Why Steels are Best


A good Sharpening Steel is widely recognised as the best tool for producing and maintaining the best knife edge.  A Sharpening Steel is quick to use, easy to carry and store, easy to clean, not too abrasive and it allows the user to apply the correct angle to the whole of the knife edge.

Good Chef’s and Butcher’s knives leave their factories with a finely ground edge which is applied at the angle the manufacturer deems optimum for the type of cutting the knife is designed for – usually around 25°.  A Sharpening Steel is the best means to sharpen such a knife as it allows the knife edge to be presented to the Steel at the same angle, so that this optimum knife edge can easily be maintained.  Some electric and manual sharpening machines sharpen at a pre-determined angle which means that the knife’s carefully applied factory edge can be destroyed by the sharpening process.

With the range of cuts we offer, the effect of the Steel on the knife edge can be varied, from Coarse Cuts which will rapidly effect the knife edge through to Polished Steels simply for honing the edge.