Steels can be supplied with round, oval or square blades and with varying degrees of “cut” to meet with the specific requirements of different sectors of the food processing industry. (Note: Knurled cuts are not available on oval or square blades).

Information on our different cuts is available as a .pdf here.


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Knurled Cuts
H Coarse Helical
    This coarse spiral cut will quickly recreate the edge on the bluntest of knives. The resulting edge will be coarser than that produced by a Precision Cut Steel, but this cut is ideal for some professionals and the domestic market
SK2 Coarse Straight Knurled     These will maintain a sharp edge on most domestic and commercial knives, but again the edge will not be as fine as that produced by a finer Precision Cut
SK4 Medium Straight Knurled    
Precision Cuts & Polished
3 Fine Our best selling cut highly recommended for most professional knives that are well maintained and for use by the keen domestic chef. Also available is Cut 2 which is a coarser version of Cut 3.
5 Superfine Smooth Recommended for knives used in specialist trades (e.g. slaughterhouses etc.) that need to be constantly maintained at a high level of sharpness.
6 Dual Cut Two quarters of the Steel blade are cut with our best selling No. 3 Fine Cut and the other two quarters are No. 7 Polished finish - i.e. completely smooth. The purpose of this Steel can be explained by understanding want actually happens to a knife when it has been used. Not only will the knife edge become blunt, if you were to closely view down the knife edge from the tip, you would be able to see that the knife edge curls over and also becomes wavy. Running the knife along the Polished surface after sharpening on the No. 3 Fine Cut reconditions and straightens the edge.
7 Polished This blade will re-align and maintain a razor like edge on an already sharp knife.
Diamond Coated
9 Diamond These differ from many on the market in that they are made from the same fully hardened, solid blades as our conventional Steels. This results in a super durable sharpening surface which will not be damaged during use. Furthermore, an independent laboratory test has proved that our DIAMOND steels have a ten times longer sharpening life than other manufacturers Diamond Steels and still sharpened after an astounding 40,000 strokes.