Sharpening Instructions

To maintain the edge the blade must be sharpened correctly.


Plain Edge

Most of our Pocket Knives have plain edges.  The blade should be sharpened on an oilstone or a Sharpening Steel at an angle of approximately 20-25° to the stone or steel.  The edge should be drawn across the sharpener from heel to point, taking alternate sides, using firm steady strokes becoming lighter when finishing.


Serrated Edge

Some of our Yachting Knives feature our Doublesharp ##® serrated blades.  This edge will remain sharp longer than a plain edge - the points protect the recessed cutting edge.  Sharpen using a narrow, tapered Pocket Sharpening Steel or Diamond Steel.  Applying firm pressure, sharpen back and forth in each recess in turn perpendicular to the blade edge and at the factory supplied edge angle (20°).  At the same time rotate the Steel slightly to ensure that the recessed edge is sharpened.  A burr will form on the back of the blade which should be removed by lightly running the Steel along, and almost flat to the edge.


For more information on knife sharpening click here.  


The most important rule in sharpening is little and often.