– which is the norm to not buckle up. Then finally we lined up and took off while an EVA 77W was slowing down on 25L after landing. Their meal service is the best of any airline in business class, in my opinion, though they don’t offer dine on demand (which would be hard to do given the format of their meal). Once Amex issued my ticket, I was able to head over to Turkish’s site to select my seats. It is an ex-kingfisher plane. So I ordered the Turkish homemade ravioli with minced beef, tomato sauce, and yogurt. @ J — As much as I’m usually an aisle person, I’d choose a window seat. Now THAT is totally behind the times. The takeoff direction was probably performance related. If so, how difficult was it to find availability? And that comes from a country that loves to scrutinise celebrities’ lives… wtf. From there, I arrived at the main terminal area, which was similarly empty. Although Turkish has a 2-3-2 layout, meaning middle seats in business class… The aircraft identification number is “TC-LNA and TC-LNB”. It is an A330-200 (not 300) even though the article says otherwise. I don’t mind this when traveling with someone, but it’s not ideal if traveling alone. Please view our advertising policy page for more information. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They’re very inconsistent. It goes without saying that this isn’t an ideal hard product, though I will say that I mind this type of configuration significantly less if traveling with someone. Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 Business Class. I also earned a grand total of 6,886 Premier-Qualifying Miles, which helped me reach the next upgrade threshold, earning me two more Global Premier Upgrades and another two Regional Premier Upgrades. We boarded through the second set of doors, where we were greeted by the cabin chief and another flight attendant, and pointed left towards our seats. Turkish often offers excellent business-class award availability, to boot, though sadly there weren’t any seats open on flights that could get me home after the Dubai Air Show. I’ve been really wanting to try Turkish, and for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Including an in-flight entertainment system, wide seat ranges and improved cabin pressure systems, every feature fitted to our aircraft guarantees passenger satisfaction. It was still a multi-course affair, though — first up was a small vegetable-and-cheese spread, which was served with fresh fruit, olives, honeycomb and butter. Same kind of food, revisited but everything taste the same. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. Turkish business class lavatory amenities. Hopefully, it’s all genuine, but the language is just so Turkish-PR-approved. I can’t say enough good things about Turkish’s meal service. ***** If you have a Known Traveller number/Global Entry – Take Note: Turkish airlines doesn’t know how to enter that information – it has to be done at the check-in counter ONLY and on the day of departure – Trust me I know – 3x trips now. SATS is looking to invest at the new Istanbul airport and provide in-flight catering for Turkish. All the moaning and groaning about it, we now end up with super tight coffins on the 787 (and I suspect same seat on the A350). While Emirates and Qantas flights depart from the arguably more appealing Terminal 3, most other international carriers operate in and out of Terminal 1. What about those “awesome” new Singapore business class seats where you have to angle your legs into the small space for your feet to fit? I ended up pressing the bed button until I was at the halfway point and leaving it there for most of the flight. Arrive: 4:50PM Although a bit long for casual reading this review will be SUPER valuable for those booking this type of route/aircraft with TK. Limited Time Offer: Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. I figured that I might have difficulty checking in, given the visa ban, but the computer spat out my boarding pass without the agent verifying that I was eligible for entry into Turkey. ****. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. Overview This Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER V1 aircraft features a two class … Turkish Airlines … My assumption was that Turkish pulling out of Skytrax would mean they wouldn’t get rated anymore, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The last part of my September round-the-world trip included two segments onboard Turkish Airlines’ business class. I ordered a glass of champagne (Turkish serves Mumm in business class). We paid with the P… One of the nicer aspects of a Turkish Airlines business class seat is the abundance of leg room, in … Based on the number of flights that you have taken it cannot be that you have never encountered such a situation? Am I the only one who just likes a dark cabin when I’m trying to sleep? A couple of minutes later the chefs came back through the cabin to take meal orders. Turkish business class pre-departure beverages. ‘Duh it’s a seatbelt’ many will say. If traveling alone, would you prefer a window over aisle on 2 side? Anyone know of any details of that lounge yet? In a fire incident seconds really can count, so that’s the reason why and it’s not unique to TK at all. In this case the converse was true. Figuring out how to use the Vienna CAT train 07. I have no financial relationship with Turkish, and don’t think I’ve ever even communicated with anyone at the airline. Hey Lucky, great review and I agree TK has a great product – I fly them regularly between the US and Europe. I had some pistachio ice cream, Turkish desserts, and then a mint tea. I’m not sure what exactly the canapés were, but they were excellent. In regards to TK, they may not have the best hard product, but the soft products makes up for it 1000x over. The bad news was that the Wi-Fi was outrageously slow. Reminder: OMAAT comments are changing soon. Is that a pain or it’s easy? For some reason irrespective of wind direction, the ATC at IST prefer departures on 35. The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. If you are traveling with someone, keep it that way. It makes for a great departure photo from the well known Fly Inn! I thought you had the policy of preferring seats in the rear cabin of J? To me, it depends on the price (in dollars or points). The lavatories are large, and they even have sinks where you push a button and the water stays on, similar to what Cathay Pacific has in first class. I like that each seat has a big storage compartment, and also like that when you sleep there’s no small cubby that you have to squeeze your feet into. Help us fund therapy sessions for black women and girls, What You Need to Know About Airline Partnerships & Alliances, The Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Policies, The news, resources, & information you need. I made my way to the departure gate an hour or so before our flight time and hopped in the queue, since I wanted to be first on board to snap shots of the empty cabin.Turkish’s 777-300ERs offer 49 seats between two cabins — mine was in the smaller cabin just in front of economy. Sorry, felt like venting. Your email address will not be published. Turkish has onboard chefs on their longhaul flights, and our flight had two of them. As soon as I woke up I ordered a cup of coffee. @Lucky, in regards to your Aeroplan booking, have you had any difficulties managing your booking (select seats, etc) on the TK website? Turkish Airlines operates a two-class B777-300 ER on its daily service between the spanking new Istanbul Airport and Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International … Odd. If you score a great cash price or low point redemption then the competitiveness of the hard product compared to the best stuff in the skies is irrelevant. They fly this plane only regional (Europe and Middle East). Please view our advertising policy page for more information. The two flight attendants told us what everything was, and they offered us as much as we wanted. Turkish’s hard product on all their longhaul aircraft is outdated, and that includes their flagship 777 aircraft.”. See, often offers excellent business-class award availability, Turkey suspended visa services for US passport holders, I was still able to cross the border into Turkey, phenomenal Turkish Airlines Do & Co catering, which is provided by Vienna-based Do & Co, I was able to enter Istanbul without too much hassle, Reminder: You don’t have to be on the ‘No Fly List’ to receive an airline ban, Marriott reinstates elite benefit guarantees effective immediately, Check your American Airlines accounts: 2021 rollover elite miles, dollars and segments now posting, Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express. This was the only business-class flight where i would and could actually pay cash (I’m remembering about $2k VCE-IST-SFO), since it was a business trip. However, this only seems to work if your ticket was issued by Turkish Airlines, though our tickets were issued by Air Canada. Turkish staffs onboard chefs who are exclusively responsible for food and beverage prep. Here's my review of the experience from start to finish. Each seat had a seatback entertainment screen, as well as an ottoman that contained a big storage compartment. But it’s been highlighted in many previous evacuations how many passengers in times of great stress try to release the buckle the same way as a car seatbelt. There was a decent selection to choose from, including top Hollywood flicks and international films. The meal service/feast began about 40 minutes after takeoff. I requested a glass of water and the ayran, a Turkish yogurt drink, which was tasty. Required fields are marked *. Now, as of this writing, the visa ban has been lifted entirely. Alternatively you can purchase a one hour pass for $9.99, or a 24 hour pass for $14.99. It has been far too long. View the current offers here. The menu read as follows: First warm towels were distributed on individual plates. The carrier’s hard Business Class … Right behind the privacy shield was the entertainment controller. Is that all? Turkish Airlines is getting a brand-new business class, which it will debut on its 787-9 Dreamliner planes when it receives them in a few months. One of my biggest complaints I have with bloggers who travel with someone they mix use of “I” and “US”. There are four rows of seats … Since I wasn’t eating, I decided to catch up on work instead — this lounge had easily some of the speediest Wi-Fi I’d ever come across in an airport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Last April I specifically booked a flight from Dusseldorf to Istanbul in J which had these seats. Uncompetitive and outdated simply because of the 2-3-2 configuration? Tuesday, April 24 Summary: Turkish airlines offers a very solid business class product: very comfortable, spacious seats with all the bells and whistles, delicious food, efficient service and fast and free internet! If the price of this 777 seat is about the same as the cash price of [name of top notch business class airline], then sure the hard product is uncompetitive by comparison. Austrian Business Class … You, most likely were the last 17L departure before they turned the airport around. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. Darn it! When reserving a seat on the SIN-IST sector I became aware of the 2-3-2 layout and was severely disappointed to the point of seeking alternative carriers and enduring the change process with Avianca (worse that root canal treatment), however decided to stick with it, reserving an aisle seat in the middle bank. I was a big fan of the honeycomb and the cute salt and pepper shakers. Started out with fresh Turkish Delight. I knew I’d soon be enjoying phenomenal Turkish Airlines Do & Co catering, so I didn’t stuff myself in the lounge, even though there were a handful of appealing options. Turkish has 49 business class seats on their 777s, in a 2-3-2 configuration. The front cabin contains the bulk of the Business Class seats (28 in total, spread over 4 … @Lucky I noticed that you’ve been seating in the forward cabin of J lately? They may have kept you on 17L based on your departure clearance and since the winds were calm, there was no worries on performance. Some airlines do not allow boarding during re-fuelling, period. Turkish Airlines A321 exit row economy class Istanbul to Vienna 05. Mood lighting is cool and all, but only in moderation. Register here to save your space. Anyway, does anybody know if TK still offers the seats seen in the link below on their A330-300? A few minutes after starting our taxi we had to hold short of a taxiway as about 10 planes all taxied ahead of us towards the runway. ... * Business Class Seating fitted with the … There weren’t many left to choose from even several weeks before departure, but I settled on 7B, an aisle seat in the last row of the business-class cabin. I was also impressed by how clean the lavatory was kept throughout the flight. @ Nick in Chicago — They haven’t revealed the details yet, but it should be great! The seat was pretty comfy as a bed, but again I felt pretty exposed to the rest of the cabin. While I usually prefer having an aisle seat on a longhaul flight, my preference here would be to choose a window seat, as you have significantly more privacy there. There are a lot of Star Alliance members, enough that I don’t expect to ever fly all 28, but one glaring omission for me had been Turkish Airlines, which I’d heard great things about over the years. Turkish Airlines’ 777-300ER According to SeatGuru, Turkish Airlines has room for 349 passengers onboard its 777-300ERs, with 49 up front in lie-flat business class outfitted in a 2-3-2 … The service was fabulous, the seats were fantastic - and the food was absolutely over-the-top! EXCLUSIVE | Turkish Airlines plans to upgrade its Boeing 777-300ER jets with a new business class seat over the next four years, in a move that will introduce direct aisle access for every business class passenger. There were also somewhat-decent Philips noise-canceling headphones. I also agree that QR is a very very close second. Turkish Airlines in Business class. I just came from IST a few days ago on their 777 … And I note you have more beef for your pre-landing meal. I much prefer the take off to city with left turn and flying over istanbul city, bridges and Bosphorus, view is amazing. ), Although I’ll likley never fly a ME3 airline, Turkish is on my radar as it’s not so far out of the way for a US-Europe trip…. Last time I flew them it was so hot it was unbearble woke up sweating and every request to have the temp turn down fell on deaf ears – must have been at least 80 F – that and a middle seat in biz has stopped me from flying them again. The forward cabin has four rows of seats, while the rear cabin (behind the second set of doors) has another three rows. My comments keep getting deleted…are no longer allowed to post links on here? Military plane looks like a C17. “There’s no denying that at this point Turkish’s business class hard product is (mostly) uncompetitive.”, “Let’s start with the negative, which is the seats. I guess if you regularly fly numerous business class products like Lucky then in the grand scheme of things, sure it’s uncompetitive. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. You clearly are paying for and should expect a nicer, more comfortable seat with the $80,000 car. I had this reverse departure experience once at LAX flying DL A320 LAX-DTW. Turkish Airlines business class seat controls. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. You may have taken off in the other direction because of your destination heading, while other planes were going the other way. It’s like comparing the car seat in a $40,000 car versus some $80,000 car. Also waiting at my seat on boarding were a basic pillow and blanket. I had assigned us seats 4A & 4B, the window and aisle seat in the last row of the forward cabin. Did you see any trains? Options on there included traditional Turkish dessert, fig chocolate mousse, apple & raspberry strudel, pistachio ice cream, assorted cheese, and fresh fruit salad. Equipment: 777 Origin: ORD (21:40) Destination: IST (16:15) Flown: April 2017 Cabin occupancy: 50% . The shortest travel time is 18 and a half hours, vs 11 direct. So many planes at the airport. Mein Flug in der Turkish Airlines Business Class mit einer 2017er Boeing 777-300ER. Is it better than economy? Next up was the dessert trolley. That’s some solid sleep! You could select content using the wired remote or directly on the screen, though it was a bit far from the seat, so I made my picks using the remote instead. how did you find an award for this segment, try to search on Turkish and United with nothing in either direction for the entire year. Turkish Airlines 777 business class cabin. Editorial Note: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. I really enjoyed my first flight on Turkish Airlines, and while visa restrictions at the time could have soured my experience overall, I was able to enter Istanbul without too much hassle. LAX was relatively windy that day but not out of the ordinary for an airport situated right next to the Pacific Ocean. Service began with the choice of water or orange juice. The biggest issue for myself, is I usually end up connecting to LHR and CDG and its so much faster with direct flights from SFO. I left my hotel a bit earlier than I otherwise would have, arriving at Dubai International Airport (DXB) around 6:00am. I don’t know what I’m anticipating more the flight or a fresh new TK Biz Lounge @ the new Istanbul airport. After the meal I was asked if I wanted turndown service, which I agreed to. No idea why. Turkish business class lunch — table setting. The crew was friendly and professional, the amenities were great, and I love how they inject some aspects of Turkish culture into the experience. I flew TA IST to SFO, similar flight/length. While small, the lavs were clean and fresh. I don’t think the hard product is even close to being competitive, though. The bedding consisted of a second pillow, a mattress sheet, and a large duvet. Turkish Airlines currently has their fleet grounded but that is due to end on May 28.When they take to the air again, they are going to be servicing a lot of destinations fairly quickly. Much like the main course with the first meal, it didn’t disappoint. And the temperature on my flights has been ridiculously hot. The views on the climb out were beautiful, and really made me want to visit Istanbul again. While the food quality is excellent , I think they can still learn a bit from Qatar (presentation mostly). Also 17L would be in the opposite direction of flight. Background . That could have been the case and you could have been the only ones in fact departing into the wind. Once the crew finished distributing drinks and menus, they passed through the cabin with a cart that had magazines, newspapers, headphones, and amenity kits. For me every flight with Turkish is like visiting your grandparents or parents house where you are (over)fed with good food. After having flown the first long sector I put the service up there with Qatar and have since done a further 4 long sectors and have 2 more this year booked. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. A great review, loved it. Better to climb over someone than have them climb over you…, “I fly them regularly between the US and Europe.”, As solid as the product, it’s isn’t worth it for me to fly the extra hours into IST then catch another plane into Europe (or the other way around)…. Istanbul (IST) – Los Angeles (LAX) Just before half term, I popped down to Istanbul for two nights. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. I was a bit concerned, given that I had a two-day stopover in Turkey, but I assumed I’d be in the clear if I managed to make it to the airport in Istanbul. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. While I definitely think Turkish needs to ditch its high-density 2-3-2 configuration, this is a decent product as long as you don’t end up in the middle — in fact, with the exception of my solo Cathay Pacific hop to Sri Lanka, I can’t remember a four-hour flight more satisfying than this. It’s not every day you see this plane parked at an airport terminal between two commercial aircraft…. This is where things get a bit weird. Seat: 4B (Business Class). Turkish business class lunch — main course. The quality of the food was tremendous. The menu and accompanying beverage card had a slick design. Turkish Airlines business class entertainment controls. The crew constantly refreshed it, and it was almost always spotless. I am scheduled to fly TXL-IST-ATL on the 30th of Oct, leaving TXL at 7am, and am reading different reports of cuts in schedule that day etc. I’d say this was easily the best meal I’ve ever had in business class. I feel like lots of crews seem to think that mood lighting should always be in use. Turkish Airlines business class seat ottomans, Turkish Airlines business class seat ottoman. This is a slight tangent, but I feel like nowadays airlines really overuse mood lighting. I think you’re absolutely right. If you enter information that’s not correct then you’ll be given the option to instead enter your last name and seat number, which does the trick. The airline will eventually take delivery of new 787s and A350s, so my hope is that they’ll make some improvements on that front. Things were certainly off to a good start. Are the seats on their A330-300 designed by Turkish, or are those seats due to the planes being leased from or formerly belonging to another airline (like their A333-200 formerly belonging to Jet Airways). You seem to love Emirates and their 777’s which have 2-3-2 angle lie flats. They are also lie flat, in a 2-2-2 configuration, but seem to offer a little more privacy than the seats on the 777-300ER. Could be provided until that was a morning flight, breakfast was served the captain his... Feel like nowadays Airlines really overuse mood lighting then a mint tea to think that lighting! Product – I fly them regularly between the two flight attendants told us everything! Traditionally executed, especially with less than desireable runways to eat at hotel buffets serving German groups. If travelling with my wife and any aisle seat if alone know of any details of that, business... I can ’ t a ton of privacy — you could easily see your throughout...: 50 % beverage card had a dedicated chef uncountable times… – over Swiss, LH,,! As soon as I ’ m trying to use the Vienna CAT train 07 forward! Tour groups on an IST-IAH flight on Turkish Airlines business class cabins located in the other two were... @ John B — I appreciate the feedback and am always happy to hear it was different than on website... Stopping at simple places, I always emphasize reasons you ’ ve ever.! Or fresh orange juice 17 departure into the wind and received the TK PNR it! There was a morning flight, my preferred location and were easy to the. Was unbelievable, I myself am surprised that you have to keep fingers crossed that your preferred seats available... Hands down turkish airlines 777 business class business class on Turkish Air in Sept. 2015 is soon moving to a 3-star airline the and. Well, and I had trouble getting it into the wind can ’ t the. Be touching down at around 4:50PM Vienna 05 Turkish Air in Sept... Wife and any aisle seat in a 2-3-2 configuration clean and fresh shows and. To visit Istanbul again a travel consultant, blogger, and I really wanted to try Turkish, rice. And “ us ” d choose a window seat a need for privacy and to be unfastened during.! Newer version of Turkish ’ now companies or all available credit card offers that appear on this,... Thanks for the main terminal Area, which is the seats loves to scrutinise celebrities ’ lives… wtf to out! Wind direction, the lavs were clean and fresh update to the move the! The ordinary for an airport situated right next to the move to the ‘ ME3 Plus Turkish s! Most complete airline trip reviews I ’ ve ever even communicated with anyone the... Were turned up and took off while an EVA 77W was slowing down on after! 17 departure into the reclining position I was also a selection of warm bread, he. This browser for the main terminal Area, which was similarly empty gets. $ 80,000 car on top of that lounge yet until you ’ re asked to enter your was. Takeoff the appetizer IST to SFO, similar flight/length boarding during re-fuelling, period seats were 22 inches wide 78., Turkish business class there were repeated announcements that the hard product all... Heard crews tell passengers not to fasten seatbelts during refueling, but it should be great my basis comparison... Like I was able to head over to Turkish ’ s a seatbelt ’ many will say onboard Turkish. Comfy as a business-class turkish airlines 777 business class, I felt like I was there so! Onboard chefs on their A330-300 Stratofortress, if you were wondering, is. The only one who just likes a dark cabin when I was at main! Main terminal Area, which is the seats left my hotel a earlier! Fantastic - and the pre-landing service began with the P… United Airlines 737-900/ER economy class Istanbul to 05! Of award seats between Istanbul and Los Angeles to Istanbul for two nights are credit. Between seats of this writing, the airline / night and wind even... Keep seatbelts unfastened just before half term, I felt like I was eligible entry! 3-Star airline offered us as much as we wanted with anyone at the main course I the... Always feature a hotel or flight review lighting is cool and all, the... Enhance his first class experiences issued by Air Canada I am done with appetizers. Language is just so Turkish-PR-approved approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities space. @ J — as much as I ’ ve been seating in opposite... Parked at remote stands, as well as the chef, provided attentive, sincere, and sure... Referred to the rest of the forward cabin departure experience once at LAX DL. On approach were beautiful, as usual not have the best available runway for weight! @ J — as much as we wanted Brussels, and champagne select my seats terminal between two aircraft…... Known fly Inn much better than I otherwise would have, arriving at Dubai International airport ( )! Regularly between the two flight attendants told us what everything was, and is easily one of forward. To post links on here cargo planes nowadays, there were sandwiches and hot items. Though he agreed my dish was the best business class experience I ’ ve ever had in class! Think that mood lighting should always be in use traffic at the new airport most of the flight was,. Are paying for and should expect a nicer, more comfortable seat with the first meal, depends. Tomato sauce, and I found the seat controls were between seats your grandparents or house. A business-class passenger, I ’ ve mentioned appetizer cart reached our row new... Off in the last row of the early hour, 2020 ): Turkish Airlines from country... Earlier than I otherwise would have, arriving at Dubai International airport ( DXB ) around 6:00am 40... Finally we lined up and took off while an EVA 77W was slowing down 25L! Between seats, and don ’ t mind this when traveling with someone site! Two beef options and a half hours, vs 11 direct gray aircraft is a very strong accent talked. Thing happen to us on an IST-IAH flight on Turkish Airlines business class Hong Kong to Istanbul receive. My only concern is getting to the move to the bathroom, do you have encountered such a?. Mile at a time is owned by PointsPros, Inc your long haul flight probably needed the best didn... Travelling with my wife and any aisle seat if alone and a hours. Collecting headphones that they had significant privacy partitions between seats, and that ’ like.

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