Company Heritage

When Sheffield is mentioned anywhere in the world the automatic reaction is ‘Steel’ and ‘Cutlery’. Cutlery has been made in Sheffield for more than 700 years, and our company names are amongst the most famous in the industry’s history.

The names, trademarks and products of Egginton, George Ibberson, Joseph Rodgers and George Wostenholm are known in all four corners of the world. From well designed, functional and reliable Sharpening Steels and Pocket Knives for everyday use, through to highly crafted presentation pieces, each one of our products is made with the benefit of a legacy built up over the hundreds of years we have spent perfecting our expertise.

Heritage Montage

These history sections are to be viewed as works in progress. With the exception of Egginton, which remains in the ownership of the founding family, the company names which comprise our group have only been with us for a relatively short time in their long histories. Unfortunately most official company records were lost in the turbulent period in the late 1900s when the companies experienced a number of changes in ownership. Much of the content in these history pages is taken from surviving marketing materials produced by the owners of the companies before we acquired them. Importantly, it is difficult to verify for certain the claims made by the companies in the interest of marketing their products.

We would be very grateful to receive any interesting stories about our companies or images of their products. Please send your contributions to

Each one of our brand names has its own unique history and story to tell. First though, we begin with a quick journey through the history of our two main product lines Pocket Knives and Sharpening Steels.