Present Day at the Egginton Group

Here at The Egginton Group, we are immensely proud to own these great company names and to be the guardians of skills developed in Sheffield over the many years in which they have been in business. It affords us a quite unique position in the market place. We know that when our customers buy our products, they do so knowing that they are buying a piece of industrial history, the culmination of the combined skills and histories of our famous brand names.

Joseph Rodgers Lambsfoot Pocket Knife with Buffalo Scales

It is true that some of the techniques used in the manufacture of our products are traditional, some largely unchanged since the heyday of our famous brands. However we must stress that despite this, and like Joseph Rodgers and George Wostenholm before us, we constantly strive to use the best materials and latest techniques available and to create products of the highest quality which are worthy of the names.

Our duty is, and always will be, to make products which Joseph and George themselves would be proud to own.