The Formation of the Egginton Group of Companies

Egginton had created and maintained a successful niche in the world cutlery markets but many of Sheffield’s other historical firms had not been so fortunate. There were all too many factory closures with many famous cutlery firms lost forever in the process. Unwilling to allow the demise of Sheffield’s famous cutlery patents and trademarks, and reluctant to allow famous company names to further vanish, the directors of Egginton came to the rescue. They purchased Pocket Knife manufacturer George Ibberson in 1983 and with it, The Egginton Group of Companies was formed. In 1986, the group was expanded when possibly Sheffield cutlery’s two most famous names, Joseph Rodgers and George Wostenholm were added. Other names from Sheffield cutlery, John Clarke, William Rodgers, Jones & Longbottom, William Walton and Stephenson & Wilson are now also safely held under Egginton’s guardianship.

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