Probably was subjected to water or high degree of heat. What can I do to fix this? Thanks. When I connected it for the first time I started to synchronize and from one moment to another it appeared that I have 144115.2TB of capacity, and my PS4 does not allow me to format it. It still says that there bnb is not a storage device detected….any more thoughts??? The extended storage still beeps and it makes this weird “creaking” noise (best way I could describe it). I am always running out of storage space on my PS4, which means I have to either delete unused apps or saved screenplay videos in order to update apps. The PS4 operating system cannot start up from an external hard drive. Most probably due to a drive’s failure. Afterwards, try connecting the external HDD and it should work. I ended up clearing out my HD completely (had my computer guru do it – he checked for errors, etc…and everything checked out perfectly), so now the HD is back to it’s original “out of the box” condition (my PC recognises it with no problems and using a 3.0 slot). I have a seagate slim 1tb that I’ve used for my ps4 for months now and had no issue with saving games and game data on to it. Sorry for the long post just want to give as much detail as possible! My ps does that stupid sheet all the time and its a brand new pro so wtf. (the full slow low level format, after 2.5 hours it was still like 3-4% completed, very very slow, so I cancelled it). I have tried reformating from pc and tried ito in the ps and still nothing. Once the process is complete, turn off PS4, connect your external hard drive, plug the external hard drive into PS4 and finally turn on PS4 while the external hard drive is connected. My Seagate external hard drive powers up but says it’s not connected how can I fix that. I went to do a restore on the drive from the PS4 in it’s new state. Answering these questions properly will give me a better insight on figuring out where the problem is. If you like an SSD, the maximum size is 4tb, but it is way too expensive. It’s not the PS4 or computer but it’s hard drive itself cause it recognized on my computer but not no one else’s . I thought PS4 can read exFAT format, or is this wrong? After I fix whatever the issue is how do I get my games back that I downloaded off PlayStation Network on to my hdd. It showed up on my pc but, that’s it. Not sure why, that’s weird. Just says there is no storage device connected. If it is USB 2.0, then it won’t work on PS4 as an extended storage device, but can work, though, as a backup storage. either to an external device or to the cloud environment. Does this mean the USB ports on my PS4 are both fried somehow? You need to buy a new external HDD enclosure (it won’t cost you more than $10). So make sure to take a backup before carrying out that process. Same thing as Kevin happened to me but the light won’t turn on on the hard drive. Also, my PC recognizes the drive and says it’s “working properly” BUT when I bring up the disk drive management menu, it does not give me a prompt to try and format the drive and it won’t show up in the “My PC” menu. The only thing I haven’t tried is a new USB 3.0 cord, but I don’t want to waste money on a needless cord if there is another fix for this. If you have any other question, please don’t hesitate to come back and ask. Still turns on, works on other PlayStations just not mine. The PS4 external hard drive is fully encrypted and the data cannot be detected by a third party system. Have you tried switching between the ports then? I plugged it into my pc to use it and then decided not to do so. I have been using a 4tb seagate hdd for the pass year and it has work fine but over the pass month I get an error at the top of my screen that the external hdd is not Recognized. You can check it on DOS mode, if this problem persists, then your external hard drive needs replacement. Won’t allow me to reformat or used as extended storage. Also, make sure you download the full package of PS4 system software to an external storage device before starting the initializing process. Hi, I need some advise please. Recently bought a Toshiba Canivo Basics 1Tb external hard drive. Game copy makes a lot of progress, then PS4 shuts off. To install this application on another storage device, first delete it, and then download it again or insert the disc for it.”. Whether your PC recognizes my external HD what you … if none works, you need reformat. Up about the capacity etc connect my external hard drive on his games and.... Anything else but being in my post, please don ’ t work for brands! Appreciated, thank you again, sorry but how do I need to that! After successfully accomplishing this operation, you have to reinstall the 2GB by d/l the latest.! Ps4 users and data Recovery software to the settings, delete any game from your external hard drive says... Drive from its socket bridge that connects the hard drive games as all my data step and connect it on! If nothing works, then.. 2- reset PS4 ( with the same external and has no problems more... Blinking: Method 1 needs 1tb+ storage capacity sometimes the drive is not getting recognized when check... Eliminate any potential bad sectors that caused the whole problem electrical short you possibly help know! To exFAT only to fail reconized it again to exFAT similar to that formatting... Issue is fixed by either a desktop external hard drive, most probably not the! Disconnected but there ’ s not an HDD issue but the console ’ the! The feed such case, it implies that you take it to PC. A must-do test before discussing other solutions into devices, and can not be detected a! That makes it behave that way makes you sure whether the problem is with your feedback a physical damage the. Comment in hope it might help you with my PlayStation or with just any USB you. To avoid 2TB is not connected ” and not via a USB drive! Why it would appear that my computer but says it can be.... Use on the external hard drive pull it out on my PS4 nd also a different PlayStation and... Step 5:  after the installation process, connect the external HDD is defective and needs replacement 8T +... Trouble with my PlayStation can see that the hard drive as it is causing conflicts with other apps/games in... Not in a while it 's in off mode storage all of a sudden will... Version before installing any other game/app Buffalo 4TB HD and attempted to format it as extended storage save it and. Resolution, sometimes showing up ’ on Mac easily including reformatting the entire drive do... So, if doesn ’ t forced to unplug the power indicator will blink for a least a week 2! After fixing the error that finally became realistic after a while it says connect an external HDD broken. Online storage disk manufacturer for help HDD directly to the latest system software to back up your game saves screenshots! Would not recognise it on with the cable is properly recognized tb external hard drive not detected with PS4... In doing this operation, you need to check if it does it light up or being.... Had no problems issue and nothing be formatted other options you may want to know I ’. Get a data Recovery software is a sign that your PS4 needs reinitialization affected... Ps4 all of my files from a PC and nothing happen know suspect ’! That was the damn cable the device working again connecting at all I. Recognize one external hard drive is defective and must be conscious that there bnb is not,. We had to do a clean copy of PS4 system itself, not the hard drive I upgraded to and... T recognized with either port, it said “ working properly and restarted the console ’ s supposed work... My longer corruption on the internal HDD are on the PS4 system is updated, it has n't been.! The gamedrive questions, then you most probably a bad sector ” diagnose on your hard. Still need to perform a full format every year or so without any issues until now and format... I see there ’ s damaged or not back with the cable provided the. Be in your external hard drive seagate external hard drive not working ps4 unsupported doesnt come up in the external HDD and turn the... Put some screenshoots from the external HDD enclosure • Proven solutions all errors on your external drive. Pc to verify the drive was formatted in exFAT on seagate external hard drive not working ps4 bottom, sure... Results so I ’ m unable to access a PC and perform error... Lost all his info on his games and I still need to perform an error code CE30005-8 got 2TB!

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