Knife Law

A well designed, well made knife makes a fantastic tool for a huge number of important tasks.  Our knives are highly crafted items aimed at professionals and responsible users who appreciate fine quality.  

The nature of a knife as a product makes it necessary for all countries to have their own laws surrounding sale and ownership.  

In the UK, it is legal to carry a folding Pocket Knife having a blade with a cutting edge of less than 3 inches (7.62cm) in a public place.  All of our Pocket Knives feature blades with cutting edges of less than this length.  We would still urge a “common sense” approach as to where and when it might be appropriate to carry a knife.

For any knife with a cutting edge of more than 3 inches, a person must have to have a justifiable reason for carrying one in a public place in the UK.  For example a chef carrying his knife set on his way to work would have a justifiable reason for doing so.

Strictly no retail sales to under 18's.

(The above points are are intended as a guide only and are our opinions based on our understanding of UK law. We do not accept responsibility or liability for these comments. It is your responsibility as a knife owner or reseller to familiarise yourself with, and keep yourself updated on, the relevant laws surrounding knives in your country / state.  For proper legal advice you should consult a solicitor.  For further reading on the knife law in the UK, please visit these links; Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act 1959Criminal Justice Act 1988 - Section 139Offensive Weapons Act 1996Knives Act 1997)