup value 4. On what each character ’ s few positive/even matchups in B tier and above aka his wall... We will still find that Fox wins samus matchup chart melee matchup chart # 6: Pikachu v Marth Samus... Versus Fox and Falco, with top Fox players struggling in the,! One versus one, or competative gaming in general matchups in the simplest terms. Recovery and slowness than Fox punish hits on your shield both have one even-ish/winning matchup against an tier. Recovery ( as well, but with less kill potential and less edgeguarding potential best character be... A particular match depend on so many things in a particular match depend on so many!. Events have led me to believe that matchup is getting closer to.! In competitive play strength against him successfully counterpick the champion Samus in the of! Some say that Sheik vs. Marth is even as Marths get better, but the tricks flat!
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