Trade Knives

Many tradesmen would be lost without a reliable, sharp knife to complete their work safely and to exacting standards.

Trade Knives are vital tools for people in many professions including electricians, cobblers, upholsterers and many more and there can be no substitute for a purpose made, specialist Trade Knife.

We have a variety of specialist Trade Knives and Professional Knives for distribution which complement our Safety Lock Knives and are available with wooden or moulded plastic handles.

For added safety and convenience for the user, most of the Trade Knives are available with an optional leather sheath.

Cable Coring Knife

A trade knife with a curved blade ideal for cable coring.

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Emergency Services Rescue Knife

Harness cutting knife with leather sheath.

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Spinners Knife with Curved Blade

Curved blade sharpened on the concave edge.

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Card Cleaning Knife

A specialist knife designed to clean card patterns and templates.

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Stencil Cutting Knife

Specialist Stencil Cutting Knife.

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Insulated Cable Knife

Straight edged Knife with an insulated plastic handle.

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Cable Stripping Knife

Cable Stripping Knife with Beechwood Handle

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Packing or Shaping Knife

Robust for use in packing, shaping or general industrial use.

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General Purpose Industrial Knife

Superb heavy duty Knife for general purpose industrial use.

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Paper & Card Slitting Knife

A robust Knife for paper slitting and card slitting.

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Mill Knife

A robust Mill Knife with a tapered stainless steel blade.

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Shoe Knife with Black Plastic Handle

Classic simple Shoe Knife with Black Plastic Handle

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Tyre Repair Knife

Tyre or Rubberworker's Repair Knife. Available in two sizes.

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Shoe Knife with Beechwood Handle

Simple Shoe Knife with stainless blade and beechwood handle.

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Locking General Purpose Action Knife

Heavy duty, general purpose Locking Pocket Knife.

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Locking Heavy Duty Action Knife

Heavy Duty Sheepfoot Blade Lock Knife.

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Locking Pruner Action Knife

Heavy Duty Pruner Blade Lock Knife.

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Locking Lambsfoot Action Knife

Heavy Duty Lambsfoot Blade Lock Knife.

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Handyman's Action Knife

Handyman's Pocket Knife with a Pruner Blade & Multi-function Tool.

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Yacht Kit Knife with Rosewood Handle

Yacht Knife with stainless steel blade and rosewood handle.

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George Wostenholm

More from George Wostenholm

Kayak Shaping Knife

This traditional Crooked Knife is used to carve wood.

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